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Christy // When i was 21 I went off to YWAM in Hawaii. I met a boy, and about nine months later we got engaged. A year and a half later we got married in Pennsylvania. A year after that we moved to Australia to do more mission work. That year was extremely challenging for both of us. We moved back to Oregon, because that’s where he was from. We lived there until about 2013. I found out that he had been unfaithful. He had had a sex addiction that had lasted the entirety of our marriage. We went through counseling and decided that marriage was not going to work because he wasn’t willing to do any therapy or rehabilitation. Those were the conditions that I had for us to stay together. We ended up divorcing, and I had felt so right in my spirit. The Lord had protected me in so many ways. I had never gotten pregnant, or felt the need to get pregnant. After that I came back to Lancaster and restarted my life. I was 26 years old and moved in with my grandma. My brother was a Realtor and flipped a house with me. I met my now husband Ryan in that process. When we met, neither of us were in very good places. The more time I spent with Ryan, we kept bringing up God and other really deep conversations. Over time God just melted our hearts for each other and for him. He took what was so black, and bad and turned it into good. He used each of us to heal each other, and through that we turned and faced the Lord. There was a time where we had been living together and God had convicted us to separate and live new lifestyles. We moved into separate houses and continued to pursue each other. We’ve been married a little over two years, and are in a really good spot. God had brought me through a really tragic thing and turned it into something beautiful. I never thought that would have been possible with what I had walked through.

A Palavra de Deus é um livro admirado e amado por bilhões de pessoas das mais diversas culturas no mundo e em toda a história da humanidade; tem transformado vidas (a minha), cidades, reis, pessoas comuns, crianças, adultos, nações, reinos e famílias. Reis como Davi a amaram. Reis como Josias a acharam. Profetas como Samuel a escreveram. Poetas com Salomão a recitavam. Doutores como Lucas a organizaram. Amigos como Teófilo a encomendaram. Apóstolos, como Paulo, viajavam com os seus longos pergaminhos. Eu a utilizo como manual da construção e edificação do meu ser. 📖💙
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With my visa approved, it is now official. In 37 days I will be moving to Hawaii to attend University of the nations, YWAM 🌺
📷 @davidsegerberg
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“Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” - Matthew‬ ‭19:14‬

That time when black smoke was coming out of our neighbors apartment in Berlin and so many firemen showed up.

Kiev getting ready to celebrate Aug 24th at famous Maidan Square. Here with #YWAM Europe #LTSEurope #Module5 #YWAMKyiv

Welcome home Timmy ❤️#ywam


Family walk in #galt #sunday #summer2017 Visiting Les after his #ywam fundraiser. #blessed

Join us this afternoon at 4 p.m. to commission some of our missionaries! #ywamlebanonpa #ywam

Now that I live on a YWAM base meeting cool people is just everyday life.
Me with the April DTS and co.
#ywamdp #belize #dts #ywam

In just about a month, this lovely lady will pick me up from the airport in Kona! Melissa Waddell is the mom of one of my old friends, @hanna_waddell, and she is so full of love and wisdom!

Treat yo self kinda Sunday morning! Reading the word, Wear your favouite colour, braid your hair, eat ya favourite 🥞🥞🥞

I have no words to describe the missions' training we had yesterday. YWAM Boston has been such a blessing to me and I'm thankful to step by step become part of this. Infusion was an amazing training that I'm sure will be useful in my daily journey in this mission called following Christ. Special thanks to @murilomaciell to make all this happen and to care so much about the ethnic communities in Boston with a whole heart.

Have you been looking for ways to use your skills to make a difference?

Are you creative and/ or have passion to help women find hope and healing?
Did you know there's a place in our brains called the amygdala? It plays a key role in helping us process emotions, especially related to fear and trauma. Research shows that through creative activity the composition of the brain changes to give greater capacity to deal with emotions, so at Beloved we believe in using creativity to help in the healing process.
We are in the very beginning stages of dreaming about and planning what it might look like to have a boutique and women's center in our community. This would be a beautiful, safe, supportive and creative environment for women to come for therapeutic creative arts, life skills, counseling, coaching, mentoring, workshops, journaling, grief recovery classes and more!
If you have training or interests in using the arts to help others or if this boutique and/or women's center sounds like something you might be interested in part time or full time as we move forward, we would love to hear from you!

Check out www.belovedforwomen.com to read about what we currently do and future plans. (Link in profile)

Domingo de amigos una buena compañía con chilaquiles, café, refresco y buena platica con personas de Colombia, Venezuela, Estados Unidos , México etc etc. #jucum #ywam #jucummazatlan #ywammazatlan #jucumeros #ywamers

After three months on our shores and two months on the shores of Mayreau the April 2017 DTS graduated this weekend. We could not be more proud and cannot wait to see the ways they continue to impact the world!

#faith #life #adventure #dts #ywam #ywamdp

Before evening lecture starts #ltseurope #ywam #ywamkyiv #ukraine

What a ride...
Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this crazy experience...
I love you all! (Lots)
Que una experiencia...
Gracias a todos por sus amor en esta tiempo-
Yo amo ustedes (muchísimo)! #ywam #ywamer #ywammazatlan #travel #traveller #mission #Outreach #puertovallarta #tultitlanmx #ciudaddemexico #pachuca #tamazunchale #xochicoatlan #cancún #mexico #TeAmo #2004JustinTimberlake

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