Baby lights 👏🏼

Ice blonde

Long and blonde ☀️

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Before and After 🤩

Baby lights and toner ✨

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Baby lights 🌟

Before and after

Soft balayage ✨1sesh one more to go 🙌


Here’s another before and after because I know how much you guys enjoy seeing the transformation , It is really nice to be able to show you the before picture so you see how much work it is to actually get the goals you guys want sometimes it takes a few sessions but I really try and do it in 1 .. well as far as your hair let’s me if your hair starts to look like it’s not going to resist then I have to rinse and tone you to something a bit darker then what you wanted . Integrity of the hair is my priority . Here I did a color correction removed the dark she had did a transition color so we can put these extensions on , clip in 22. Inch. Our next session will be to lighten her tips to look like the extensions .

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