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Don't Know What To Do About Oily Scalp & Oily Hair?👀
By the end of the day, if your hair is feeling oily and greasy, try changing your shampoo!😉💕 Jungle Botanics Forest Leaves Cooling Shampoo is excellent in controlling sebum & soothes scalp bringing it back to its' healthy condition.👍 Here are the How To's for a total care to change oily hair & scalp!🤗

First time review-ing à la beautyblogger LOL

Pertama liat boksnya wah langsung takjub karena biasa beli skincare pasti item-nya langsung masuk goodie bag setelah dibayar, tapi kalo ini pengecualian! pakai boks! simplicity white yang membuat sugesti bahwa akan jatuh cinta pada produknya dalam sekali coba!
Dan, ternyata bener! 🌻🌻🌻 wanginya lembuuuut banget! campuran coklat sama kacang! (jadi kepikiran martabak *ups). Pas baca bahan2nyaaa, ternyata butiran scrub-nya berasal dari kenari! Oiya lupa cantumin... di dalamnya juga terkandung 10 minyak-minyakan alami yang baik untuk kulit. Jadi, untuk yang muslim(ah), sejauh mata membaca tidak ada kandungan yg "aneh", it's safe, roger!
Biggest thanks to @0.8l_indonesia for the chance 💕💕💕 #JungleBotanics #BodyNutshellScrub #YourPrivateJungle #NaturalGlowingBody #LuminousSkin #08L #08liter

Thankyou @0.8l_indonesia
Its a good product for sure!
Enak banget pakeknya n base on nature jd aman banget 👍
#junglebotanics #yourprivatejungle #coolingshampoo #siliconefree #phthalefree #08L

I got this body scrub free from @0.8l_usa and @junglebotanics I'm going to start of with my favorite thing about the product, the scent. If you are a fan of gourmand scents this is a must have, it smells reminds me of pecan pie ( if the pecans were switched with walnuts). I swear even when I wasn't using it I would open it just to give it a sniff. This is also a great scrub in general it left my body feeling silly soft and smooth. Honestly this product has 0 cons, I have only praise for the Natural Body Glow Nutshell Scrub ( ok maybe 1 con, the name is super long)
#junglebotanics #bodynutshellscrub #yourprivatejungle #naturalglowingbody #luminousskin #08liter #08l #08LiterUSA

Saya suka sampo ini karena Klaimnya yang bebas silikon dan rasa tiap pakai sampo ini bersih sekali karena kandungan menthol yang menyegarkan. Busa yang dihasilkan tidak banyak tapi rambut tetap terasa bersih.
#JungleBotanics #YourPrivateJungle #CoolingShampoo #SiliconeFree #PhthalateFree #08L

I was selected to try Jungle Botanics Forest Leaves Cooling Shampoo in exchange for my honest review by 0.8L. I love the beautiful box this came it. It is a plain white box but when you look closely, it has leaves imprinted on it. Just an extra touch! The shampoo was a nice sized bottle and had an easy to use dispenser. This product is designed to be cooling and to deep clean. I'm not a fan at all of the scent but it faded pretty quickly. It isn't super sudsy but did lather enough to make me feel like it was working. I feel like it was very effective in cleaning my hair and scalp! Actually, it was a bit too effective-after a few days, I felt like my hair was a bit stripped of moisture. I then started using it with a conditioner and liked that feeling much better. My hair seemed shinier and healthier at that point. I think this will be an awesome product for hot sweaty summer days outside or after a vigorous workout! I will definitely use this when the weather gets warmer. #junglebotanics #yourprivatejungle #coolingshampoo #siliconefree #phthalatefree #08L

It's time to start thinking about the perfect hair care for the upcoming summer.. 💆

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🌿It's perfect for those super hot summer days. 🍃I'll definitely be saving it for the really hot days :) #JungleBotanics #YourPrivateJungle #CoolingShampoo #SiliconeFree #PhthalateFree

