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I can hardly breathe when one of the boys post a pic😩😩
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• Y/N's POV •
I walked into my school as usual, went to my locker and gathered my things for my first two periods of the day and began making my way to my first period, backpack slung over my shoulder. I exchanged a couple smiles and greetings with passerbys and reached my classroom in minutes. There was still a little time left before class started so I went on my phone and stayed on it until the bell rang which indicated the class was about to start.
"Good morning, class," Mr.H unter, our History teacher said politely, smiling at us enthusiastically. None of us looked that excited to be at school by 8AM to hear about people whose bodies are no longer on the face of the Earth. I sighed, resting my head on my hand as the teacher spoke, taking notes and trying to pay attention despite how sleepy I was. Time went by painfully slowly and I shot up from my seat when the bell rang,rushing towards the classroom door and out into the hallway. I hid my face with my books, which narrowed down my field of vision but others could see me so I'd think they'd dodge me, which didn't happen as I ended up bumping into someone. "Oh, shoot, sorry!" The stranger spoke, and I realised it was a guy. I must've been daydreaming. I looked up and quickly apologized, excusing myself and going towards my next classroom so I knew I wasn't going to be late. I sat down on my regular seat and went on my phone until the bell rang again and I put it away, taking my things out and opening my notebook as the teacher,Mrs. Baker, began speaking. Ugh, Math, my worst subject, my nightmare. The lesson went by at an excruciatingly slow pace and as soon as the bell went off, I began to dart towards the door.
"Not so fast, Ms. Smith!" Mrs. Baker exclaimed, which caused me to stop walking,"I need to have a word with you." 'Alright...' I thought to myself as I watched the remaining students leave with their eyes glued to me. I wondered what I did wrong, my attendence was probably okay, I didn't talk to anyone in class, I was doing my best...
Once Mrs. Baker closed the door, I sighed to myself and stood up straight, waiting to hear what she had to say. ( ↴↴↴)

Sad to say goodbye to the beach this morning. It was such a nice and relaxing week-long getaway. We had to get one last picture in before we left. “...the blue sky breeze blowing wind through my hair. Only worry in the world is the tide going to reach my chair!? Sunrise, there's a fire in the sky. Never been so happy. Never felt so high.” Thanks Myrtle, it’s been real. ❤️🌊🌴✌🏼 until next time. #vacation #brooding #hi #zach #dave #gay #beach #summer #love #myrtle #myrtlebeach #us #fun #seawatch

i hope the boys are having an amazing time in tokyo <3
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Jonahs glow up❤

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