High school graduation👩‍🎓🎥🎞 (Выпускной Тв3)
The main role :Darya Kondratieva
Главная роль :Дарья Кондратьева
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If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you.

📷 – @muharemovic_m

Biz tək deyilik yanımızda Allah var hər kəs gəldi gedərdi yalnız odur əbədi. 2015 Müəllif Camal

Korkdunmu, korkmadınmı😿

grow into your better self 🌺

PSA: DON’T DEPEND ON OTHERS TO MAKE YOU HAPPY!! People suck sometimes, and it will take you a while to meet people that support you and care for you! But in the meantime try working on yourself before depending on other people to make you happy. Being happy with yourself can be really hard, at first you may only see your flaws and insecurities. But no one is ugly, and no one is bETTER THAN YOU. You may not be great at school but you are kind and funny and beautiful, there’s so much more to life than school. You may think you are ugly, but you aren’t!! You are you’re own worst critic, look in the mirror, pick out one thing you like about yourself. There is SOMETHING THERE, if not EVERYTHING. Self acceptance is one of the most freeing feelings in the world. You are stuck with yourself for the rest of your life, why spend so much time hating yourself ❤️

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