I got to try the Jungle Botanics Natural Body Glow Nutshell Scrub sent to me by @0.8l_usa The formula is very fine but still gritty enough to be able to exfoliate well. It also smells really good, though the scent doesn't last. I have sensitive skin and I used this on my whole body and it didn't feel harsh or caused irritation. It left my skin feeling really really soft without using too much product. My skin wasn't glowy but I was pleased with the smoothness. I would consider purchasing once I run out. #JungleBotanics #BodyNutshellScrub #YourPrivateJungle #NaturalGlowingBody #LuminousSkin #08L #08liter

The scrub works wonderfully on my sensitive skin. The product has a pleasant smell. The tiny exfoliants are the perfect size to get rid of my dry, flakey skin. I'm left with baby soft skin after my shower.
#JungleBotanics #BodyNutshellScrub #YourPrivateJungle #NaturalGlowingBody #LuminousSkin #08L #08liter @0.8l_usa @junglebotanics


JungleBotanics Forest Leaves Warming treatment is amazing, even working its magic on my Dreadlocks! It smelt great, was more like a lotion than an oil. It was easy to wash out of my deadlocks, didn't leave any residue and made them so soft and functional ! It definitely works! Top dreadlocks is treated bottom one is not !! #JungleBotanics #YourPrivateJungle #WarmingTreatment #SiliconeFree #PhthalateFree #08L

#JungleBotanics Forest Leaves Warming Treatment
Hair treatment for dry and damaged hair. Silicone/phthalate free. It contains Pracaxi seed oil, Brazilian nut seed oil, avocado oil, argon oil, camellia oil, and other nutrient-rich oils to help damaged/dry hair become smooth and healthy. It has a fresh, herbal scent.
I think good hair treatments pretty much all work the same and I'd definitely put this product in the "good" category. I wouldn't say it's a super special must have product...it just does what it should do. I'd recommend it to those with dry/damaged hair, don't have any hair treatment products that work well, or can't find anything cheaper.
With that said, I liked this right away the first time I used it. The ends of my hair are dry and the treatment really helps to smooth and soften without weighing down my hair.
How I use it: 1-2 times a week. I wring out excess water after shampooing, then I apply to the bottom half of my hair. I section off my hair into two sides and I comb my hair with my fingers to evenly apply the product and get tangles out. Whatever is left on my hands goes to the top half of my hair(might get too oily if I use too much product). I run my fingers through my hair again. Then the waiting game...shave legs, take my time scrubbing away dead skin on my body, then I rinse after 5-10 min.
Available for purchase on @wishtrend - shampoo and treatment set only - $30
I received this product from @0.8l_usa in exchange for review. All opinions/photos are my own.
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🌳Forest Leaves Warming Treatment.

🌳First Impressions: My current hair situation is dry and just not really nice looking. This product i used after I shampooed my hair. I left it on for about 2 minutes while it heated up and done its magic. I did my normal routine and at the end when my hair began to dry up it felt more soft and nourished. I really enjoyed it.

🌳Received this from @0.8l_usa to review!
#JungleBotanics #YourPrivateJungle #WarmingTreatment #SiliconeFree #PhthalateFree #08L

I've been using the FOREST LEAVES WARMING TREATMENT for about two weeks, and I can really see a difference in my hair. My hair was really damaged before I started using this treatment, now it seems healthy, feels soft, looks shiny and without frizz.
#JungleBotanics #YourPrivateJungle #WarmingTreatment #SiliconeFree #PhthalateFree #08L #08l_usa #hairtreatment #hair #healthyhair #kbeauty #gotitfreetoreview #gotitfree

✨🌿Jungle Botanics 10 OIL COMPLEX yall got me eff-upped with this one (in a great way). Ill preface this with my hair type, short, bleached, damage, straw looking hair. Not to mention the lady at the hair salon cut my all whack. picture this:  a nuanced mullet hillary clinton look, y'all this is the worst hair i have ever had in my life. period. back to the botanics oil cream, when i saw this changed my hair texture i was DEACEASED. finally something that smooths out the frizz and defins what little curls i have left in my hair. the oil complex is made up of ten different organic cold pressed oils from the amazon leaves, like they hand pick these leaves, man those korean labs really know what is up. shout out to GARNIER. just saying.
Ingredients include: Pracaxi fruit and Brazilian nuts (high in antioxidants) OIL LIST: Avocado (shout out to people overpaying for avocado toast in West LA lmao ), Argan, Camellia, Cotton Seed, Sunflower, Oleracera Fruit, Macademia, Peach Kernel, Seaberry.
How it works: Apparently Jungle Botanics has a warming formula that slightly heats up the cuticle opening it up, allowing allowing the absorbption of all these nutrients.

