#Yourgurlgrace was tagged to share 10 things about me so here ya go!
1. I performed improv regularly at the age of 15 growing up @jesterzimprov and did my 1st stand-up show at age 16
2. I have a really loud laugh like REALLY LOUD, it's kinda famous (my laugh)
3. I've been to Ireland twice
4. I graduated high school half a year early and moved to LA by myself.
5. I'm really clumsy and hit my head probably once a week.
6. I've had the auto immune disorder Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 14 and put a needle (shot) in my leg everyday in order to be able to function/not be bedridden
7. I HATE bread (you can judge me!) not for diet purposes I dislike the taste
8. I'm a huge believer in cheering others on, especially fellow actresses/comedians/humans in general. Basically I think being KIND is the best.
9. I wear a retainer to bed and cuddle with a stuffed animal named 'Panda'
10. I'm still in my TWENTIES
Bonus: my favorite show is #TheMiddle that I play Ruth on and it's in the final season right now so be sure to tune in to enjoy each moment.

What about you! Share something I don't know about you..
happy F-R-I-D-A-Y 🎊

train conductor or hipster🤷‍♀️ #fittingtime #yourgurlgrace

It's going down tonight. #Yourgurlgrace bringin' some hot off the fire🔥 comedy. Don't miss it!
...hit me up and I'll give you a discount on the FREE tickets🤑

HOW I FEEL ABOUT PAYLESS @paylessshoesource #yourgurlgrace

I call this pose: 'SO CHILL I don't even need to take my hands out my pockets'...📸#yourgurlgrace #fbf #workworkworkworkwork

#Yourgurlgrace has some very important Tuesday LIFE ADVICE for you!!!

Don't hate the playa hate the game. #yourgurlgrace #70sstyle

It's #yourgurlgrace bringin' the SASSY!

Seasons greetings ❤️#yourgurlgrace

Not to brag but I'm pretty sure no one elses final night at @funnywomenfest ended like this...!! #FWFLA #iowest
#Yourgurlgrace got game.

#Yourgurlgrace coming in HOTT with some fun comedy shows: JOIN ME! 💖 #fwfla

Blending in. #yourgurlgrace


Arcade on 🔥. Behind-the-scenes with @thegracebannon in @tensixtysherman and @hartdenim today. "It's hard being gorgeous..." #lol

#Yourgurlgrace coming at you from the Happiest Place on Earth🎉
PS: the pickles here are off the chainnnnn.

#yourgurlgrace here to say there is a HUGE 50% blow out sale on Arynk.com! Some of the cutest/most chill dresses that work for summer & fall. Check it outtt & happy weekend🎉🎉

Transitional street style. 🌴>🍁

Have you met @gracebannon? You should. She won't just make you laugh, she'll lead you on a journey to discovering a deep joy in life. At least that's what she did for us from the stage at our #TOAeveningBrunch!

Oh, and "what's that mustache container thing all about?" you might ask...more to come about that when we share the art piece our guests collectively created throughout the night.
#TOAcollab #yourgurlgrace #bangbangbrunch #teapop #summerfun #comedy #art #letsbrunch #ohthosesummernights 📷 @valerienoell

Oh haaaaay East Coast!! It's #yourgurlgrace living easy in our breezy Nightingale Top. #style #ootd #comfy #fun #breezy @gracebannon

A lil taste of the event @atribeofasher brought to life last night & I had the pleasure of hosting; she truly out did herself! Don't miss the chance to attend one, it's a magical experience. ✨✨👌✨✨
#toaeveningbrunch #yourgurlgrace

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