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— Zayn Xavier Kensington.
Locked in a desolate wasteland known as his mind, a reckless man known for spoiling others, rough hookups and sass.
Born in Staffordshire England, he speaks with the heavy accent of his homeland, a painful reminder of what he left behind when he chose to leave the UK at the age of 18. Now ten years later, at the age of 28 he works as a hitman; serving the elite and governments which has earned him quite a fortune. When the 6 foot 4inches tall man isn't working he spends his days with others, surrounding himself with good people in need of a good time; just like himself. Despite being rather intimidating, to those he treasures he is sweet and protective, willing to go to war for those he loves. He may seem like an open book but he is more than what meets the eye, quiet by nature the man holds many tales of heartache from his past and the effort he puts in to hold it all together would exhaust most. To answer the question of the hour, yes he is currently single, bisexual and dominant. He posses many skills in the bedroom, skills that make thighs shake and lips quiver. Those who are lucky enough may even see a darker sexual side of him, a room painted a dark shade of red that he fondly named his "play" room. He is not sure about relationships, although he is open to the possibility of finding Mr or Miss's right. He has very few friends, and is in need of more. Talk to him if you dare, for you never know which side of him you may get.

JEREMIAH DREW LUNA ⚔️🌧🕷 puerto rican | single | bisexual | dominant | fluent in sarcasm | bipolar | trust + anger issues | curses a lot | unique sense of humor

d u s k t i l l d a w n.
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"I loved you at your darkest." -Romans 5:8

theres so much going on and i dont know what to do i just, the one person i usually turn to i dont have anymore. i’m just feeling very /: right now

Adimaro Conroy, 25 years of age, Bisexual.
Born in Germany, Munich, Turkish origin. Is single and not currently looking for anyone. Has a crazy fascination over dominant woman and submissive men. Loves to lay around most of his spare time or spend time with his Xbox. Gets easily pissed so has very few friends. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Talk to Adimaro only if you don't get easily offended. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#openrp #zaynrp

"She's a saint with the lips of a sinner. She's an angel with a devilish kiss."
Mmmm greetings everyone, my name is Chanel Marie Jones. I am just a regular 5'4 twenty-three year old French-American woman. I was born in Paris, France on January 5, 1993 and I grew up in Los Angeles, California. What you should know about me is that I'm a tattoo artist. Tattoos to me are art with a great meaning. I love to admire the beautiful image or words inked onto a human body. It shows the amazing detail to make it into a masterpiece. You might think that I'm just a dark person, but believe me darling I'm the sweetest girl you will ever meet. Just don't try to disrespect me it won't be pretty, sweetheart. Another thing about me is that I'm a pansexual and also single, but hopefully that can change. To me it doesn't matter what gender you are. It's a blessing to admire and cherish him or her. All genders are beautiful remember that. I can be quite submissive in and out of the bedroom, but just remember when I make my mark that person is mine end of story. Last thing about me is that I enjoy to travel and feel free like I'm a whole new person again you know? It's fun to just feel so alive and stressed free. I think that's about it. Start a conversation with me babes trust me I don't bite...unless you want me to.


tomorrow’s my birthday!!!!

I literally need to make a theme.

[ ask me questions on comment section below for a rate ] — zayn javadd malik as known as zee

twenty-four. a father of the cutest daughter i've ever seen. single parent. january 12th. not your kind of prince charming because you're not a princess either. tattoos. dogs lover. straight. cold hearted boy. not that easy to get attracted with strangers, try me. not an emotional person. hardcore smoker because cigarettes doesn't kills you, memories did. professional lover. drugs addict. sweet and loving—and yes, you don't know me.

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She wears darkness and divinity well. She holds poise and ambition. She has always been half goddess, half hell; Angel and Devil. A descendent of Fernidad Isabella.
Mother. Wife. Friend to many.
Scylla. She was the siren that sung her woeful ballad of lustful deceits, trapping them in, and often claiming them as her prized possession with her sultry, seductive voice. Wrapping them around her strong, dainty little fingers.

this theme is as ugly/trashy as me

At this point in time I don’t even want a relationship I just want to be fucked nice and hard like please😩

posting intro in the morning.

REQUESTED (@choose.your.words) CAMILA THEME

REQUESTED (@choose.your.words) CAMILA THEME

REQUESTED (@choose.your.words) CAMILA THEME

REQUESTED (@choose.your.words) CAMILA THEME

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