Eyes on the prize...

"your baby father"
#Weirdo2018 #youwhore

happy birthday baby! i can finally like you again.😂 in all seriousness though i don’t know what i would do without you. you drive me up a wall all the time but i love you to pieces! you’re one of my best and closest friends & i wouldn’t trade our relationship for anything in this world! i hope this year is nothing but good to you my love! ❤️ 2️⃣4️⃣🎈🎉
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Let me let yall in on a secret 😎 @blacyoungsta is me in male form🤷🏾‍♀️ everything i think 🤔💭 he speaks 🤬😬 #heisjustthemessenger #thinkingoutloud #youwhore 🤟🏾

I won’t call you a whore for being sexually active. 💦💦💦 I will however call you a whore if you eat my food. 😠 #youwhore #whore #donttouchmyfood #slut

Surrounded by promiscuous men! #Men #YouWhore #YouSlut #WhoRaisedYall 🙄🤣

I don't know how to hold you without shaking.
I don't know how to love you without aching.🍃🌱🥀

@durhamcityrun 2016 & 2017
The time has come for this race again, but I chose not to do it as I already had enough on my plate.... BUT, I love a freebie, I don’t get a lot of free stuff like a lot of you out there, so when I was offered a free space I went into whore mode and I took it! 👊🏼😈
The only evening race I’ve done, and now going for the hat-trick, roll on Wednesday evening, and bumping into some familiar faces 🤗
#youwhore #loveafreebie #neverbegthough #durhamcity10k

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