"The moment that I realized, He’s never forsaken me.. Its the moment that I found peace, and felt the rush of feeling so loved.. The love that we all want, we will never find here.. It’s only from above, and His scars are proof of true love" .
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A day and 2 hours left till we begin this years H2oi trip. Let us know if you’ll be going. Crazy the transformation our group went thru in one year. 📸: @gvlzo

One of the first issues that i wanted to tackle was the loosely-goosey shifter. Shifter bushings fail pretty often but man.. this one wasn’t even there! I scored a #z1 short shifter at a junkyard! Can’t beat that. In ya go

Replaced a faulty window regulator. The “new” one worked for a bit then quit 😒. Theres too many odds and ends in this door panel. I’ll give it another shot when i do the speakers


First wash, oil change and brake job. So surprised at how easy it was. My 200sx needed more effort than this

Old vs new. Baby mama was running on 4 cylinders 😥 the injectors in cylinder 1 and 6 called it quits, which is common for these z’s. This is my first real job on the car and I’ve read about the tight engine bay. But i took my time and using the dremel method, i replace the two bad injectors. The rest will go in at a later date. She sounds good 😍

Time to get to work. She ran rough when i got her and left me stranded at the grocery store a couple of times. Troubleshoot the easy things first. Replaced a nasty looking fuel filter and hose. And threw in some brand new OEM spark plugs. It helped but she’s still limping. It’s going to need the dreaded injectors

6.29.18 - day 1. I’ve dreamt of this moment since i was 14.
#Nissan #300zx my dream car. She’s not perfect but most importantly she’s mine. All the way from N.C., welcome home girl 😍 #z32 #z32nation #z32family #vg30de

real pic of god blessing me with the cleanest 300zx ever 👼🏼🌅 #nissan #300zx #zociety #z32nation

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