Little taste of Zero Fucks movie launch party! Was so great to see everyone, thank you for your support🤗❤️🎥.
@zerofsmovie 👉 link in bio.
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I’m not home alone my kids are sleeping and my pets are chillin but whatevs I’ve gone mad #firebird #zerofucks #whyimsingle #loser #winner #entrepreneur #freethought #choices #wolf #loner #supermodel


#jeeplife in our F%$king Monster hoodie!

Fabulously with zero fucks. I can't change who I am, just how I react to fuckery. #zerofucks

Does your content creation process go like this?
- sit down at designated time and stare at computer
- overthink what would make your ideal client purchase your thing
- remember that stories sell, so you write about a vulnerable story you think you should share
- overthink how it makes you look and reword 10 sentences as to not look like a hot mess express
- embellish how happy you are at end of story
- find photo to go with post where you’re laughing into your coffee because it somehow makes you look like an authority
- post content and immediately have a vulnerability hangover
- worry you will lose followers, are off brand, or are secretly being judged by your peers
- get some likes and positive comments, so you stop worrying
- rinse and repeat
What if it could go like this instead?
- wake up with a brilliant divine download that you can’t write fast enough about
- get super excited because you have total confidence it will resonate with your people
- post said divine download with a photo of you at brunch that your bestie just took, even though you weren’t wearing any make up and were in your favorite sweats #zerofucks
- feel totally self assured, self validated, and in your purpose
- get 100 likes in an hour, but you didn’t notice because you were enjoying brunch with your bestie and not worrying about how you came across to people
- receive message saying thank you for posting because it was exactly what they needed to hear and they felt like you were speaking directly to them
- receive message from someone asking how they can work with you
- rinse and repeat
This is the transformation you can expect when working with me. Yeah I know, it’s fucking rad. Message me about 1:1 coaching.

My f*cking awesome wife @mrsash909 got me he best thing ever made #zerofucks #zerofucksgiven #sweetperversion

Tons of macros to hit, out of time and ZERO fucks to give. You do what you gotta do sometimes #macros #zerofucks #pb #reddiwip

Courtesy “All-U-Can Roast” 😂😂😂 Who would you like to see get roasted next?

storm all clean lookin like a mirror

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