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Installed these 4 floating shelves for my in-laws @germaineiz and @jozefizmajlowicz they aren't large but they will definitely help clean off the bathroom countertops

happy fall equinox 🍂
hey #yql your local artists, movers, and shakers are congregating tonight at the @galtmuseum for @hawkandharvest
celebrate with great music, great people, great vibes. support your community and @ywcalethbridge Amethyst Project 🖤
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Top coating this beautiful piece of art work with @ecopoxy uvpoxy for the very talented Karen Coe who hand painted this, this was a commissioned piece she was asked to do a while back and will be an end table for a family that lost everything in the @watertonpark fires in 2017. It will also be one of her submission pieces to get into the Stampede in #calgary for next year. Stay tuned for after pictures

Swipe left ↩ A little saturday morning crack filling, I will be using @ecopoxy liquid plastic on this parota slab to fill these grand canyon sized checks, stay tuned for finished results

Meet @shannonh4rt 💛
You probably recognize this face if you’ve been to our market, because she’s been a vital part of it since the beginning. Curating music, making our equipment work well behind the scenes, and this Saturday, leading the event as coordinator!
Shannon is a teacher, with experience teaching youth the art of DJing, an innovator and community builder. She represents the emerging wave of Calgary DJs that are driven by a DIY ethos and a passion for left field avant-garde dance music.
In addition to appearing at notable venues like
Broken City, Hifi, and Habitat Living Sound, she is also a member of Excursions FM, a group of luminaries leading the charge in the city’s current surge of DIY-venue parties. These parties have become known as hubs of innovation. Over the past half-decade, Shannon has made her mark pushing a hypnotic and raw blend of lofi and minimal techno that sets the standard for others to follow.
Shannon’s passion, aside from music and event planning, is Social Work. She is involved with DanceSafe and other Harm reduction
initiatives within western Canadian electronic music events.
If you’ve got questions, hugs, or a smile to share this weekend, Shannon’s your girl! She will be taking the lead during our event and managing social media. Thank you for all you do! 💛
#yql #hawkandharvest #babesquad #communitylove #yqlmakers

We’re so ready for tomorrow! Come hang out with us at the @galtmuseum and check out this incredible list of vendors 💛
Don’t forget to check out the Blacksmithing Demo on the patio by @jurassicfireart at 6:30 PM 🔥 and wave hello to our fantastic event photographer, @hispanicpanic28 💛
#yqlmarket #yqlmakers #hawkandharvest #lethbridge

40 year anniversary sign ❤️ #rusticdecor #yql #yqlmakers

Grandparent sign #rusticdecor #yql #yqlmakers

Grandparent sign #rusticdecor #yql #yqlmakers

This piece will be donated to the #GiantPumpkinFestival hosted by @greenhavengarden.ca in Lethbridge. The festival is a fundraiser that supports the #ChildrensWishFoundation .
For more information on the Festival see Green Haven’s Facebook page ❤️
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Meet @meagancharlton 🌞
She loves black coffee & sunshine, dinosaurs, deep breaths, and gnocchi with spicy tomato sauce. You can find her collaborating with @popupyogalethbridge , sharing her yin practice through @meagancharltonyoga (she’s just here for the savasana), brewing up a mean kombucha, and sharing her knowledge as a vision therapist. 👀
She’s part of this community to help create an inclusive space for the movers, the shakers, the doers, and dreamers - with a belief that it is vital to build and strengthen the community and our local economy.
Meagan is offering her creativity and social media skills this weekend at our market, so make sure to say hi and let her snap a story of you 💛📱
#hawkandharvest #babesquad #communitylove #yqlmarket #yqlmakers

alllllllll the fun things are happening this weekend at @hawkandharvest market!
head to the @galtmuseum this saturday from
6 - 10:30 PM to check out an amazing lineup of local vendors and music by @shannonh4rt & @bmac.wav
Our charity raffle is still going strong, this time in support of @ywcalethbridge Amethyst Program, so swing by their table to meet them, check out the prizes donated by our incredible vendors, and enter to win!
PS.. what’s a market without our @uncorkplum cocktail and food bar? 🤤
thank you to my incredible staff for making this happen! @shannonh4rt @meagancharlton @shonnak @_lyonmags 🖤
#hawkandharvest #yqlmarket #yqlmakers #communitylove

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