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Many practitioners who work primarily with female pelvic health, talk about how once women begin to tap into their pussies - so much emotion comes up, especially anger. Did you know that women tend to hold their anger in their tummies & genitals? 🙎🏼 All those repressed tears, frustrations and anger trapped in there. Frustrations of not being good enough...not pretty enough...all those unprocessed emotions & heartbreak brewing with poison that leaves us bitter & unhappy. You think that you "got it out of your system" by drinking your sorrows away with your girlfriends after a break up? Nope, your sadness migrated down there...😝🍷🍸🍹
Once you begin the deep psychological & physical work of addressing your pussy - all that shit starts to come up. #helloitsme #hellofromtheotherside 📞 Sometimes its intense emotions (crying, screaming, moodyness) or even physical symptoms like changes in digestion or microflaura. .
We all carry our stress individually. For some it's migranes or back pain. But there are more subtle things that happen that can go undetected for years. I hold all my pain and suffering in my tummy and pussy. If I'm stressed or upset, my body refuses to digest. Basically I cant shit and carry it inside for days. #nowyouknow #tmi (Someone has to talk about this yo! #yourewelcome 🙈) Ive figured this shit out (no pun intnded 💩😜) years ago and now can prevent it. My other stress goes straight for my pussy so I have to be aware of it and yoni-massage & self-love. Some women get yeast infections or their pussy contracts so much from tension that sex is painful. Sometimes this buildup of tension can collect for years...🌷 .
So what the fuck do you do? Well first of all, you realize how important your pussy is! #bosslady 😻 We obsess with how our face or hair looks while forgeting our most important power center. Cause our poor vag is hidden and forgotten...we only care for her when its time to impress someone with sex. And then its all demands her way: taste nice! get wet! stay relaxed! take it! orgasm! #armypus #seargantvag 😎
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