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@cierrani @fab.miki us (video taken from @blackcat.x)

@cierrani my old role-plays

everything about this is just


tag yourself I'm mary sue
(I made a tag yourself meme based off the corpse party fandom lmao suck my ass)
sorry there aren't pretty pictures for your pretty eyes

don't let your memes be dreams

We're still accepting admins!!!!
-Dm us and provide us with your admin name of choice and all of the accounts that you own or have access too
-Uncredited posts will be deleted -You can't post personal shit on this account that's what your main is for
-Don't be a cunt if we decide that we don't want you as an admin -No weeaboos -Trash



#yutoshi #cp #4 #months #aniversary #love

Somebody make a we are number one but every one is replaced with Naomi accidentally calling Satoshi cute in blood drive but every time it becomes twice as loud
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the corpse party chapter 5 theme haunts me

Why must I wander into the deep depths of the internet -Trash

This just fucking makes me laugh because like
You're listening to something that's supposed to be terrifying and you just see Neiko the entire time
Like yes sir, Neiko is absolutely horrifying XDDDD LOLZOR1!!1!!111 :333 -Trash

The corpse party fandom when someone argues about the character's sexualities -Trash

Neiko shippers when they see Natoshi fanart on their dash -Trash

@corpsepartyfandom_ whenever someone is triggered -Trash

what the hell is this -Trash

I have to repost all my memes bluh -Trash

We got deleted by an admin once
The second time we just made a new account because everyone blocked us
And then that account got deleted
If you wanna talk about people getting rid of a multi-admin account based on corpse party you should talk to @corpsepartyfandom_ like honestly -Trash

Ay fam go follow @corpsepartyfandom_ because they've been hacked or some other bs but we done diddily got deleted too so maybe it is a hacker idfk
Also tbh @corpsepartyfandom_ I suggest a different username
@copafandom and @cpfandom aren't taken ;0 -Trash

I need to stop -Trash

Half the corpse party fandom has us blocked so we're gonna make a new account
Plus I wanna kick out some admins
I'll let y'all know what the new account is once it's made -Trash

I need to s t o p -Trash


I'm not even sure if I wanna continue this blog,,, -Trash

Third time,,,, christ *credit to @m1nktank on tumblr*
I wasn't saying that like,,,, I don't like people because they don't have talent,,,if that were true I wouldn't be friends with like 50% of people I'm friends with
It's just,,, I thought I would be over this stuff by now you know -Trash

(I'll do this to cheer you up my man)
1.) Cierr McQueer
2.) Natosh
3.) Hysterical Birthday 2u I'm sorr it's just really funny wheez
4.) Ehhh probably a tie between Naomi and Sachiko,,, I can relate a lot to Naomi and Sachiko I just like because character design and backstory aesthetic runs in my veins
5.) I've existed long enough for the earth to orbit around the sun 16 and a half times -Trash

A lot of people are making fun of this account and I don't understand why exactly? The only problem that I see is that they don't give credit to artists when they repost fanart. Like yeah, I admit their posts are a little bit cringey and stuff but literally I'm pretty sure all of us have gone through that phase, so just leave them alone and let them do what they want please,,,
(Don't take this offensively sweetheart, it's not really anything to be ashamed of you just be you my man,,,, also please give credit in your posts!!! It's very important to artists that you do so) -Trash

Okay this will be the second time I repost fanart. *credit to @megidolan on tumblr*
Okay, so this is probably gonna sound really stupid and you all probably won't care, but like I said in my previous post I don't like certain things that fandoms do. I despise fanfiction, most of the time they're either really badly written or they're like a rewrite of what happened in the actual story. Most of the time people will like change ONE thing they didn't like about the story and that's it, like christ there's other reasons too but I don't wanna go on all day about this kind of shit. Fandoms don't give credit to artists usually and they trace and they make cringey aus and headcanons and no just stop PLEASE SPARE ME MY LIFE. I know fandoms are like what keep a certain series alive and I don't mind that, it's just what they d o my man -Trash

This is probably the only time I'll ever repost art lmao *credit to @dennattravnen on tumblr*
I'm kind of ashamed of myself, not for what I've done but because like,,, how do I explain
I'm 16 years old, I'm a semi-professional artist and who has taken professional art classes and probably has the potential to do commissions and sell their art and all that shit, yet I waste my time talking to 12-15 year olds who are cancerous fandom trash. I don't know if you could tell but I don't like the majority of things fandoms do, like fanfictions, edits, headcanons and all that shit. Why? Long explanation I'll probably make in another post if you care. But like, I just hate myself for wasting my time on stuff like this when I could be doing other important shit. I made this account (or rather the other one) to cheer up Admin Ryoka because she was nearly kicked out of @//corpsepartyfandom just for being friends with me (and that's normal since they're terrified of me) and like, now this account doesn't really serve any purpose in my eyes. But I'm still gonna be here because, I enjoy wasting my time for some reason. You guys have probably seen what I mean before, right? -Trash

