YOUR #Acts makes YOUR #habbit ! YOUR #Habbits make YOUR #character ! YOUR #Character make #YOURDESTINY !

I'm #Loving me More Each Day! Feeling #Secure Within #myself. My path has not been easy however I've become a better me because of my life tests. Being a Life path 11 allows me to see quickly and over come eith grace and have mercy because my higher self knows what I must do in order to transcend. I choose to let go of my pain because it only grows muscle for my emotional, mental and spiritual body and I chose to forgive those who rise up against me because I know they were place before me as teachers. Remember Everything in Life is happening for you not against you! #Don'tbethevictim! #letshitgo For we all know It was Destiny that brought you to this point in #life. You Are a Master! So #gettowork! I Love You UNCONDITIONALLY! #Ra #Ra'soulay #elevate #transcend #love #loveyourlife #yourdestiny #riseup #bewhoyouwasmeanttobe 💪😍😘

DETONACION !!🙌💥💨 Día viernes ya, buen fin de semana a todos 🔥✅🚀🏆👹 Aguante a los atletas chilenos en los regionales !

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Many of us have fields of wishes in our head and heart.
Some dreams and wishes are huge, massive even.
What I came to realize, wishes and dreams are great and necessary. But they can be the cause of much heartache and frustration.
This feeling was not just because of my lack of results in manifesting my dreams.
The hard truth, I had to own that this lack of results was caused by me. How? Well, by my own actions,
Or more specifically by my lack of action.

I've been in this situation many times and anticipate to be there many more times in my life IF I don't stop procrastinating.
The lack of action has put many dampers on my plans in my past years and even in a few ways in my current life.

I have to own my responsibility.
I need to know what steps are needed, deep down I know and most importantly I need to take the steps. Even a small step is progress.

Getting motivation to move forward is at times the MOST challenging part of the journey.

But I know first hand what the lack of action can cost.
More then the cost of disappointment of not having this "______" (what ever that "_____" is), there is a cost internally, within my soul. The cost of not taking action is often far greater then any possession I have to give up to manifest my wishes.

The heart wants many things. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting, hoping and wishing for better.
But be careful that this dosent cost more then what it's worth.

If you need to sacrifice a part of yourself, will it be sustainable? Probably not.
If you need to step over someone ( close to you or not) how will that affect you?

How will you feel once you've attained your wish?
Will there be a cost of guilt?

What if this new realized dream or wish brings you shame every time you see it? Was the cost of guilt and or shame worth it?

Pushing things away or even worse, pushing people away may be a cost that will cause you to fall into a never ending state of need and want.

The continuous want for new "____", to replace the old.

You may find yourself in an endless battle for the new, as everything becomes old.

Listen to your head, heart and gut.
When all 3 line up in harmony,
you will know.

The face I give
to opinions that
Can't help pay
these bills.. 👀
Miss me with the
Weakass bullshit.
Always choose God's
Love in you first.. #itsstrong #itwillsaveyou
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these jewels.. #sugslovespace
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I love you all 2light ♥

I heard this statement on a podcast today and it really made me think. We all have a purpose, most never follow that dream. So many people need what you can provide. God put that desire in your brain and heart for a reason! Jump! Yes, you’re going to stumble and fall but that’s part of success ✨💕💫 They are waiting for you ✨#yourdestiny #whatisyourdream #whatisyourwhy #jump #healthandwellness #wellness #natural

1 câu nói hay trong bộ phim mình thích có nói: “điều quyết định số phận không phải là tình cờ, mà là sự chọn lựa” hihi
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Food is the body’s body fuel ⛽️. You wouldn’t put cheap fuel in a sports car and expect it to perform well. Treat your body with the same respect ✊.
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My current pre-workout supplement and food stack-Nitraflex by Gat,Hemavol by IFN, Bulk powders 5gr l-leucine,5gr Tri-creatine Malate and some grapes/plum keeps me energised and with a massive pump for my long grinding weight sessions💪💪
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Focus on the WHY and not the WHAT
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Knowing the heart is so important. The Bible tells us to judge people by their fruit. I used to think that meant how successful they were, what they had, or how they appeared to prosper. But I have learned that’s not true. The truth is we are to discern the fruit of the heart. Does love rule their life or ours? Are they and are we mostly the 7 things love is and not the 8 things love is not? That is the fruit of the heart. It’s why we do what we do and why others do what they do that determines if love or fear rules their life. If love rules a life, everyone is safe around them. If fear rules a life, no one is safe around them. 1Corinthians 13:4-8 “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.
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Sweetheart, do it with #passion, or don’t do it at all... 😘💕
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