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"Then they came for the trade unionist, and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. And then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me."~ Pastor Martin Niemöller 🙌🏾❤️🙌🏾
Humanity should be our race. Love should be our religion🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽
Headshot by the amazing Ash Gupta @838mg ❤️📸❤️

90% of gender based crimes on college campuses will never be reported. When I first heard that statistic, I questioned why the victims never reported their assaults. It seemed so simple to me, if someone hurt you, they should be punished. I didn't understand the pain and suffering an act of sexual violence can inflict on a victim causing them to be silenced, but now I do.
I was assaulted on Saturday, March 18, and I didn't report it the day after. I didn't even report it a week after. It took me 8 days to find the strength to report my assault. I was afraid, I was embarrassed and most importantly I didn't want to be defined by my experience. Being called a victim and acknowledging the encounter as an assault, seemed unimaginable, impossible. So, I decided I wouldn't report it. By doing this I thought I was saving myself; I believed I could protect myself from those who assume and judge.
Even though so many people supported me, all it took was one person...who didn't completely believe me to cause my experience to feel invalid. So I kept it to myself because I thought they didn't understand the severity of my pain. It was easier to put all the weight on my back, than deal with the fact that I was taken advantage of. Except it wasn't easier. I couldn't sleep, I had trouble eating and I didn't feel right. Days would go by, and I would realize I didn't do anything because I was consumed by my thoughts.
I thought my voice wouldn't be heard, that no one would believe me, and I had to do this alone. But that's not true. EVERY voice matters. Never let anyone make you feel as if your emotions aren't validated. Never let anyone tell you what to do: it is your choice to report and it is your choice not to. And You are never alone and there are so many people who want to help you, so remember that you are validated, you are believed and your voice is heard. Always. ❤ #takebackthenight #itsonus #speakout #yourvoicematters #womensmonth

CYA were over the moon to accept the recent cheque donation from Bunnings Grafton. The brilliant staff worked together and raised a massive $2,000!
Thank you so much to Bunnings Staff for your support! 💗

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#charlotte @vanswarpedtour!
Set at 5:00pm. Meet&Greet at our tent at 6:00pm. We'll be joined by our friends @cyhmorg! Come say hello! #youarenotalone #yourvoicematters #MakeWarpedTourGreatAgain

I remember all the things you said to me

One Step Further

I've been here before; the blank pages, meandering thoughts, slipping ideas, and familiar feeling that I will once again be swimming, not just treading water.
I'm somewhat absent, doing my best to grip at the resounding yes-you-can-do-this, rather than the tug of just-give-up-loneliness.

There's this voice, you see, and I haven't quite figured out how to use it. The feeling of detachment from the world that seems to be latched onto me right now, will stay until the rumble, the fire, and the undeniable quest for comfort and peace within my thoughts, muscles, bones, core, and in those around me (spreads arms further than ever before), figures out a way through.
Figures out how to not only say yes when speaking about something important, but also using that yes to take action, and in turn, encouraging others to do the same. Same with no, using it as a reason to speak out, with, alongside, or even on behalf of someone that might not be in a position to do so right now.
It's true, I have been here before, but this time instead of simply crossing my fingers and hoping that it all works out, I'm ready to grab hold and take this voice of mine one step further.
And I'd love it if you'd join me #morethanlyme 📷 @elliexplores

Here we go! It's #meToosDay so let's insta-chat! 💖👏 Our Program Director @rachelllita is in the house and Local Chapter Program Manager @alluringfiasco ! PLUS look out 👀 for appearances from CEO @wendywecksell, COO @kate_poppe 💕 + Partnerships Manager @_rachellerenee_ 💖 #YourVoiceMatters and we’re here for it and we’re here to hear it! Today we’re chattin’ about competition, collaboration, and what it all means to you...

