What a deal!
#savenothing #zerocents

A detail in process of a man in a loop in oil on wood

“Sorry for what is said when I was drunk”Remembering that time me and the homie @rylsee painted that spot in Tel Aviv 3 years back

An ink drawing representing a figure in motion

Since the bags on my #2017flhxs #milwaukeeeight are in the upholstery shop, and since it looks downright odd with the bags off, and since it’s a beautiful #softailnostalgia kind of day, it was an easy decision to breakout the old girl to stretch her legs. The taller bars make a big difference and at a cost of #zerodollars and #zerocents I could not be happier. @softailgram @softailsyndicate @hdsoftailnation #harleydavidson #rideeveryday #nbd #peace

“The Search Party” in oil on canvas, part of my last solo exhibition “A Planetary Profile”

A portrait of a wild creature in oil on wood

A portrait of an ex lover in spray paint on wood painted for my first solo gallery show back in 2009 now in a private collection

My Worker in watercolors on paper in the studio

"The Watcher" in oil on canvas now at his new home in a private collection in São Paulo Brazil

A dancer in black ink on paper wheat pasted on a concrete wall outside a dancing school in Saint Petersburg Russia

Portrait of an old dog as a man in oil on wood

A civil war in oil on canvas

A man walking by a burning building in oil on canvas and wood

@zero.cents keeping it weird in the studio ❤️ #ZeroCents #StudioVisit #artgalleriesintelaviv

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