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Part 2. Sorry guys I deleted the last video with A mistake. Lol😂 #fremmer #zamika We love You guys @jadepettyjohn_official @ricardo @breannayde @lancedaelim ♥️

People fooling love in mysterious way, I'm I right @breannayde @lancedaelim #zamika and thank you for 3 k followers

How to make someone cringe in a millisecond
sor as riverdale :p

well.. my dirty mind is activated again #breance #zamika

#fremmer and #zamika 😏 and idk but Tony looks a little bit cute😂 @tonycavalero

Handsclap performance best bandamily ever love you all so much @tonycavalero @theaidanminer @ricardo @jadepettyjohn_official @breannayde @lancedaelim #schoolofrock #SORS3 #bandamily #fremmer #zamika this video is originally from me don't steal it


Part 10
Zack- tomika can we talk Alon?
Summer- I'm gonna go to Freddy
(Summer leaves)
Zack- i'm just here to say ...
(Phone rings)
Tomika- sorry, I have to answer
(Tomika was talking to phone)
Tomika- okay what you want to say?
Zack- okay, I wanted to say....
Mr.finn- guys let's start rehearsal
Zack- oh, come on!
Tomika- wait for us for minute, Zack what you want to say?
Zack- I'm sorry that I didn't trust you I really want to be Whit you again
Mr.finn- guys come here
Zack- tomika?
Tomika- we should go (After rehearsal)
Summer- he said sorry, he really wants to be Whit you tomika
Tomika- I now
Summer- then what's a problem?
Tomika- I don't think I'm ready!
Summer- what do you mean
Tomika- see summer I'm not like you
(Tomika leaves)

Cnt? #zamika
What will happen next?

Part 9
(Next day)
Summer- tomika I called you million time last night why you didn't answer
Tomika- oh, I'm sorry I was this cool party whit cute boy and Cool guys ...
Summer- boy?
Tomika- yeah, it was nothing
Summer- oh, it was something. Tell my
(Tomika told her everything) (At class)
Mr.finn- tomika it's great that you are enjoying the music school but we need you here too
Tomika- yeah I now that
Mr.finm- we have this huge gig tomorrow would you be there?
Tomika- of course!
Mr.finn- good
(Zack& Freddy talk)
Zack- I don't like that she is going to that music school
Freddy- chill dude
Zack- I got to go
Freddy- where
Zack- to tomika
(Summer & tomika talk)
Summer- OMG tomika I just remembered this
Tomika- what
Summer- yesterday Zack come to my and he was looking for you, I told him that you where not coming and he said okay, I just wanted to say sorry
Tomika- wait what?
Zack- hi tomika
Tomika- Zack..... Cnt? #zamika

There's a vote: http://19under19.tigerbeat.com/voting/ (it doesn't take long)
You can vote for Jade or Brea for comedy and Ricardo for best selfie
You can also vote for Rowan (Blanchard) for girl power

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😂😂👌//me +
☁viu no explora ?aproveita e nos siga
☁marquem seus amigos
☁ativem as notificações
#tomika #breaarmy #breannayde #schoolofrock #zamika #breance #ironias #humor #explora #tomikacitou

Part 15 of #zamikastory
(Summer and Lawrence)
Lawrence - why you have Zack's phone?!
Summer - shhhh...Lawrence please tell no one
Lawrence - but you can't take Zack's phone!
Summer - I know..but we have a plan
Lawrence - what?
(Summer explains Lawrence everything)
Lawrence - oh wow..
Summer - I know...please tell no one!
Lawrence - I don't know this is..
Summer - ppppllleeeaaassseee??
Lawrence - okay but I am not good to keep a secret..
Summer - try it! Please..
Lawrence - okay..
Tomika - Sum! Oh..umm..hey Lawrence
Summer - he knows it
Tomika - what?!
Summer - sorry..I hadn't a chance
Tomika - okay no matter
Lawrence - I don't want to see how you do this so I just leave..
(He leaves)
Summer - olay let's start
Tomika - okay, so where is Audrey..oh here!
Summer - good! Now text her!
Tomika - yeah, I know..okay done!
Summer - I hope it will be good
Tomika - yeah..
(They heard how Audrey screams)
Audrey - OMG!!! Oh..hey Tomika..
(She laughs)
Tomika - excited news? (She smiles)
Audrey - I knew that Zack still loves me! Sorry Tomika but he is better with me
(She leaves)
Tomika - ohhh, I will..!
Summer - calm down! We have a plan
Tomika - but I hate it when she is so happy!
Summer - I know but you just have to wait
Tomika - okay.. Cnt? #zamika
I think the next part in 2 hours

"SCHOOL OF ROCK- imagine"
(2° Temporada)
#freddy -bom eu já esbarrei nela no parque uma vez
#summer -sei
#freddy -que foi n confia em mim
#summer -sim masss....esquece!
#freddy -ta bom então ,chegamos
#summer -eh ,fica bem ta
#freddy -ta bem tchau
#summer -tchau *se abraçam por 10 seg*
(Com #zamika)
#tomika - valeu pelo sorvete
#zack -de nada
#tomika -vamos sentar ali
#zack -ta *eles se sentam*
#tomika -pensei que n fosse passar
#zack -que nada vc foi ótima
#tomika -valeu mas deveria ter ido mas rápido!
#zack -pra mim foi perfeito ,vc e perfeita!
#tomika -*fz um sorriso desfarçardo* vc ta brincando
#zack -não to não ,você linda e a garota mas legal que já conheci
#tomika -se ta falando serio!
#zack -to sim !( começa a chegar mas perto dela )
#zack -olha tomiks porque você nunca me deu uma chance vc sabe que eu gosto de vc
#tomika -vc n entende eu n quero estragar a nossa amizade
#zack -nao vai estragar nada confia em mim
#tomika -zack eu não quero me machucar
#zack -eu prometo que n vou
#tomika - eu não sei me da um tempo pra eu pensa eu acho
#zack -eu não sei se consigo esperar *começa a acariciar o rosto dela*
#tomika -zack eu ...
#zack -*interrompê ela ,dando um beijo *
(Zack e tomika ficam se beijando por vários muitos a te que ):
#tomika -não zack para!
#zack - o que foi
#tomika -e quee ....eu tenho que ir *se alevanta do banco*
#zack -tomika..
#tomika -tchau zack
#zack -tomikaaa...CNT?

Part 18 of #zamikastory
(Next day)
Freddy-Hey zack
Zack-dude I did something wrong I think..
Freddy-Ohh what?!
Freddy-come on..breathe first!
Zack-I kissed Tomika!
Freddy-is she angry?
Zack-I don't know.I left her alone after the kiss. I left immediately. that was dumb of me !!
Freddy-I think so too..
Zack-What should I do?
Freddy-go to her and apologize that you just went so..
Zack-wait..I have to tell her I have feelings for her.
Freddy-umm..are you sure?!
Zack-Yes! I like her so long without her knowing it and I can not anymore. I can not keep it secret from tomika anymore!
(Summer and Tomika come)
Tomika-What is this for a secret?!
Zack-okay..breath Zack! So..I..I really like you. That's the secret!
Tomika-Ohh I like you too Zack!
Freddy-Umm..sunshine? Can we go?
(They leave)
Zack-umm..so..Tomika?! I'm really sorry about yesterday. I kissed you and then I leave. I am so stupid!
Tomika-It's okay Zack. (They hugged)

Yeaaahhh they are together❤

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