A lot of people see me as a manipulative person, someone who is sick and twisted, and I guess I kind of am? I mean I know I've done things terrible to people online like harassing or trolling, however you want to see it, but most of the time that really isn't my intention so I don't know how to feel. I say things like "Sometimes offensive things are funny" yet I'm sitting here making offensive jokes to others, I'm a bit of a hypocrite. I know I am a good person, a better person then what most of this fandom believes, but it really sucks because I get accused of shit a lot. Many people subconsciously want to believe that I'm a bad person, so they'll believe absolutely anything that they hear and it kind of hurts my feelings. Okay more like it hurts a lot. I can accept it when people dislike me over something I actually did do, but not over something I didn't do. Many rumors have gone around saying I've droven people to suicide, that I've hacked into multiple accounts, but that isn't true. For one I don't even know how to hack and secondly, as far as I know, nobody has killed themselves over my actions. I've heard that some people have tried but there's no proof for that so I'm not exactly sure. Even so, who would kill themselves over stupid drama over the internet like seriously? I don't know that's just me. Wow it feels good to say all this honestly but I'll still probably delete it later,,,, I'm gonna get accused of attention seeking lmao -Trash

I hate to admit it, but I actually am kind of upset that our previous account was deleted. I've tried seeing the bright side of things and I still do, but ever since then all the admins have been inactive and nobody really likes our posts anymore, and it's kind of lost its meaning since we made the account for admin Ryoka. There was a situation going on between admin Ryoka and I and I did indeed tell her to kill herself, only because she did that to me when I deleted @//corpsepartyfandom (no, we don't have them blocked or anything I just don't want to tag them because they might get offended or something I don't know). And I know that was a bit childish of me to do but I just wanted her to see how I felt, I'm not sure if you all are aware but Admin Ryoka was admin Miki, and if you've paid attention in the past you'd know that she used to absolutely hate my guts. Mainly because she was unintentionally influenced, but she still did. No idea why I'm talking about this but I just am I guess lmao I'll probably end up deleting these later this will bother them a lot -Trash

There's something that I want to say to avoid misconception. I wanted this account to be something where people could do whatever they want, however they want, and it still is that. I've made rules for all admins to follow but that doesn't mean that will change. This account is like, a democracy in a way, but every democracy needs a president and that would be me, I suppose. I made the account for admin Ryoka before she left (which is completely fine) and I made the thiscrush and the account is registered with my email. But every decision that is made is consulted with the other admins first, so I'm not like the sole decision maker. Admin breadstick felt that the other admins were underrated and that's what worries me, just because I'm in main control doesn't mean the other admins don't have a say. I don't know why I felt like I needed to say this but I just felt like it needed to be said. -Trash

Rules to join:
-Dm us and provide us with your admin name of choice and all of the accounts that you own/have access too
-Don't be a cunt if we decide that we don't want you as an admin, we're a wee bit picky -Trash

Take Picsart away from me -Trash

I was watching Doctor Who last night and I saw my chance -Trash

Okay well in that case going by that logic I should just stop being friends with everybody because drama is something that you can't stop from happening anyone could start it -Trash

when Naomi wants to tie you to a chair but you can't use rope otherwise she'll get triggered so you just sit there and pretend -Trash

I thought that was Naomis hand but I realized it was Seikos I'm triggered -Trash
(the cosplay is GREAT though WHEESE)


I once had a Corpse Party oc named Haruka Tadeshi and she makes me want to slip and slide
But a while ago I was forced to redraw her by @staretry and since it's Corpse Party I might as well post the doodle I made of her WHEEXE -Trash

East coast. - Sausage

When nobody is posting Corpse Party -Trash

Cancerous throwback -Trash

What the hell is an admin whore WHEEze -Trash

I'm crying this is beautiful someone draw Satoshi like this and Naomi laughing in the background I need this for my soul -Trash

*My fucking meme, don't steal cunts*
Trash told me to post.
All you ladies pop that thing like this
Shake your body, don't stop, don't quit
All you ladies pop that thing like this
Shake your body, don't stop, don't quit
Just do it, do it, do it now, do it good - Sausage
Lick this, just like you should
Right now, Lick it good
Lick this just like you should
My Neck, my back
Lick my ... just like that
My Neck, my back
Lick my ... just like that
My Neck, my back
Lick my ... just like that
My Neck, my back
Lick my ... just like that
My Neck, my back
Lick my ... just like that - Sausage

We're still accepting admins!!!!
-Dm us and provide us with your admin name of choice and all of the accounts that you own or have access too
-Uncredited posts will be deleted -You can't post personal shit on this account that's what your main is for
-Don't be a cunt if we decide that we don't want you as an admin -No weeaboos -Trash

Ah well you see, we weren't hacked hence the "
Admin Ryoka (@fab.miki) I think sided with @corpsepartyfandom because of all the drama and rejoined as admin Chihaya and then she done diddly changed the password and email on @cancerparty, and denied it rip she blocked all the admins I'm pretty sure it was her,,,,, and tbh I don't really care about it I mean all this means is that the score between us and @corpsepartyfandom are even like I think I can safely say that the drama regarding that is water underneath the bridge
Also note that it was Admin Ryoka's decision by herself and the other admins were not involved thank you (even if they were it doesn't matter honestly the score is still even)
I'm not really mad about losing @cancerparty tbh like I'm here to have fun with you guys and we have this account
I like the username better it's less triggering
Our old username made some people A N G E R Y
Also if you're wondering Admin Kai did apologize about what happened before and I forgave them so it's okay -Trash

I really like our new username what about you guys -Trash

And thus our new username was born -Trash

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