Met a new supporter today. Thanks Wendy for taking time to meet me! #yourvoicematters #votemarielauer4mayor


Have you read Part One of Layla Saad's open letter, 'I need to talk to spiritual white women about white supremacy'? After taking a couple of days to digest her words, I want to share a short section as this bit, in particular, hit me right between the eyes. ✨

"... I’ve seen white women entrepreneurs who devote themselves to doing deep spiritual work for themselves and their clients, and yet remain absolutely silent on anything to do with politics and justice. Women who believe that the best thing they can do is just focus on being a good and loving person, and serving their (largely white) audience and sending love and light instead of actually speaking up." ✨

(*If you want to read Part 1 in its entirety, you can find it over at @wildmysticwoman's bio.) ✨

I rarely post about political issues on online. Largely down to feeling under-qualified, but also because I wonder how much impact a post on Instagram can really have. I know that may be cynical and not necessarily true, but I have a love/ hate relationship w/ social media... I get glimpses of how powerful it can be, but all too often I see it as a huge distraction - one that's keeping a lot of us from taking meaningful action in real life. ✨

However. I STRONGLY dislike the idea that by staying silent, I'm failing to speak up and stand against this barbaric behaviour. And if that is in any way my white privilege, then you can bet that I'll be posting about political issues more often. Remaining silent after reading Layla's letter feels plain wrong to me.

So thank you for making me accountable, Layla. I stand against what is happening on Instagram, and I commit to doing whatever I can to stand against it in the real world - away from my iPhone - too. ✨

Nod to @lucysheridan, whose FB post originally brought my attention to this letter. ✨

📷 @islandboiphotography

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This week has been up and down. Yet another diagnosis to add to the list... my poor body needs more love and less stress. They say I need steroids, yet I'm unable to take them due to another condition... so treatment options are limited. Yet, if untreated, this could be fatal... so, what do I do? ... I laugh...it's all I can do to stop the tears from staining my cheeks. I live.... every day, as it comes... with the hope that maybe someday (sooner rather than later), someone will come alongside me and help me overcome and claim the victory.... #madeformore

The #FBI has named #Atlanta as one of the worst places in the #US 🇺🇸 for child #sex trafficking. It has been estimated that apart from all the adults involved, up to 300,000 American #children are at risk of being trafficked for sex every year. Some are as young as 14 years old. Over 90% are #teenagers. This MUST change! ✋️#now

There is power in your thoughts, but even more POWER in your voice! #thoughts #thinkoutloud #yourvoicematters #yourthoughts #speakyourmind #vulernable #befree

We had so much fun tonight at Prime 16. Keep the feedback coming. We want to keep hearing how to serve you best! Looking forward to seeing you the 24th, same place same time!#pelhamny #prime16 #pelhammanorny #newyork #westchesterny #localelections #localelectionsmatter #getoutandvote #yourvoicematters #yourvotematters #receiveroftaxes #townclerk #candidates2017 #candidates

This #latergram is a nod to the very brief but motivational tour we got of @janeaddamshullhouse while in Chicago this week. Don't you worry - we will be back VERY soon! #yourvoicematters #janeaddams

Make sure you've enrolled by WEDNESDAY NEXT WEEK! Then the rest is done for you // link in the bio // #screamandshoutvote #yourvoicematters

Just in case you desire a permission slip.

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Miracle Message 22 ❤️ by @gabbybernstein "I speak with confidence because the world 🌎 needs my light."
Whenever you need to speak or share something, imagine speaking to your closest friend and with this in mind connect to everyone in the audience with the same flavour. 😊
Your voice is important and your knowledge could help others in becoming more alive. 👏🏻
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Today in Histories Take Form, we discussed our frustrations with the difficult changes affecting many of us--especially changes in the state that are affecting services provided for people with disabilities. Today, Linda Akagi expressed her intentions to advocate for herself (and others) by speaking directly to representatives in Salem. We talked about how important her voice is, especially because some of our friends don't necessarily have access/ability to advocate for themselves in this way. Stay tuned for more on this, but in the meantime, enjoy her in-progress mask that's all about love.
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Millions of people, especially #women and #children, are trafficked worldwide, each year. The stats are overwhelming. But YOU can do something to raise #awareness and #educate yourself and others about this illicit #trade. Samy is doing just that by rocking our #fairtrade slavery-free T-shirt! 👊♻️ #prevention #YourVoiceMatters

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