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Have you booked your facial in for the month? Our Movember facials are still happening until the end of the month, $10 of every facial will be donated to the @movember foundation 🧖🏻‍♂️

Have you seen our new cosmetic bags?! Free with purchase of any two @sunnatan products. 👍🏽

Overlay using dipping

Another gorgeous one from @ilnpbrand! This is 2 coats of unfazed 😍

Finally had the time to do my own! Loving the navy blue! 💙

Even the shortest of nails can look damn good!! #shortnails #shortys #nailtech #transformyourshortnails #yycnails #esmebeautiful #17thave

Self care and love is one of the most important things in the world. Have an amazing Sunday everyone. ❤️😘

Think of a chunky giraffe 🦒 hanging on to a tree branch through wind gusts, snow and water. Eventually, either the giraffe loses grip or the tree branch will snap. ⠀⠀
That’s similar to what happens when you request longer and thicker extensions than what your natural lashes can handle. You should also expect your lashes to not last long because just like ‘losing grip or the tree branch snapping’ the weight of the extension will loosen the adhesive bond or hurt your natural lash.⠀⠀
Maintaining lash health is very important to me. I don’t carry any lengths beyond 14mm and 0.15 in thickness.⠀⠀
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