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The point of this strategy is to focus on a huge economy early game, and use this interesting quirk. It states that the AI will be hesitant to attack such a huge economic powerhouse, at least for the early game, allowing you to advance your infrastructure uninterrupted. Zebasi abundance of farms means that Zebasi land can produce some of the highest-level cities in the square.

Luxidoor Empire: Use the Luxidoor City Wall and high income to build your economy. Play defence for a bit, get Organization > Shields since fruits are common and Defenders are cheap. Forestry is also good.

Kickoo Empire: Exploit your water-blessed terrain and rush Trade and Sailing. Use Customs Houses early on to jump-start your economy.

Bardur Empire: Not as effective, but since the Bardur usually spawn with a lot of forests, research Forestry immediately when you get the chance. This allows two good things: first, the construction of lumber huts and sawmills for increased population, and secondly, the Mathematics tech, which paves the way for the Bardur Superweapon Strategy.

Oumaji Empire: Explore outward with Riders and get at least 2-3 other cities. Then, rush Organization and Farming, as Oumaji typically has a large amount of farmland. This results in a huge economy early-game. With this income, rush Chivalry and Navigation to conquer first your own continent, then opponents on other continents.

We have big polytopia community in telegram app. It is online chat on your mobile phone, desktop computer and tablet - synchronyzed on all your devices. Real people who play game and communicate, help each other. Welcome to community.
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Today we voted the question: "Which tribe do you like more than others?" And here are the results:

1st place - #Bardur "I think Bardur is the strongest tribe. It has a staring skill that lets it upgrade its capital in the first move and has good starts in big lands with forrests most times." - @a_gscheida_bua
2 - #Aquarion
"I just like it because i am always lucky when i choose it" - @Kanwarock
3 - #Vengir
"Vengir because best defence is a good offence" - @pearlescen7
4 - #Kickoo
"I like a lot of tribes, so it's hard to choose, but I like the kickoo for their music, talent tree, map( skin/terrain )and colour!" - @azraakitt
5 - #Imperius
"When I started the game it was the first tribe I played with ,and it quickly became my favourite. In my opinion ,it is also the most well balanced tribe." - @david.nyegro
6 - #Ai-Mo
"You start with Meditation, so you start with the Quest Pacifist, which gives you a 3 population building for almost free because you dont attack in the five first turns anyway. Also you can upgrade to Philosophy which gives you 20% off everything else." - @nockcraft
7 - #Quetzali
"I like the Quetzali because they start with shield men, and they are very useful for defending your city, and keeping territory. I also like their environment in the jungle/forest." - @novanab12
8 - #Luxidoor
"It starts with a high economy. The city walls provide a great defence in the early game. With the good starting economy you can use any strategy. This will be an advantage in the late game." - @abeld.lange
9 - #Oumaji
"Hey, due to speed of the start to increase the amount of villages and to find ruins fast." - @Rivercro
10 - #Hoodrick
"I like this tribe because you start with archer, and i think is a good tropp in game with a big number of player." - @alessandrosantibacc
11 - #Xin-xi
"I just like their style, play style and tech. Its like asking a person why do you like your favorite color" - @Szupo
12 - #Zebasi
"I visually like the leopard coloring. At the beginning there are basically always 2-3 fields of wheat, which gives 2 points, and if the situation gives rise to something, it is much more profitable in the future." - @Xome40k

Could there possibly be a worse start with #zebasi in #polytopia ?

Zebasi & Hoodrick are driving me crazy, can’t get the 3 stars... which tribes is your pain in the neck?😝😝😝 / Gli Zebasi e gli Hoodrick mi stanno facendo impazzire, non riesco a prendere le 3 stelle... quale tribù è la vostra spina nel fianco? 😝😝😝 #midjiwan #polytopia #polytopiait #indiegame #zebasi #hoodrick

El desestrés. #polytopia #zebasi #kickoo

I got all 7 temples on zebasi! YAY!!!
#polytopia #midjiwan #lowpoly #indiegame #supertribes #zebasi

Ahh! So close to 3 stars only 5k away!
#polytopia #supertribes #lowpoly #indiegame #midjiwan #zebasi

Is anyone any good at perfection mode? I can't seem to get 3 stars
#polytopia #midjiwan #indiegame #lowpoly #supertribes #zebasi

I play as the #hoodrick and we meet the #luxidoor and expand our borders in turn 5. #imperius was destroyed at turn 10. We meet #zebasi & #vengir at turn 16. #polytopia #thebattleofpolytopia #supertribes

Tensions rise higher as the #zebasi try to protect their last city from the #hoodrick 7th- pic I find out how to train troops. 9th pic a religious conflict has started. #polytopia #thebattleofpolytopia #supertribes

Has anyone ever wondered why there's so much snow or whatever it is on #kickoo structures? 2nd pic- the great city of Bubu is taken from me. 4th pic- the ever expanding #hoodrick army has taken a city belong to the #luxidoor 5th pic- I believe the city of Lakurok will be the battle hound for the #zebasi and #hoodrick 7th pic- I knew it. #polytopia #thebattleofpolytopia #supertribes

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