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B: what grown up Walter REALLY would have looked like! 😍😜😘☺️💕 #Zathura #JoshHutcherson #Walter #DaxShepard #JonahBobo

Oh God, they're so cute.😍
#kristenstewart | #zathura

"You still think I have gorgeous eyes?" 😂 That movie was not really mine but Kristen made me watch it✨❤️ #kristenstewart #zathura

Remember this movie? 😍
#joshhutcherson #zathura

She looks soo young and beautiful, she was only 15 years old. She has already made eight films. In the right picture she was at the premiere of "Zathura". She's a great, wonderful and talented actress. So young, but already known to almost the whole world. I'm so proud of her shes really good. Love her💗 #kristenstewart #zathura #krisbian

Foto rara de #JoshHutcherson, #KristenStewart e #JonahBobo durante a época de divulgação de #Zathura, em 2005 😍


My face when I actually have to talk to people at school😳 @kristxnvines

Kristen with work friends😆 @kristxnvines

I’m in love with this photo😍

Kristen on set of the runaways😍 I absolutely loved this film, she was AMAZING in it!❤️😍🔥 @kristxnvines

Kristen getting her make up for breaking dawn part 1😜 @kristxnvines

Blurry😭😐 @kristxnvines

Rob and kristen❤️ @kristxnvines

Kristen on the set of clouds of sils maria with a fan @kristxnvines

Baby k-stew😍😊 @kristxnvines

I love photos like these! 😍😂 @kristxnvines

I loved this Cannes outfit! 😍😍🥀 @kristxnvines

Kris with some fans😍❤️ @kristxnvines

She’s such a cutie😍 @kristxnvines

🇬🇧🇬🇧 @kristxnvines

Kristen sleeping 💤😆 @kristxnvines

Kristen on the set of Snow White ❤️❤️ @kristxnvines

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