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Mommy over excited😃 Aurora mcm biasa malas nak layan Mommy 😒😅#mommylovesyoubaby #princess👑💕 #mommylife #ootd💗 #youngmommies @nazznazrie @auroramalaeqa

That moment when you are having more fun than your kids #youngmommies #newmommies #itsamomslife #girlfriends #mommylife

We don't talk everyday but once we meet we talked about the craziest things in the world😂😂love you to the moon and back crazy gurls😍😘 #youngmommies#yesweareyoung#timetohitthedancefloor

С нашими милейшими молодыми мамочками 😌 #girlsmeeting #notstudentsanymore #myprittygirls #youngmommies

We don't need fancy dine in our table, or special themes to make this picture looks great.. feels so greatful because all of the young mommies here share the same vision and pray, that our kids will know Christ first as their foundation of life...
#youngmommies #ipekamommies #kidsforchrist

Much laughter with laddies, and many crowd with kiddos..!! 💃🏼😁 #domicile #laddiesnight #youngmommies

Me & Aubri when she's 18 😭😍 #youngmommies


Jaycen got to sit in a police car at school today! (Hopefully this will be the only time he's in the back of a police car 😂)

I had no idea what to make for dinner tonight but then I remembered I had ground turkey! So I made that with diced tomatoes and corn and put it over white rice!

So easy and so delicious! Who says eating healthy has to be boring?! 😋👍🏼

The girl on the left was 21 yes told pregnant Melissa. I was scared. A people pleaser. Self conscious. Anxious. And unsure. .
After pregnancy I relied on breastfeeding to go back to being ‘skinny’ and thought working out and working on myself was selfish. .
So I bottled up feelings, then eventually they would explode out. Primarily onto Richard, making our first few years together rocky. .
What makes me incredibly sad, and is embarrassing to admit is, I had to SEARCH for a picture of me pregnant with Luke. I can count on one hand the ones I have. .
I was so in LOVE with the baby boy that was growing inside me, but I was STRUGGLING with outward feelings of being ashamed. I let those emotions cloud that special time. .
Today, aside from the weight loss and being in literally the best shape of my life...
✨I have WAY more confidence .
✨I have 10x more energy (I napped the first two years of Luke’s life and I was ‘skinny’) .
✨I feel comfortable in my skin
✨I know that taking care of me, only benefits my family, not the opposite .
Ladies, have you ever felt like you just weren’t enough? Felt that, despite what you were told by loved ones you couldn’t take care of yourself for one reason or another? .
I so wish someone would have been there for me back then. To show me the way of life without hating what you see, relaying on skinny, and loving the process.
I’m here to say, I am here for you. I’m here to show you it’s very possible without quick fixes, depriving yourself, or any any yo yo diet! 🚫
You CAN do what I have done! All it takes is: .
▪️30 minuets at home workouts .
▪️ a REAL food nutrition plan. Balanced that will help you give YOURSELF permission to enjoy fall and holiday treats
▪️ me & a groups of ladies who are all on similar journeys, and lean on each other for support and accountability 👯
Enrollment for my next virtual fit club is now open. How can I not share and give ladies the same access to everything that has literally transformed me from the INSIDE OUT! 💗
You can join by the application in my profile or comment below! .
& I’ll be in touch with all the details! 💕

Words to live by

I have found myself being negative lately about certain things in my life I just can't control. It's not worth it to let those things bring you down.

The more good vibes and positive energy you put out, the more you're gonna get back. Be happy! And even if you're not, fake it till you make it ✌🏼❤️

Man crush Monday goes out to these handsome fellas 😍 they are my man crush everyday 💁🏼 don't know where I would be today without them 💕

Before I started this business, I was just kind of floating through life the way I thought I was supposed to. Going to college, getting a 9-5 "big girl" job, never seeing my family, and still just making ends meet 🙄

But everyone told me that's what the "real world" was like. It never made sense to me. We spend all of our time at work to make money that ends up going to bills, mortgage, rent, groceries etc. it's like you're just working to have a roof over your head but you're never even home to enjoy it! And you still may never have any extra money or time to do things that YOU wanna do.

That's why when this opportunity came to me I took it and RAN with it 🏃🏼‍♀️ Trust me, I'm not perfect. I love to eat healthy because it makes me feel good, but I still loveeee to have some treats every now and then 🍷🍩🍫🍕🍔🍪 I love the idea of being home with Jaycen every day, living in my yoga pants, not having to get ready for work everyday, but still being able to contribute financially to my family's needs. I cannot WAIT for that day to come (and it will) 💃🏼 I am willing to put in the work to build my business so that we have all the financial freedom in the world to do whatever the eff we want, whenever the eff we want! Soooo many people on my team have quit their full time jobs, corporate, teaching, etc. and make more money doing THIS than they ever did before!

I love being on a team full of coaches that are kickass business women and I can look up to and learn from. If it weren't for their amazing support and friendship, I don't know how I would be able to do this.
If any of this is YOU, send me a message and let's chat! I want you to be able to live the life of your dreams and be your OWN boss. It IS possible, and you CAN do it!! ❤️

Who wouldn't want to be woken up by this face?! 😍

Funny background story:

Tonight after we put Jaycen to bed, I was like "Dave, we should take a picture, we never takes selfies together!" And he was like 🤔🙄 fine lol

We spent like 10 minutes trying to get the perfect one and ended up taking like 20 pictures because I'm a psycho. It turned out that the best one was the FIRST one we took (this one) 🤷🏼‍♀️ He wanted to kill me. Thank god he puts up with me 😂

Oh! And we're both reppin "G seed" attire. So cute 🤣(not planned). Now we're gonna have a date night aka watch Netflix on our couch lol

Sejak jadi mommy ni, kaki tgn dah xckup dah, kena menggunakan khidmat mulut jugak. 😅🤣
#mommylife #mommylovesyoubaby #youngmommies #princess👑🎀 #auroramalaeqa #babymommy @auroramalaeqa @nazznazrie

I am looking for AWAKED minds that want to create a business and start earning an income online!. I am looking for people who want to GROW and are willing to LEARN! Someone who EMBRACES challenges.
If YOU commit, you will learn how to use PROVEN online systems, LEVERAGE a sales team that does the selling for you, earn commissions on products that are already in place for you, and how to SCALE UP in order to create any income that you want!
I'm on a mission to bring true FREEDOM to the masses, and now I WANT TO WORK WITH YOU!
So, if you are wanting to take the next step in changing your reality for the betterment of your future, click the link in my bio follow the steps, sign up and get in contact with me! ·
We are creating a MOVEMENT here, people. I'll see you on the inside.

I love mornings like this when I actually have time to make a nice breakfast! Spinach omelette made with 2 eggs! 😋

All the more reason why you need a #Herbalife healthy breakfast.
My Herbalife breakfast is a fully balanced nutrition meals which can help you lose, maintain or gain healthy weight.
We are not a weight loss company, we are a nutrition company which helps each individual reach and sustain their goal weight through healthy eating.
☎060 8322343

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