Duh, the search for perfection that you never had yourself lead you to complete imperfection. Your karma is who you end up with.
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YESSSSSSS. When I finally started to notice my Ex for who he was and told him I wouldn't put up with the abuse anymore he started preparing to leave while still leading me to believe he was going to work on it. He started telling people I wouldn't let him do things with them(he did that to me) that I was trying to change him(he was doing that to me) he started to get distant, he would dismiss anything I had to say it was trash to him. He would verbally abuse me from morning until night than if I called him me or an asshole I was abusive. He told people I was jealous or keeping tabs or cheating ( he would accuse me of cheating while questioning what I was doing) .... My ex had led me to believe that all his ex's were crazy and jealous and he would tell me awful things about each one. Then he says the same things about me to his new girlfriend. Which is someone he cheated on me with and had told me horrible things about her..... .
With a narcissist it's their way or no way they do not compromise they do not care who they hurt and they can't comprehend what a lie is so they continue to lie and lie and lie. Even under oath it doesn't matter they get off on lying....
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Donate your broken, old, used, small toys..... Get yourself new, fixed and BIGGER toys..... 😉 ......
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You even got me looking in the mirror different thinking I’m flawed because you’re inconsistent. Between a rock and a hard place mud and the dirt its going to be hard to hate you but loving you is worse. #YourKarmaIsWhoYouEndUpWith #becarefulwithme #hatemebutlovecardib

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