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Whoever has watched this episode of iCarly?

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Me when my fave song comes on

i love Zayn and Liam wow i hate myself for making this

Did you ever dyed your hair? If you did, what color?
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thank you so much for 130k 😍🎉

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📈 Zayn Daily Stats (March 27) 📈
Twitter: 21.350.574 (zaynmalik)
Instagram: 20.830.335 (zayn)
FaceBook: 20.162 251 (zaynmalik)
Shazam: 8.069.506 (ZAYN)
YouTube: 3.857.645 (ZaynVEVO)
YouTube: 132.919 (zayn)
Spotify: 1.386.283 (ZAYN)
Periscope: 215.191 (zaynmalik)
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This was such a look


His Smile 😍😍 #Zaynmalik #Zayn

Two years ago today (27 March 2015) : Zayn was seen leaving his house then went to the studio with Naughty Boy ..

she's so beautiful❣️

عكس قديمي تازه منتشر شده از زين
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Update || Zayn has changed his bio.
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1D SHOP👍👍👍👍
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Three years ago today (27 March 2014) : The boys went to a rehearsal studio in London ! (Only pics of Narry)

ZAYN via twitter
فن:اسم البوم دوم رو انتخاب کردی؟
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>>Y/N pov>>
I was so nervous that I couldn't seat in the chair. I kept walking down the hall and coming back. As I did that I felt really dizzy so I sat down on the chair covering my face in my hands. The doctor said I shouldn't get stress, it's bad for both me and the baby, so I tried to calm myself by taking deep breaths and hoping everything would be alright
"Can you fucking believe this bullshit!" I heard, Zayn voice. "Zayn, you need to calm down. It's over and done with there's nothing I can do." His lawyer, Robison says.
I got up and walked towards them "What happened?"
I asked nervously because of the state Zayn was in. It can't be good news.
"You're pregnant." He stated glaring down at my stomach. "What he means is, Micheal wants a paternity test done and if the results come back the child is his. Zayn will be served with a restraining order to stay away from you and Micheal." Robison explains, and Zayn just shakes his head walking away from us.
I couldn't explain anything to Zayn right now because I didn't even tell him I was pregnant...I mean after his memory loss..
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A dude is posing with #FettyWap chain that got stolen last night. 😂 #rapalert

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