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Мы все в определённый момент либо приближаемся ко Христу, либо отступаем. Идём либо вперёд, либо назад. В тот момент, когда отношения с Христом пущены на самотёк, мы начинаем пятиться.
Я заметил надпись в конце взлётной полосы: «Выполните взлёт! Торможение смертельно опасно для вас и ваших пассажиров». Это предупреждение можно отнести и к христианской жизни: Только вперёд. Если остановитесь — вы в опасности, и станете опасны для других.
Так что не почивайте на лаврах. Не живите прошлым. Нам, последователям Иисуса, нужно постоянно расти.
Итог дня: Нам, христианам, нужно постоянно возрастать.

Love is action ❤ a little snapshot of my morning devotion 😊 #youversionbibleapp #morningdevo

Reading through the Book of Exodus. Also listening 🗣on the #biblegateway app. I started the #youversionbibleapp 90 day plan in January, but fell way behind. Getting back on the saddle. .

“Por isso, não fiquem preocupados com o dia de amanhã, pois o dia de amanhã trará as suas próprias preocupações. Para cada dia bastam as suas próprias dificuldades.”
‭‭Mateus‬ ‭6:34‬ ‭NTLH‬‬
http://bible.com/211/mat.6.34.ntlh #versododia #youversionbibleapp #boasemana


I was just thinking man what can I post on IG and found this on my bible app. Mediate on the word as you go to bed tonight! Have a blessed night!!
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Wow pray for all people. I am trying to think about the last time that I prayed for more than family and friends, much less all people. I think what really strikes me about this verse and the verse 6 is this. Do I really believe that I should pray for all people and do I really believe that God's salvation through Jesus was for everyone? Now if I asked you this question most likely your answer would be yes. But does how you feel, talk, and act agree with this statement? Do you pray for your neighbors, coworkers, or extended family? Do we pray for those whom we dislike: people who have cheated us or wronged us in some way? Do we pray for those we disagree with, those who believe differently than us? Do we pray for people who are a part of groups that seek to harm others? You may be saying hey jack that's far enough, but Paul wouldn't think so. He said pray for all people, that they may know jesus, and salvation from God was meant for all. Now all most likely won't decide to follow Jesus but that doesn't change the directive. I know it is hard to do sometimes but we have to remember that EVERYONE was created by God for the purpose of loving Him and honoring Him. While not all will chose God that has no bearing in the fact that we are to praying for the world. My challenge to myself and you is to focus this week on praying for those we have never prayed for and for those who we don't want to pray for. #loveGodlovepeople #prayersforall #acceptthechallenge #notes #youversionbibleapp

Feeling swamped? Come to Him who has overcome. #jesusdiedforyou #youareanovercomer #youversionbibleapp


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