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My mini barbells. For when all you've got are plates and you don't want to invest in Dumbbells. #bodybuilding #zelsh #3dmj #homegym

Still working on that row form. Tilted a bit too far forward for these and still some momentum. I'm using the bench next time to plug that. Oh well, that's why I record. Review and improve. #3dmj #zelsh #bodybuilding

Waves were too dangerous to surf today, so drove 5 minutes south to get some views. Got to love the west coast. #zelsh #sanfrancisco #surfing

Offseason back. Not too bad. Working on truly initiating the movement and pulling from my lats. Work in progress. (Sorry the music playing is butchering biggie) #3dmj #zelsh #bodybuilding

Coach @3dmj_godfather gave me a much needed form critique a few weeks ago. Helping me become a tactician in the gym and growing my exercise acumen. After this session, I've completely switched how I mentally approach a workout. I can say it's already having an impact. Now it's about turning that approach into an instinct. I think this picture was shortly before he was satisfied with my row haha. #bodybuilding #3dmj #zelsh #longevity

I have a thing where I don't video PRs. Reason 1.) I like my music and my phone is my only camera. 2.) I'm afraid of jinxing the lift. Instead I opt to take a picture after the fact as a reward. Here's a lifetime volume PR for me. 515 for reps. 600 I'm coming for you. #bodybuilding #3dmj #zelsh

Trying to clean all my lifts up. I can see where the momentum is coming from. Being aware is half the battle. It's looking better though. #bodybuilding #3dmj #zelsh

Gymgyver strikes again. This new kickback is awesome. I use store bought rope with plates tied on it. Squat rack & bar as a pulley. #bodybuilding #3dmj #zelsh

Lifting outside is pretty nice. #zelsh

Back in 2013 right at the beginning of my prep with 3dmj. Clearly I thought I was looking lean here, but little did I know was was coming 30+ weeks later. #contestprep #3dmj #zelsh #tbt

#tbt to when I tried out for zoo lander. This was back in early 2013 before my prep with 3dmj. I was 160 here I believe. Being lean is nice, but I prefer my ice cream. #zelsh #3dmj #bodybuilding #contestprep

Form looking like total shieeet because of tight hamstrings, but was good enough for today! Back at my old "for reps" PR after a half year of working my way back. 470 x 4 today. Started this year at 425 for 3 because of a month long vacation that I dieted for like an idiot. I'm happy and damn it feels awesome. #deadlift #zelsh #3dmj

When you forget your workout clothes, but still got to get shit done....and your CEO catches you. #sealrows #zelsh #3dmj

Pretty ecstatic with the progress in my arms this offseason. Rest of the upper body has definitely seen some improvements as well. The back is where I've made the most progress, but it holds so much fat it's impossible to distinguish with an untrained eye haha. I'll save the back shots for when I'm more conditioned. #bodybuilding #zelsh #3dmj #offseason

This is where it all begins for me. I've literally been studying programming almost every single day for the past 2 and a half years to build an idea I had when I was 19 years old. Proud to say I've finally started the building today. A little dramatic folder name, but it's been burning inside me for 6 years now. Only after thinking about it almost every single day for 4 years did I have the guts and willpower to sit down to take the necessary steps to build this shit. To be honest, I attribute a lot of the dedication and virtues that got me this far to bodybuilding and my team #3dmj. The road to learn programming was long and I understand this one will be much longer, but I'm ready. Here goes nothing. #zelsh #dreambig

Every time a Bodybuilder talks about mobility. Basically me after I get out of an ART/Graston session. #bodybuilding #mobility #zelsh

Here's a machineless glute ham raise variation that I alluded to in a post last week. Work in progress on form, but damn this exercise kills them. #ghr #povertygym #zelsh #3dmj #team3dmj #bodybuilding #legcurls

Need to work on that 0-100 mentality on my deadlift. I don't take the slack out enough. Regardless, still proud of this pull. Back solidly in the 500's now after my dieting for thailand. #bodybuilding #3dmj #zelsh

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