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when big homie pull-up wit @liltunechi & his celebrity friends this weekend @D it’s gone be a #RealParty!! DONT MAKE Me DO IT #DALLAS w/ LOUISIANA HOT‼️ For VIP RSVP: 214) 373-8000
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http://buytickets.at/youngmoneyapaa1/163440 #Welcome2Dallas #YMAPPASports #baybay
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I just recently saw the interview that Lady Leshurr did... She said Atlantic Records would pay her 250.000 dollars to make a Nicki Minaj disstrack... It's so sick that Atlantic Records wants to take down Nicki Minaj.... That's just fucked up. I'm so glad that Lady Leshurr and Cupcakke turned down the offer. They both DIDN'T want to take down another female rapper. Record labels want them to diss Nicki so she becomes irrelevant, but that would never happen and that's so sick...

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