You Smart @djkhaled voice** 😂😂 #YouSmart #DickHerDown #SideNiggaSunday 🍆🍆 📞📞📞☎️☎️📲📲 @your_sidenigga 😈😈😈😈

Wig Repair on a frontal Unit ⚠️ our client saved over $300 by allowing us to do the repair on this unit instead of purchasing a whole new one 👏🏽 #YouSmart 😂😃♥️ She was washed, deep conditioned, repaired, silk pressed and pickup by her original owner.
#pmingbeauty for the win 🤣

What im telling everybody that's giving me advice on how to handle my shit like they gonna pay my bills, take care of my kids, lawyer fees, bail, clothes & all the other responsible grown up shit. #YouSmart #YouLoyal

This is the only meme I don’t mind seeing on my TL. How whack is it when you scroll through 427 posts and they’re all the same stupid ass meme?? #icametolaugh #notgetpissed #cardib #babycardi #marketing #yousmart #kia

Начало положено. 💪🏻Спасибо огромное @yousmart_spb за атмосферные и насыщенные занятия. За кратчайшие сроки освоить две программы это бомба, жаль что время идёт так быстро, уже скучаю по занятиям ) но я ещё к вам приду на InDesign. А также спасибо преподавателю Станиславу за крутой курс по графическому дизайну💻🖊, все понятно и по теме. В группе всего 4 человека, Станислав уделял внимание каждому ученику, доходчиво объяснял и в итоге у всех все сразу получалось:) После пройденного урока есть домашка, которая помогает закрепить полученные знание на уроке, главное вовремя делать и не копить её )) Благодарю ещё раз, вы супер! ☀️☀️☀️
Если хотите освоить графические программы советую идти в yousmart😌

#graphicdesign #adobeillustrator #adobephotoshop #yousmart

When was the last time you saw a snail on the wall. Are there less snails on our walls or, are our adult brains just not seeing snails anymore.

I want to say Happy Birthday to my Mother. My mom has been the most influential person in my life. No matter the situation, no matter the task or difficulty, she always finds a way to make things work. She’s the most resourceful person that I know and she’s always on point. No joke...she knows everything! Even the answers to the hard Jeopardy questions. There’s no way that I would be in the place where I am in life without the guidance and nurturing of my mom. I am thankful for all of the times when I thought she was getting on my nerves, because most of the time—actually all of the time, she ended up being right and protecting me when i didn’t know that I needed protecting. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me. I love you mom! CBT aka Stinkamunchkin ❤️✌🏾#thisisus #weallwegot #happybirthdaymom #iloveyou #mamasboy #bestmom #youdabest #youagenius #yousmart

I'm not wearing make up so might look tired cuz life lol but just look at my shirt that's all thank you bye 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
#yousmart #anotherone #nineutenipleuje

my phone is blowing up with these stupid texts

No-fail Ismail 💪🏻 #breakinggrad #yousmart

Close your eyes and make a wish! Pooof! 💫 YOU made it to the Medicine!!! I'm so crazy proud of you even tho sometimes I want to beat you up 😂 still best younger sister I have ever had. Probably cause the only one 🤔
@jasmingheissary #yousmart 💪🏻 #futuredoctor ❤️ Ps. It's frozen coffee in her hand. She's a good girl and smarter than 6000+ who also tried to make it :)
#partyhard #studyharder

#truth #flesh ..they try to control you with substances in many forms. You a pon or king/queen . You tapped in or zombied out ? Nothing worth having is ever easy .They sell you a dream like we all not living in it . #hannn 😆🤔 #youSmart #orYouSleep

Loyalty is everything Be smart Don't play ya self. We appreciate That. #wethebest @djkhaled @djnasty #Blesup #yousmart #dontplayyaself #allidoistwin #nonewfriends

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