Wow! Where has these last 6 months gone!? You're honestly my rock, you have helped me through so much since we first started talking and I will never be able to put into words how much you mean to me! I love everything about you. I am so thankful that if I ever need someone to talk to you're always there. You are the PB to my J, the Captain to my Crunch, the Eggs to my Bacon and so on. You're honestly so amazing. There are not enough words in the English language to describe how you make me feel day and night. Happy 6 Months My Love ❤

I love you to infinity and beyond @alicecampcllo 🌟

Yo! The names Alex but you can call me stumps or T. Which ever you prefer! I play for England and Liverpool F.C but due to injury I'm currently not playing. Instead, you'll catch me at home playing games such as Fortnite, FIFA, Far Cry, COD and others alike. If I'm not gaming you probably catch me either A. Sleeping or B. Eating some kind of food or not ;) I am very much in love with @alicecampcllo so all ya'll thirsty guys and gals better back tf off 🤗 ❤ @alicecampcllo

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So basically I’m a wheezing troll

I’ll never forget this day ❤️

Randomly saying “this client is so indecisive” and “I gotta take this call” followed by me standing up and leaving the office for 30 minute increments

Bye peasants, get home safely xo

V important

A movement I can get behind 🥓🥞🍳

That’s fascinating, Carol. Tell me more.

I’m gonna need at least 30 minutes of your time, Sir

Drunk at Hooters

I can smell that hoe through the phone

Cheers bitches

So many questions

Ya DIGG...!? If you REALLY wanna turn me on, then give me dat Choo$in Fee in exchange for this “Game/IZM.!” “Each one teach one, and each one REACH ONE.!” Get wit tha program, or stay stuck on stupid and the could’ve, would’ve, and should’ve.... Chuuuch...! 🙏🏾⛪️🅿️🚺✨🌹🗣‼️⏳💯💸💸💸💸☸️☯️⚛️🕉😈🤟🏾✊🏾💄💋🤴🏾👸🏾👙👘👠👡👢👑👝👛👜💼

[ 💫 ]
I went for a kind of natural but cute look for him 😍

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