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Oil paintings in the studio gearing up for a big show in the US this September at the one and only @annodominigallery

Finished #mural by @zero_cents in Arad for POW! WOW! ISRAEL. ▪️📷 by @mrjasperwong ▪️Supported by @montanacans @montanacans_usa @monsterenergy @olukai @eptmusa @47brand ▪️#powwowisrael #powwowworldwide #zerocents

Heard #FreeOJ is what the hypebeasts are on these days. So y'all KNOW I hopped on that one. 😂💯🍊👌🏾 #ZeroDollas 🤑#ZeroCents ¿😛?#FreeLikeJailBreak #OJ

Enter the wu-tang 22nd anniversary at #kulialma . We picked some of the most talented artists around town to make their own wu tang art. Join us Saturday 7.11 . #zerocents @zero_cents #tlv #telaviv #wutang

Shoe party! Look at our #newbalance #superga and #zerocents collections on sacksfashion.com

We are excited to announce that soon we will be releasing a solo mini artist book for the notorious Zero Cents @zero_cents . Originating from NJ, USA. He became one of the early and leading figures in street muralism in Tel Aviv. Way before painting on the street became the cool thing to do. Zero Cents is known by his ink drawings and intensity of his inner world that just sucks you in. Coming out in full color and in a very limited edition. More details soon ! #nephilim #nephilimmag #zerocents #artistbook

"Presenting Presence in Prayers for Prisoners" in spray paint from 2011

A portrait in spray paint on a wall inside an abandoned building

A sculptor as a sculpture in watercolor on paper


A situation in a line done in spray paint on paper have a great weekend everyone!

Three wise men painted in the center of Tel Aviv back in 2011 this building recently went through renovations so the piece is no longer there but had a really nice run

Two lovers in spray paint on wood

"Save your face" in south Tel Aviv back in 2012 photo by my brother the legendary @1234just

Treat someone with kindness today! Will You? -
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📸: @businessmindset101
#kindnessmatters #blackandwhiteonly #zerocents

"Presenting Presence in Prayers for Prisoners" in spray paint from 2011

A couple post flight in East Tel Aviv back in 2013

"The workers and the worked" 2014 acrylic on wood pallet found in an area known for its industry and for its "ladies of night" have a beautiful day

I forgot what ridiculous title I gave this piece when I showed it in 2013 but I'm sure it was better than what I can come up with now so I'm just gonna leave it up to you guys have a safe night

A shot from my 2011 Tel Aviv solo show "Five Silent Miles"

A wall I painted in the south of Tel Aviv about 6 years ago

A map of the world and it inhabitants in pencil

Really excited about my upcoming solo show in San Jose at the the most magical place @annodominigallery This is a section from my last solo show with them "A Human Race" from 2014

A crowd entering into the unknown a piece in acrylic on wood painted back in 2013

A sculptor as a sculpture in watercolor on paper

A Light in the center of Tel Aviv

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