Does it work: yas gawd
What did i learn from this: stop bleaching your hair. get a wig. dont get haircuts from a lady who watches novelas while cutting your hair :/🙎🏼‍♀️✨

Saya suka sampo ini karena Klaimnya yang bebas silikon dan rasa tiap pakai sampo ini bersih sekali karena kandungan menthol yang menyegarkan. Busa yang dihasilkan tidak banyak tapi rambut tetap terasa bersih.
#JungleBotanics #YourPrivateJungle #CoolingShampoo #SiliconeFree #PhthalateFree #08L

Just got done trying this out. Unfortunately it wasn't for me but I think if you have damaged hair you will like this. #JungleBotanics #YourPrivateJungle #WarmingTreatment #SiliconeFree #PhthalateFree #08l

This product is lovely and totally made a difference in my hair. It is visibly less dull and more manageable. I definitely recommend it! It has a super fresh smell that is not overwhelming at all. I thought the packaging was super cute too. I don't think it's a game changer, but it did exactly what it was supposed to do and it did it well. It also has almost completely natural ingredients! 5/5! Thank you @0.8l_usa 💕

#JungleBotanics #YourPrivateJungle #WarmingTreatment #SiliconeFree #PhthalateFree #08L

I have recently tried the @junglebotanics Forest Leaves 🍃 Warming Treatment and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. Why? Well, for starters, I honestly thought that it is just another gimmicky product. 🙈 Simply because the description says (from wishtrend) : The “Forest Leaves Warming Treatment” is perfect for extremely dry and damaged hair. The product generates a mild heat during application that opens your cuticles so that the nutrients can be fully absorbed into your hair. Your hair will feel softer and healthier. 🤔
🍃 It is also packed with a lot of nourishing ingredients that are super uhmazing! 🍃 So then I was like "Hmm, generates mild heat upon application huh?" Skeptical me went on to put it to the test. 🍃 After shampooing, I then wrung out any excess water from my hair and applied this on. Gently massaging it in, I did really feel the warming effect it claims. It doesn't have any noticeable scent. And I have found out that a little goes a long way with this tube too. I tend to dump a lot of conditioner on my hair and I am one of them ladies that always empties a conditioner bottle way earlier than the shampoo bottle so I was impressed when I didn't feel like pumping out more of this product because my hair felt coated all throughout. 🙌
🍃 I left it on for about 3 minutes before rinsing it out. In hindsight, I should've waited a bit longer. My hair did feel smoother and softer. There was less frizz too. So overall, I think it does what it claims to do. I'm planning to use it as a treatment mask and just let the product soak for a longer period. I bet the results would be fantastic!
Disclaimer: I received this product from @0.8l_usa in exchange of my honest review.
#JungleBotanics #YourPrivateJungle #WarmingTreatment #SiliconeFree #PhthalateFree #08l

Im very happy because i received this product thanks to @0.8l_usa, this treatment letf my hair very soft and shiny, i dont have dry hair but this Forest Leaves warming Treatment give me more healthy hair and i love it.
#JungleBotanics #YourPrivateJungle #WarmingTreatment #SiliconeFree #PhthalateFree #08L

#JungleBotanics #YourPrivateJungle #WarmingTreatment #SiliconeFree #PhthalateFree #08L I really liked the forest leaves warming treatment. It's a good mask. I did not notice a warming sensation though

Jungle Botanics' Forest Leaves Warming Treatment was one of the BEST products that I've received from @0.8l_usa. I cannot express how much I love this product! The first night that I used it my hair was 10000 times softer. I fell in love the first night. My hair looked healthier and felt amazing. This is going to be one of the products that I'm going to miss when I run out. I would HIGHLY recommend this ❤ thank you again @0.8l_usa !

