#throwback. Our vestal experience to VR technologies. Took us about a min or so to don on the seemingly bulky vest but it quickly became second nature. The lost to reality is apparent upon our first game Engineerium, where the roads are wrapped and twisted in gravity defying ways even though we're playing in a big classroom size area. The second game we entered was Zombie Survival where it's holding the fort for the entire 15min duration before being rescued, akin to left 4 dead (minus the exploration, which should be added on).
As it is our first time we all agreed that it was fun and slightly costly for it's duration worth.
Quality of games: 3.5/5 (zombie was fairly repetitive and mundane)
Quality of equipments: 4/5 (some inconvenient cables during prep time)
Duration of session: 2.5/5 (understand it's also due to the battery pack lifespan)
Cost of session: 2.5/5 (option of $48 during weekdays before 4:30pm instead of $59)
Overall: 3/5 (hope the technologies will get better by reducing size and improving battery life which will bring down the costs also).
#zerolatency #zerolatencysg #smiles #team #virtualreality #vr #game

Another day, another #vrgaming experience. Those zombies 🧟‍♀️ 🧟‍♂️ don’t stand a chance. Although I’m not as good as I think I should be #zerolatencysg #whenwillthishitlondon

@chloeandchoo and her squad are definitely #SquadGoals 🧟‍♀️ 🧟‍♂️ #ZeroLatencySG #VR #VirtualReality #ZombieApocalypse

I know I look like I will be the first to die in a battlefield 💔🤣 lolol but not bad, I spend 30mins in the virtual space, met some new friends, get connected with zombies through my whole experience at @zerolatencysg and manage to died only once 👌🏼 & it’s really a fun experience! Zero Latency are located at Suntec City, #03-346, & more infor at https://zerolatencyvr.com.sg/ 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️

Have you tried VR yet? Head down to #ZeroLatencySG today and experience it for yourself!
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Got to properly geek-out with these lads yesterday.... Can't wait to go back! #zerolatencysg #vrgaming #zombiesurvival

Taking social gaming 🔫to the next level with the latest free-roam virtual reality @zerolatency. Flooding the room with our high-pitch screams 😱and hysterical laughter 😆during two rounds of thrilling zombie survival 🧟‍♂️that places us in an intense fight against the horde of the undeads. (Swipe to watch the videos - on sound! ). .

Slots can be easily booked from their website https://zerolatencyvr.com.sg @zerolatency . Highly recommended as a stress-reliever, as a challenge against your friends, and a fun experience for the young and younger at heart ❤️! #zerolatency #zerolatencysg #vr #virtualreality #technology #friends #bonding #fun #thrill #zombieapocalypse #game #singapore #suntec #collaboration #whattoplayinsingapore

#zerolatencysg interesting VR experience... thanks for the 🍌 @yeunice._

Went on a zombie killing spree yesterday with @cleo_singapore bachelors at @zerolatencysg. My first VR gaming experience and it was interesting. From solving puzzles among the clouds in Engineerium, to killing zombies in Zombie Survival. Though the graphics seem to be a little lacking, the overall experience is worth a try 😁
The day ended with a hearty meal at @gudetamacafesg. Missing the rich chocolatey brownie served with ice cream in "5 more minutes breakfast pan", shall go back for more soon! Thanks @cleo_singapore for having us and hope there will be more of such interactions/events in the future too!
Oh and good luck to @cm_nivlekoh @glennyqh @hadidanial__ @kenkeylee! All the best for the finals 💪
Thanks @blackjackcassie for bringing me along too 😘
Pictures credit to @cleo_singapore
#CleoSGEB #CleoSG #candycandy #candymag #zerolatencysg #gudetamacafesg

Amazing fun we had today!!! Totally worth it!! #zerolatencysg #vrteam #awesome

Do you think the best date its to wear evening gown and to eat in the resturant? Cmaan.. The best date ever its to go to @zerolatencysg and to fight with drones like a real team. Shoot shoot shoot🔫

@zerolatencysg was so super fun I wanna play again like sooooonnnn! .
and weekend is over yet again omg 也太快了吧! #不要误会idolovemyjob #ijustmissclearingOILsonweekdays
#zerolatency #zerolatencysg #virtualgame #love972 #love972fm

When your brother is at Zero Latency Singapore 🤘🏼🔫

Had the chance to pop by @zerolatencysg to try out 2 virtual reality games (Engineerium and Zombie Survival) a while back 👾

It was so much fun to be able to walk invertedly and be able to use 3 different types of gun to shoot. I kind of underestimate the VR effects where you have no idea how many times I screamed during the Zombie Survival session because it felt creepily real 😫

If you're keen to take up the VR challenge to keep those munching zombies off your back, make a booking #zerolatencysg rn!!! 🌚

Thank you Zero Latency for having us over ✨

Had fun at @zerolatencysg ! Awesome game with awesome people! Looking forward to the next outing! #pissdrunkxii #psdkxii #zerolatencysg

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April and May sessions available for booking now!
Come join us and fight off some zombies at https://zerolatencyvr.com/singapore/book-now 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️
#zerolatencyvr #zerolatencysg #vr #zombies

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