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“You goin get some dick today ;)”
I used after effects
AC: @markbtw
DT: @daddyplier.mp4 @queen.mark.edits
Video cred: @cat_zombie
Tried doing that twixtor thingy?
Hope you enjoy!
Rip audio :’)
[#markiplier #markiplieredit #yourewelcometour #raellingedit]

Last night was one of the most amazing shows I've ever been to! I got to see Mark, Ethan, Tyler, Bob and Wade. I've never been so happy in my life. The VIP show was heartfelt. Mark was so nervous to sing but wow did he do amazing! I'll never forget this night. It was literally just so amazing. ❤️❤️
#yourewelcometour #markiplier

I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. I couldn’t believe it was over like that. Is definitely go back if I had the chance. Worth every penny. Everyone was laughing so hard. I just couldn’t quit. Mark and the guys put on such an amazing show. You never know what to expect with improv shows but this was absolutely incredible. Thank you guys so much. ♥️♥️ { #yourewelcometour #yourewelcometournashville @markipliergram @iceddorkroast @muyskerm_from_youtube @thelordminion777 @apocalypto_12 @crankgameplays}

Finally developed a bunch of old film and found this. @wavves is playing the last show of the #yourewelcometour and appropriately it's in Portland, which is where we became friends. This is a photo of baby Nate on our porch in 2006 #tbt

A lil clip of the show I caught on camera {#yourewelcometour #youtube #markiplier}

Some highlights from the #YoureWelcomeTour this past Saturday in orlando.
One of the best nights I've had in a long while, started off better than I could have ever imagined and ended up with new friends at 2am at steak n shake. Ethan even picked me for the dance battle but the guy behind me ran up so I stayed put. Still a sweet gesture.
The little Polaroid was from the girl seated next to me. Everyone was nice except 1 person, but hey, they didn't ruin my night.

Don't mind my off key singing in the 2nd to last clip, I was laughing too hard to actually focus on singing.
But thank you @markipliergram @crankgameplays @apocalypto_12 @muyskerm_from_youtube @thelordminion777 @iceddorkroast @vtiredkat @musiciscode for putting on such an amazing show and for giving me an opportunity to just be happy for a couple hours straight. Come back to florida soon, yeah?

I can't believe last night was real. I went to Mark's You're Welcome Tour and I had such a wonderful time. They're extending the tour later this year and going to a lot more places so if you guys can go I definitely recommend it! I even got to meet Kathryn (One of Mark's editors) and she was so kind and she let me ask the guys on stage a question (I asked about tour bus life and they said it was awful 😂). So yeah if you're a fan of Mark and his team definitely go bc you'll have so much fun!!
#YoureWelcomeTour #Markiplier

he is truly an angel.
(video creds: a thing from space on youtube, from the boston tour stop)


From the you're welcome tour. #markiplier #markimoo #markfischbach #yourewelcometour

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