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Can I show you my new lamp design. Again. This is "Arbuste", and I'm in love. #hudsoncustomlamp #hudsondesign #pantonecoloroftheyear #greenery #youwant? @jillrosenwald @hudsonstore

Getting my tits out this night 😂🙈 #youknow #youwant one of these 😏🖕🏽

It's spring. You want this. Call us. We'll build it. #greenroof #webuild #youwant

🥐|| When you train to try and have a bangin bod, but you're also a firm believer in #treatyoself 🤷🏽‍♀️ #iwant #youwant #weallwantacroissant

Скоро во всех магазинах страны.... Племянник удивил, 11-й класс, с друзьями в #москва производят #яблочныечипсы Вкуснее и полезнее, чем картофельные. Не нарадуюсь инициативе молодежи. #youwant.company

ice cream? #youwant

People are so quick to judge.Thing is,you only see what i choose to show you.
#aesthaddicts #aesthetic #jawlinegoals #judgeall #youwant


#Repost @iamjoeduncan (@get_repost)
"Whatever you give energy to, you can have."
It's yours, you own it now and until you give your energy to something else, it's yours to keep and endure.
I think that's the simplest and most impactful way to sum up your infinite power & abilities and trust me you are powerful beyond belief.
We have all given our fears, our pain and our doubts tremendous amounts of energy over the years, I'm no exception when it comes to giving energy to the things I don't want.
But, I've learnt over a very long period of time, that to walk in absolute faith and certainty is not just a throw away line, but a necessity if you are ever going to make it to your final destination.
The universe demands that you fuse with your power source, whether that be god or whatever you believe to be your power source and become one with the force, that sounds like what Yoda was trying to tell us all those years ago!
You have the power to give anything in your life energy and the moment you do, it's yours and that means you decide whether you give your energy to good or bad, light or dark or choose to create or destroy.
To walk with that level of faith is unnatural, because we are simply not brought up to believe that we are powerful and a force of nature, not to mention we've all taken a few hits in our time and been forced to eat what we feel is humble pie, so we lose our ability to believe in what can't be seen.
I think, looking at your life in terms of being powerful enough to have whatever you want at any moment in time, does two things;
It forces you to be very aware that you own exactly what you decide to give your energy to and it also forces you to learn self control and as we know, the highest expression of power is total and absolute control.
Most of us live our lives the other way around, we don't believe that we can have what we want, we don't believe we can walk with absolute certainty and we sure as hell don't believe we are powerful.
And...that's exactly why our decision making process is warped, disempowering and leads us down a road of even more fear and uncertainty.

😂😂😂😂 This just made my Monday!! Stole it from a friends FB page!
#Monday #MondayFeels #YouWant #SumFuk #WhenYourEyesMeet #Crow #Meme #Funny

He always calls me a FEMINIST! I always thank him each time for reminding me. 😁😁😁 😂😂😂 Take the lead and don't let anyone stop you going after for what you believe in. "There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish." -Michelle Obama 😍😍😍

At Opportunities 2 Serve, we care about you and your business. #thehelp you need to get where #youwant

Levels ... Look out , Look Up, Always keep that head up & Eyes open to New Perceptions ! ✈️👀There is and always will be something Bigger & Greater then you.
Rest your Heart ❤️,Soul and Mind , Don't sweat the small stuff, Always know the world does not Rest on your Shoulders or revolve around you , Therefore the Sun will always Rise & Fall without the Concern of others at All. Be Humble & be Grateful for being one small component to This Beautiful World 🌎 Just Be & Maybe Leave a Legacy 🙌🏻 #leaveyourlegacy #Focus #besmall #beBig #bewhatever #youwant #IdontCare #meditation

Todo listo para empezar bien la semana. Comer sano de tupper se puede 💪💪
✔ Quinoa y arroz integral
✔ Brócoli, Zanahoria y espinacas
✔ Pollo a la plancha
✔ Ensalada de arroz, Quinoa, cherrys y atún

#healthylife #fitnessmeal #healthyweek #ready #youwant #youcan #alimentaciónconsciente #tuppersano #comidasaludable #póntelofácil

#life #does #not #offer #you #what #youwant 😉😉😉😉

-snake of hearts- 'The imagination imitates. It's the critical spring that creates.' By Oscar Wilde

What takes us back to the past are the memories. What brings us forward is our dreams. #mayabay #phiphiisland #island #sun #sea #thailand #dreambig #makeithappen #go #after #thethings #youwant #someday

Keď letíš celú noc... ešte že som mala vedla seba volné sedadlá. #fly #board #traveling #travel #sleep #youwant #relaxtime #bodybuilding #mylive

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