HBA Colorado Buffaloes defeated the Arizona Wildcats 25-0 tonite in Friday Night Lights Flag Football 🏈!!!
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Hitting Coach for 4 Major League Clubs! It kind of makes sense to work with a guy who has worked with the best in game.
Call into CBC in Charlotte, NC and get your spot with Alan Cockrell reserved
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#fbf to #nationalbossday The boss didn't know it was a thing. That's how boss and focused he is. This is Dugout Captain main "video guy"/“director”. If we did know about national boss day, we wouldn't celebrate cause there is no "national boss/friend/team captain day". And @danielbkeller probably wouldn't let me post this, so hopefully he doesn't take it down before you see it lol. So please enjoy this fun small glimpse of a fun 3 year journey with a Captain who’s easy to believe in. His desire and drive to help young players, coaches and parents is the real deal. I’ve witnessed him behind the scenes make consistent special sacrifices for the chance to reach as many as possible... as it impossible for him to be at every practice around the world. And it’s great to see gratitude growing for the next best thing: his assistance being made available online to the best of his ability. We’ve busted our butts to bring the real thing to you remotely... cause when Dan runs/assists a practice... whether it’s his son’s little league team, hs, college, Cape Cod or his camps... everyone leaves with a smile and chance to get better. And he's come a long way from being alright in front of camera to delivering the same high quality coach and person he is in real life. But don't take my word.... go to youtube or dugoutcaptain.com and let him know - if he’s really “losing himself”... to the audience, in a good way, lol. Have a great weekend everyone 🤙

Friday night session with @riothitting was so much fun.

Nothing like squaring up on the ball with a wood bat.

Tourney tomorrow with Legit 12u.


Really good looking swing here! So many times hitters’ hand get pulled in as they stride, causing them to lose all of their leverage on the barrel. Look at the late hand move here. As the front foot lands, the hands go back. Being able to feel this common issue occurring has never been possible.... until now. By training your motor patterning and getting your body to move on time, you will naturally begin to properly counterbalance the barrel. Start training smarter, and raise your game with VeloPRO! www.veloprobaseball.com @socalsteve9

Draws line, gets tossed, breaks bat 😂
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My newest client Brandon he plays 2nd base for Brookwood HS. He is only a freshman but he has an enormous amount of potential. Welcome aboard #isymfs #fitnesslifestyle youth #youthbaseball #usatfyouth #strengthandconditioning #nasm

Fully customized trophy bats!
• 16 inches long with a standard size barrel
• You pick your two colors, any colors.
• You pick 3 lines of customized and personalized text.

All for the price of $20 per bat but if you buy 12 or more you get them with a 15% discount! •30 bats or more bigger discounts start applying•

Message us if you need ideas or need the discount!

These are great for awards, milestones, tournaments, weddings, offices, etc.

Our #MLB Dominican Republic coaches: 3 world series titles & 42 years of pro ball experience! Learn from the best during our summer 2019 Dominican Republic baseball/community service trip! Left to right former Phillies/Brewer @pedroliriano48 , Blue Jays legend @juanguzman66 & former Yankee @edramirez36 📷 credit: @markdeanphotography -
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Was your first baseball glove brand new or a hand-me-down?

Raining all week so got in lots of cage work. #baseballswing #youthbaseball

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