#JungleBotanics #YourPrivateJungle #WarmingTreatment #SiliconeFree #PhthalateFree #08L

Thanks❤️ #Repost @salone_summers
Okay let me just say this is an awesome shampoo. I was delighted to be chosen to test this out. So I love how this shampoo has the little tiny beads in them, and it smells so minty and refreshing. The Forest Leaves Cooling Shampoo has a natural cooling effect to it, when you use it you can feel the coolness of it. It's thick and not watery at all, a little goes a long way gets your hair clean. The smell is a lingering smell that is really pleasant. No harmful ingredients silicone free. Great for oily to dry hair and good for those hot summer months. I really enjoy using this shampoo. Definitely one on my favorites list. Try it for yourself. Thanks to @0.8l_usa and @junglebotanics for letting me try this out. #junglebotanics #yourprivatejungle #coolingshampoo #siliconfree #phthalatefree #08l #kbeauty #beautycommunity #beautyblogging #review #koreanbeauty #beautyproduct #haircare #hair #naturalhair

Meet our fresh cooling mint shampoo 💛#Repost @cmf_0310
This shampoo is perfect in every way! The smell. The cleansing feel. The way it lathers. The way my scalp loves the little bursts of freshness. I am so impressed, in love, so .... so fresh and so clean.... and so in need of the conditioner! This free sample is one of my absolute favorites. Thank you!!!
#JungleBotanics #YourPrivateJungle #CoolingShampoo #SiliconeFree #PhthalateFree #08l

i recently received this Jungle Botanics forest leaves warming hair treatment for #FREE from @0.8l_usa to review & overall i liked it👉👉👉 this treatment is about the consistency of your typical conditioner except maybe slightly thicker. it's basically scent free, the only thing i really smell is just a clean scent which is a plus for those with sensitivities to strong smells. it took about 4 squeezes of the bottle to get enough product to cover all of my hair & my hair hangs down to about the middle of my back. i was drawn to apply for this product because it said warming treatment, i've tried a warming treatment on my hair in the past & it worked very well for me. unfortunately this hair treatment never became warm. i left it on my hair for about 5 minutes & it recommends 5-10 minutes so maybe if i would of let it set longer it would of warmed up but i'm not sure. this hair treatment was easy to work into & throughout my hair, i could comb through my hair with my fingers very easily to spread the product. after rinsing i immediately noticed a difference in the weight of my hair! it felt so much more lightweight & i noticed a touch more volume in my roots as well. it seems to be that the longer i let my hair air dry the softer & more smooth it becomes and my ends are laying flat & feel SO much softer! i also struggle with oily roots & have no issue using this product! i would say to those trying this treatment to wait until your hair is completely dry to see the full result! #JungleBotanics #YourPrivateJungle #WarmingTreatment #SiliconeFree #PhthalateFree #08L #08LiterUSA #freetoreview

Finally !! Akhirnya aku bisa review produk ini... Jadi ceritanya produk ini sudah seminggu ku pakai. Hasilnya? Ketika kamu pakai memang akan ada efek dingin di kulit kepala kita, selama seminggu pemakaian juga ketombe agak berkurang (karna aku termasuk mempunyai kulit kepala yang berminyak dan gampang berkeringat). Aromanya juga enak mint yang menyegarkan. Hanya satu yang ga kusuka efek dari sampoo ini bikin rambut gitu keras dan mudah kusut.. Ini mungkin efek nya akan berbeda jika orang lain yang pakai.
After all sih produk ini patut untuk dicoba ❤🌸 Terima kasih 08l @0.8l_indonesia sudah memberikan kesempatan untuk review produk lagi 🌸


#JungleBotanics #YourPrivateJungle #CoolingShampoo #SiliconeFree #PhthalateFree #08L

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