So about this last comp...🎉
This was super last minute, it was @fiftybarbell’s idea for me to enter and I’m glad he thought of it. Thankfully Aunty Jocelyn & Gus allowed me to compete in this year’s WABDL World Championships🏆 It was a super fun meet and I’m super happy on how I did considering I haven’t touched any of my gear since Laura Phelps Women’s ProAm In April😱. I PRed My Single Ply Bench By 4lbs✨, I also PRed my MultiPly deadlift by 13lbs✨. Took ⚜️First in the 105lb weight class for the double ply division. Also had the highest coefficient ever done in WABDL history so that’s pretty cool🎉 Thank you to @depth_beforedishonor_squatco for paying for my entry fee for this meet 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 •

If anyone hates squats but likes to bench and deadlift (or one or the other) I would highly recommend doing a WABDL meet and shooting to go to WABDL worlds. Jack and I always have a blast at WABDL meets, it was our first time at WABDL worlds and it was nothing short of amazing. 💕

RandomFact: The Kanaka Maoli Flag (The one I’m holding in the picture)
The real Hawaiian Flag. The “Native Hawaiian” Flag - is said to have been King Kamehameha's personal flag long before the modern Hawaiian flag. British navy Captain Lord George Paulet destroyed it when he took control of Hawaii for five months in 1843.

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I will dance to anything anywhere. Why ? Cuz life ain’t that serious not to have fun. Be free guys. Have fun. Dance compilation part 1. #cambodianentertainment #khmertattoo #positivevibes #khmerican #zerofucksgiven #instakhmer #chicagokhmer #🇰🇭

If you fucking want to do it. Fucking do it. Don't wait for something to happen to give you the excuse of not doing it. That's a negative loop that can only be ended by positive action. Little incremental improvements are a start. If you need any advice, send us a DM or get in touch with @jonnycollins_thewarpath
Stay Savage • Stay Smooth🇬🇧🐺⚫💀

💣💦- imagine being blissfully happy.
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Just like this character. This video is just from March of this year. So it’s not even long ago. And don’t ask me how do I even look 37 in there. Idk. Life is a mystery. I just age slower I guess. I’m still aging just like everyone. Just a tab bit slower. I’m a late bloomer. Lol. #cambodianentertainment #khmertattoo #positivevibes #khmerican #zerofucksgiven #🇰🇭 I’m 38 now. So trust me , I’m older than I look. I’m just a kid always.

People shouldn’t judge you by the way you look. But they will. I will look different on purpose just to let them know I will do whatever I want with my body that was given to me. That doesn’t make me the bad guy. Just make different. If I’m 36 and walking around with a mop on my head. Then be it. That’s the look I want at the moment. That’s my character. I like to change character every few months. Lol. #cambodianentertainment #khmertattoo #positivevibes #khmerican #zerofucksgiven #chicagokhmer #instakhmer music 🎼 is by scorpions 🦂 btw. For you youngins that don’t know. Lol

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