This is it. Batman’s new duds.
Out. Greg Capullo s redesign.
Out. The realistic approach.
In. The fuckin trunks.


zatanna in infinite crisis: fight for the multiverse ◇ #zatanna #dccomics #dcheroes #comiclife #justiceleague #hq #powerwomans

Let me hit you with that #flashbackfriday Taking you back to 2011 my first convention Megacon Orlando, Fl. Prior to this I was making my own Halloween costumes and these conventions have allowed me to expand my artistic ability. I didn't even know this world existed before 2011. It def changed a lot for me as an artist and a performer. The original #Zatanna costume was my inspiration for this version. I hand sewed most of it and the parts I couldn't finished by hand I hot glued together. Everything except the gloves, hat and wand were made from scratch and my amateur pattern skills. I even made boot slips (not in picture). I was so excited to prance around in something I worked very hard to make. Another plus was being able to share that with other ppl who felt the same way, everything was priceless. There I met my first bodybuilding coach he approached me since I was dressed as one of his favorite characters. The amount of friends I've made from conventions alone I wouldn't change it for anything else. Some of you still follow this page even though it's turned more athlete focused than costume driven. I'm trying to balance both on here to give those who have been with me from the beginning what you like and give those who are new something they won't forget. #cutemeatheadproblems #costumer #cosplay #dcuniverse #megacon #comicbooks #conlife #performer

Are you guys following @hallie12odom yet?! She's a fantastic artist and takes commissions! These are hanging up in our apartment now! 🔥🔥🔥
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Last photo before my birthday! ☺️ Metro was a success and I finally got to shoot Zatanna with @jawlinepro and @jarlfrey_cosplay as Constantine 💕🐰 Zach took this candid on his phone during the shoot! I can’t wait to show you all the great photos that were taken today. I’m so proud of all the tailoring I did on this jacket and how I transformed a giant men’s tuxedo into a cute, formfitting tailcoat. Stay tuned!

You know what's even more #magical than #Zatanna? It's #Friday you guys! 😍. I'll be streaming in about 30 minutes! 💖Twitch.tv/GingerMika💖
#cosplayer #dccosplay #cosplaygirl #zatannacosplay #twitch #streamer #twitchtv

Catching that golden light #zatanna #zatannacosplay #dc #dccosplay

[A Harley Quinn romance]
Issue #1 de mi serie favorita de Harley Quinn que nos muestra su verdadero potencial a nivel intelectual y físico así como también que tipo de relación lleva con el Joker y como éste la trata como un chiste, alguien que puede usar a su disposición para cumplir sus planes, pero sólo él puede hacer esto.
Nos muestra una Harley capaz de hacerlo todo en nombre del amor sin pensarlo dos veces, fuerte, inteligente e incluso graciosa, momentos en los que te podrás olvidar que en realidad se trata de una psicópata y terminas amando el personaje. Adicional a ello, nos muestra su relación con Poison Ivy y así su independencia.
Este primer issue trata de un parque temático construido en Gotham en el cual existe una atracción del Joker y éste poco contento envía a Harley a sabotear la montaña rusa ya que el se encuentra herido luego de que ella lo rescatara del asilo de Akrham.


thank you for 1k ilysm ♥️ ac: jhopegv

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