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General Kenobi, Admiral Yularen and a company of clone commandos investigate an abandoned Separatist bunker.
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Hello, I wanna make a video edit contest! ^^ so here are the rules
1. The theme of the contest is imperials. You can make and edit about any imperial, officer, admiral etc, even stormtroopers if you want (But no Sith. I mean no Vader, No Sidious)
For example, you can make the edit about Thrawn, or about Kallus, Or about Tarkin and Yularen etc
2. You can use clips from star wars rebels, from the star wars movies, or even from clone wars (if you choose Tarkin or Yularen for example)
3. You can use any song, star wars soundtracks or even sountracks from othrr fandom (Choose a certain song only if it fits to the character you chose)
4. You can use effects, voice-overs, transitions, you can even write the lyrics of the song on the screen
5. It's better if you put a watermark on your work
6. Don't copy or steal other edits
7. Post it at #kallxsvideocontest
8. The deadline is 30 january
Have fun ^^ #art #edit #video #videoedit #contest #cool #starwars #starwarsrebels #sw #swr #tcw #empire #galacticempire #imperial #tarkin #thrawn #kallus #yularen

It explained this so well in the Thrawn novel by Timothy Zahn and since I finished the novel not too long ago, I'll have a lot of facts from the novel. Thrawn in one of my favorite characters in Star Wars and I can't wait to see him again in Season 4 of Rebels! What do you think, are you excited to see Thrawn again in Rebels Season 4?

I just barely finished the Thrawn novel which explains how Thrawn joined the Empire and how he became a Grand Admiral and the novel is amazing! Of course, my review will contain spoilers so if you plan to read the novel I suggest you read it and then read my review.
In Thrawn, we get several references and characters from the Legends Thrawn Trilogy such as Captain Parck, Major Wyan, and Colonel Barris and when Thrawn gets his own star destroyer, it's none other than the Chimaera. Thrawn is fleshed out so well and we get to see him rise from a Lieutenant to captain, to Commander, etc. and the reason he joined the Empire is because the Emperor promised that he will make sure other threats in the unknown regions don't attack the Chiss Ascendancy. Eli Vanto who is Thrawn's aide and the main character throughout the entire book besides Thrawn was a very relatable and a really cool character and we also get to see how Arihnda Pryce became Governor of Lothal and although in Rebels I thought she was an unnecessary extra, her character was really interesting in Thrawn and we also get to see some awesome characters like Colonel Yularen and Grand Moff Tarkin in the novel as well. The ending confrontation with Nightswan who was the villain mastermind behind everything in the book was amazing and I also loved the ending where Thrawn meets with Vader and the Emperor and gets promoted to Grand Admiral and when Eli Vanto joins the Chiss Ascendancy with a Chiss named Fleet Admiral Ar'alani. Honestly, the novel is definitely my favorite Star Wars novel and it really showed how cool Thrawn is but what do you think, have you read the Thrawn novel and if so did you enjoy it?

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