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Did you know our bakery's 1st Birthday is next WEDNESDAY July 5!?! We are having a PARTY...with BALLOONS! And of course PRESENTS for our lovely customers! Watch for more details on the heavenly little treats we will be giving away! Sooo excited...cough...champagne...cough cough! #yyc #yycfood #yycfoodies #yycsmallbusiness #firstbirthday #giveaway #birthdayparty #yayfood #birthdaycake #cake #giantcake


POWER IN MOVEMENT // The disease of SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) rids the body of movement, it atrophy's the muscles, it makes basic skills like drinking a glass of water a challenge. It took Lewistons life at just 5 months. You can find a million terrible things about it but I am choosing to see how it brought this beautiful community of people together. I am choosing to see the passion and the drive the city has to surround us to make a difference and find a cure! It has given us a platform to share our message of hope and joy. Of finding light in the darkness. Lewiston's Legacy is a powerful one.... I am blessed to be his mama. Watching this video has brought tears and so many emotions to realize just how thankful we are to live in this city. I love you #yyc with my whole dang heart. The biggest shout out to @ilovembf and his team @treeeraco for the epic venue hook up and pulling some strings to make this happen. To the boys and girls @lululemonyyc thank you for believing in this wild idea. And to Sam @thesouthbase you captured this perfectly. Major heart explosions! .
#thisisjoy #thepracticeofjoy #RideTheRoofYYC #thesweatlife #bestcity #loveyyc #weloveyyc #fitness #fitfam #loveforlewiston #curesma #nevergiveup #sma #endsma

This week's work in the big 3. 215x6 squat, 140x6 bench, and 270x5 deadlift shown. One or two more weeks of Bodybuilding-style work before a short deload and getting back into the equipment! Bodyweight is up 2-3kg or so, not getting tooooo fat, and actually feeling like I've grown a bit of an upper body these days.

Check ins from the #ghettohotel this morning. Happy to be out of #yyc and in my hometown of #yeg now 🖤 Today marks 4 days out from #nationals2017 and I'm ready to take this last bit of peak week to the next level. Being in Edmonton has brought back that "prep focus" I felt during 2016s peak week and reaffirmed I've worked too damn hard for this for 4 years to let any type of distractions get in the way.
Looking to bring a different look and a tighter package than last weekend to this Saturday. Excited to see what we can do. #4daysout #yeg #freakfitness 💜


Next up in our Meet The Hatch series let us introduce you to The 'Hobo Series' Gamay! Open for sampling!
The Hatch ‘Hobo Series’ Gamay – In July 1395, the Duke of Burgundy Philippe the Bold outlawed the cultivation of Gamay; he banned the “vile and disloyal” Gamay as unfit for human consumption. Guarenteed that guy never took a single wine class in his life. So yeah, this grape has been kicked around for 600+ years and of course to us it’s the perfect red grape for this series. For years, I’ve always described Gamay as ‘the poor mans Pinot Noir’ which is totally apt and also because I’m poor as well and like to drink wines. Gamay is less about the what, than the where. You put it in the right place, give it some love and it quickly becomes loyal and unvile. Ours is classic; it’s got the red fruit and rhubarb. it’s got a little toast. It’s got the flavour, but that hint of delicacy. This is a Gamay that would make Phil change his tune.

The ‘Hobo Series’.
First off, the definition of ‘hobo’
ho·bo (hō′bō)
n. pl. ho·boes or ho·bos
1. One who wanders from place to place without a permanent home or a means of livelihood.
2. A migrant worker.

We had a large debate on whether we should embrace the term hobo with these wines. First of all, the piece of Paul’s art that we used to create these labels is called ‘Tolsoy and the hobo moth’ after-all; and calling it the hobo series seemed very natural. After seeing the above definition of ‘hobo’ to us it also conjured up images of certain grapes that for whatever particular reason don’t get the credit and respect some other more famous grape colleagues have enjoyed over the years. All these grape, per se, have traveled from their homes in search of, to us at least, adventure and much less so notoriety. So in this line-up, we honour a range of less appreciated grapes and their true hobo spirit.
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Happy 20th Anniversary @neil_zee. Married to the most amazing man and looking forward our next 20 years of adventures. 💕💕#YYC #anniversary #anniversarygift #20years #youandme #happylife #goodtimes #marriage

A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I'm afraid of widths.
Steven Wright
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So at this point, which I will call the half way point, I finally caught up to 2 gentlemen that had taken a different route up than myself. And due to my need for conversation I greeted them both, and was surprised when one of them labeled me correctly as Canadian (surprised right ?!) He said it was my accent ( picture me and my return blank stare) Funny thing is, this one gentleman - Kelly- was from Georgia ( yes, I chuckled...you think I have an accent ?!? Haha,but it was cool..I dig the southern drawl ) and the other gentlemen was from California-Caleb ( the one who took this pic....excellent work 👍😬) After we chatted for about 20 min we parted ways ( they were going to hike another mountain this day ) and I headed on up. Just goes to show that you can meet the coolest variety of people in the mountains.
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Dashing lads choose @Heinekenca 🍻 #cheerstothat ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Thank you @PackwoodGrand, what an incredible party! Can't wait for race day! 🏇 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Best hostess ever: @dreamarieblog ⠀⠀⠀
Partners: @Heinekenca + @veuveclicquotcanada
Fascinators by: @pinkspots ⠀⠀
Hair by: @NotoriousHairGroup

We have a great listing coming up on 68th Avenue NW. Never listed before! Keep an eye out for updates!
#yycrealtor #yyc #realestate #remaxfirst #silversprings

Babes in Lace @adoreme #adoreme

Every clients responsibility. Why you should tell your stylist EVERYTHING about your hair history. It is for your own good to get the best results. Any colour or chemical treatments done to your hair can last up to 5 YEARS or even more depending on your hair growth. We can tell. The proof is in your hair. Why lie? EVERY detail is important.
So my responsibility is to tell you the truth. Then we can have the best relationship ever. Let's be hair besties 💛💚💙💜

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Pop songs with dope beats 😍 T-Swif upNext. #Shakeitoff

BBQ spread at Grazers restaurant @thecalgaryzoo.
Featuring hickory smoked and braised pork ribs in maple whiskey bbq sauce, in house pulled pork (you can even find it at kitamba cafe. ) garnished with some corn on the cob.
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Canada Day Weekend is coming up. Looking forward to the fun and celebrations for this weekend. #canada150 #celebrate #props #canada #alberta #yyc

If you were a fruit you would be a fine-apple 😏🍍

This Friday Afrobeat Vs Dancehall party at @nv_lounge.ca ladies you dont wanna miss this one. Music by myself and @tdkthegreat for VIP table or bottle service call/txt 587-716-6325 #dancehall #afrobeats #yyc #yycnightlife #friday #longweekend

What are you doing Canada day?
Cutting the lawn?
Painting the deck?
How about a brewery tour?
Tours roll out at 3pm and end at 6pm. That leaves plenty of time to do house and yard work in the morning, a quick afternoon nap before the tour and lots of time after to celebrate Canada day.
Book here: http://ow.ly/X1GF30cXDec *
#yyc #calgary #Nomadbiketoursyyc #Albeerta #Brewery #Canada150
@cold_garden @lastbestbrew @bandedpeak_brewing @woppizza @yycliving @yyctoday @tourismcalgary @reapcalgary

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