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I had a maths exam for nearly two hours this morning and I was sat for an hour doing nothing ugh

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(Sorry this is in color) But look what i finally got!!!! Im so excited!!!! This album is gold😍 @alexalltimelow @jackalltimelow @riandawson @zacharymerrick @alltimelow #alltimelow #jackbarakat #alexgaskarth #riandawson #zackmerrick

Zack boy, how do you do that?

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I love when you feel the kind of happy that you forget what sadness feels like. I really really love that. It only lasts for a few seconds at a time but yeah. it's great ~ Megan
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Y'all I want to write so badly but I feel like my writing isn't as good as it used to be like I look back at the beginning of Sixteen Candles and I'm like damn this is some good shit and now everything I do is trash lol I hate it
#zackmerrick #alltimelow

Love this concept tbh

#alltimelow #alexgaskarth #zackmerrick


I had a dream last night that I saw bring me the horizon and it was great

Send in your all time low secrets! even things you think about them or your opinions

send in your all time low secrets please

omg send in your secrets (-:

send in your all time low secrets

send in your all time low secrets!

To the 1 or 2 people reading this, should I post closer together, if so, how close? Or should I post farther apart, again if so, how far apart?

Cred to artist, don't know who it is though...

Their Snapchats are amazing. Like Jack's most recent or Zack getting unrolles. I can't even.

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