Can't wait for Somebody to slap that wig off his head @lexxomusic #PeelHisMuffinCapBackBlue 👊🏽😩#FuckDonaldTrump 🖕🏾#NotMyPresident #YourPresidentIsAJoke #TwitterFinger

Hahahaha, if you hate him as much as the rest of the world, log onto www.trumpdonald.org and hold finger on the trumpet and move it around....so much fun!!! 🙌🏽😂😂😂 #DonaldTrump #MostHatedManInTheWorld #YourPresidentIsAJoke

Ferdinand had had an awful day. Its started badly when he missed his bus to work forcing him to dreg through the puddles of lower Manhatton during a gale. Once in work he was greeted by more puddles; this time of vomit which patons of the nightclub next door 'The Rust Belt' had left behind at the entrance of his LGBT advocacy store.
Now in work he wished the day away. It was then that while looking out at the billboard across the street which advertised a new series of 'Orange is the New Black' he had a stroke of insight. Instantly he jumped out from behind his desk closed the shop went straight to the airport & caught the first flight to Brazil.
Settling quickly he acted out his plan to embed himself into the agricultural industry in the country & link up with an orange producer.
After several failed attempts he & his producer finally achieved his gold of an genetically modifying an orange which had Donald Trumps face on it complete with a turd for nose.
Once they hit the market selling under the slogan 'Make Oranges Great Again' they quickly became a pheonenomal success becoming the biggest consumer item in many countries including Mexico. Trump himself tried to ban the oranges from the U.S but he never could build a wall tall enough... 'Please finish...' #trumpisanorange #trump #fruit #orangeisthenewblack #oranges #idiot #altright #biteme #yourpresidentisajoke #presidenttrump

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