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When does it get easy?

It doesn’t.

The easy thing doesn’t get what you want.

Not only in the gym but in life, easy usually means not much effort. Don’t be scared because something looks like hard work. That hard work is opportunity in disguise.


Tyler has been putting in some great work over the last few months making big gains in his lifts! Dont get left behind- ask about our youth training programs for sport specific gains @portcreditathletics Personal Trainer: Stefan #youthtraining #youthperformance #youthconditioning #youthsports #portcredit #mississauga #portcreditathletics

For the last 2 years I’ve been working with Fallon. This pic was taken last year after her first ever hula hoop performance. She has been one of the best parts of my life since we started. To be able to inspire, mentor, be a positive role model and grow a friendship with a tiny human has been one of the most fulfilling and inspiring things I’ve done. It’s filled my heart with joy and happiness. I feel like I could die tomorrow knowing I’ve inspired a child to follow their dreams, and have the chance to work with them to help accomplish that. We have our debut performance in April!! I’m so overjoyed, proud of Fallon’s dedication and can’t wait to rock the stage in sparkly costumes with her!
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Here is a great tool I like to use for my Youth Training Sessions to help you motivate your kids and show them exercise can be fun!
Have them build their own circuit (and be sure you do it with them!) In 3 cups, place numerous exercises, number of reps and rounds for them to draw, and build their own 4-6 exercise circuit.
TIP: I like to include full body exercises and plyometric jumping exercises to help them develop agility, stability, stamina, and overall strength!
Examples: burpees, squats, jump rope, push ups, jumping jacks, shoulder taps, high knee runs, side to side hops.
Bring physically active and focusing on fitness is an important life priority beginning in early childhood to build healthy habits. Not only does regular exercise and physical activity increase physical and cardiovascular health, it can improve sleep (who can argue with that?!), reduce stress, increase attention and learning, and minimize illness.
Exercise habits children develop early in life will shape their choices and behaviors for years to come, therefore it’s important for them to establish those habits now!
What better way to incorporate fitness into your daily life - than a fun family circuit?? #youthfitness #youthperformance #fitfamily #fitkids #fitmom

We’re ready to rock at #IHRSA2018 Stop by and see us at Booth 3248❗️ #ParisiNation


The chance to celebrate the wins of the week, look ahead to the weekend and set some goals.

If you’re not reflecting and setting goals, you might just be missing out on some easy wins for the future.

#GoalSetting #Reflections #Perth #Friday

Hard work

This woman embodies it. 4am starts and 8pm finishes are a regular thing for @jojomareewilcox

The beautiful fiancé of @shaneire with there wedding next month! @the.athletex would like to thank these two amazing people for being a part of our community. Also, for being examples to everyone around them to work hard, then work a little bit harder.


So proud of this group, taking Tuesday by storm! Youth performance class, Tuesday & Thursday 4:30-530pm, $30/mo. #youth #youthfitness #youthperformance #thefactory #squadgoals #selfmade #factorytrained #thefactoryhealthandperformance #downtownmesa #local #localbusiness #fitcommunity #ourfutureleaders #turnuptuesday

• TRX Training •
In the horizontal pull, athletes need to remember to keep the core tight with no arch in the lower back
Imagine there is a pencil between the two shoulder blades. We want to keep that pencil pinched through the whole movement.

Here’s a great repost from my friend @btfperformance_kc on how the #deadlift can help increase your vertical jump, which all athletes should want to do. The #deadlift or some variation of it is a staple in all of our #athletes programs. #evolutionathleticsks #power #athleticperformance #youthperformance #stengthtraining #trainsmart #Repost @btfperformance_kc with @get_repost
Bottom line: you want to jump higher? Get stronger! 7.4% increase may not sound like much, but that’s easily an inch or more depending on your vertical jump. This was done by doing a total of 7 sets of deadlifts (2 warm ups and 5 work sets) twice per week. Weights started at around 125/75 pounds week one and ended at 255/155 pounds week 10 for men/women.
Providing cutting edge movement and performance training.
Stay connected with us on Instagram at @BTF_Performance and @BTFPerformance_KC and Facebook at @BTFPerformanceKC and @SteveDKeslerJr. #SelectSportsPerformance #SelectPerfomanceTrainingCenter #baptizedthroughfireperformance #btfperformance #kansascity #independencemo #bluespringsmo #leessummitmo #kccomets #kcphantoms

Not every day can be sunshine and flowers and everyone has their dark days but practicing gratitude regularly can significantly increase long term well being and happiness (don't just take our word for it...there's science to prove it!) Today, on International Day of Happiness, we're doing exactly that. 😀😃😄😁😆😉

We are thankful each and every day for our members. Without you, Athlete X would not exist, let alone be a place of work that we want to come to each morning.

What 3 things you are grateful for today? Whether you put them in the comments or write them down at home, take 2 mins to think what you are thankful for...even it's a simple as the food you ate. It works!

Love coaching kids some ground based exercises like an bear crawl. Harry took quite a while to understand what he needed to do to get it correct. Placing a cone on his back made him think about the exercise much more. Suddenly he was thinking about not losing the cone rather then the movement and it flowed.
Still not 100% perfect yet but a good starting point.
Crawling, rolling and running are all skills we develop naturally and probably have never been taught. Yet these movements are all coachable and make up part of my foundational movement patterns with juniors.
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