OTTAWA // Ottawa Community Leader Katie (@yowcitystyle) considers it a lucky day when she runs in to two of our partner chefs at once. Pictured here are Joe from @coconutlagoonottawa and Mat from @heartandcrown. Thanks guys for everything you do!
#Buy1Give1 #MealshareYOW

New fish and new squash. Welcome to the family

The sun peaking out after a very gray and rainy day! #yow #ottawa #westjet #aviation #aircraft #aircraftmechanic #maintenance #work

☁️ Pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day… ☁️ If you have ever experienced loss – you know that there are no words that can ever take away the pain you feel. 💔 👼 I have experienced more than one miscarriage in my life and each time it hurts. My poor husband, even he cannot relate to the loss that I have felt—inwardly wondering if my body was broken. If I did something wrong the day before that cause that miscarriage. Grief can sometimes be a dark and lonely place. ☀️ Dear friend, if you have been on this road, once or more than once – know that if you need a friend to talk to there are people even in this community that can relate. Reach out to a trusted friend to talk (or cry) and eat your way through a Ben and Jerry’s. ☀️If you know someone that has or is going through loss (of any kind) know that there is nothing you can say that will make their pain go away, but listening with your heart and saying *something is better than saying nothing at all. Go out of your comfort zone and put yourself in their shoes – you will know what to do then. ☀️Dear grieving friend- I see you. Hang on for one more day and reach out for a hand- you WILL find it.
Sending love and light your way today and always. 💕Morgan

Bow down to me my tiny subjects.

It's getting to be that time of year again! Time for the Howl-O-Ween Pawty!! Come one, come all. The pugs will have a ball!! #Ottawa #Ottawaevents #Ottawadogs #DogsofOttawa #613 #yow

17 years ago today I had my surgery. I didn’t know what it meant or what it would mean to me at such a young age. I didn’t know the effects the physical pain but most importantly the mental and emotional pain having scoliosis would have on me. I don’t know who I’d be today without having gone through that & still having to deal with it till this day. I do know I am humbled daily and realize the importance of being beautiful on the inside because looks eventually fade and you will realize one day that looks aren’t everything. I’m stronger for it today. I’m blessed today. I’m thankful today. Remember, everyone has their struggles, some out in the open and for everyone to see but most struggle internally. Be loving, be sensitive & please be kind. Yes, you are more than welcome to call me Wonder Woman or bionic woman...
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Notre-Dame de Paris 🙏🏼

Our ramp crews put in a lot of work to get every flight ready throughout our network, but when they get to witness a sunrise like this one in Ottawa, it’s pretty special! .
📷by: @markt_photo .
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Front clean but back cleaner

So excited for my gorgeous friend and her baby girl born TODAY! She’s a legend, let’s be real. Congratulations @miriam_deck_art and @wildhearttreecare

Chicken bolognese with garlic bread and salad!!! And of course some Pecorino cheese on top 😍💕😋#melbourne #yow #nomnom

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