Boswellia Wrinkle Cream ™ mengandung minyak esensial murni seperti Frankincense dan Sandalwood yang melembabkan kulit sambil meminimalkan kilau dan mengurangi tampilan garis-garis halus.

Bagaimana cara menggunakan oleskan sedikit krim kerut ke wajah dan leher.

Simpan di tempat sejuk dan kering.
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I am so tired lately! Maybe it’s because it gets dark now at 5pm, maybe it’s because my children won’t listen to me and it’s a struggle to get them to bed at a decent hour or wake them up and get them out the door on time... maybe it’s because I am the sole proprietor of my own business and for 3 humans lives... and now a puppy! Probably all of the above 🤦🏻‍♀️
I am so grateful for this handheld essential Oil Personal diffuser bath unit!!!
I feel that it will be my new best friend!
Want one? Sign up for Your Young Living Essential Oil Starter Kit This month I will be giving one free to a lucky person who also signs up for Essential Rewards!
Contact me here or visit my Young Living profile at www.oilygurus.com/rawgasm101/
If your Life is as interesting as Mine... you will definitely benefit from the comfort of the oils and a personal Gentle mist diffuser!

Sometimes it takes a little extra for Me to just sit down relax be with myself and Meditate. I am so grateful for this little bottle right here. I have put it in my Essential Rewards Order more than any other Young Living product and my clients love when I use it for a Thai Therapeutic Face Massage.
It is so relaxing and soothing when you have a headache and it smells amazing too. 😉 it’s got Copal, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea, and Lavender in it. A Suitable Scent for both Men and Woman!
It also comes in the Premium Starter Kit.
Interested in learning more?
Visit www.oilygurus.com/rawgasm101/
Or comment below and I will answer any questions you may have.

Who doesn’t like FREE STUFF?!Angelica: the Oil Of Archangel Michael and one of the most used For calling upon the Angelic Realms during Reiki and Meditation. It is very useful for the Nervous system and Emotional Trauma.
Magnify Your Purpose: exactly what it says! I love to put this in my Epsom salts before taking a Reiki Bath! It’s very helpful in times of discouragement, negativity, and just when you feel stuck or lost. This is an uplifting blend of sandalwood, rosewood, sage, nutmeg, patchouli, Cinnamon and ginger.
There are so many amazing Perks of being a Young Living Essential Oils Distributer. One of them is ESSENTIAL REWARDS. This is a monthly autoship program where for the first 3 months you receive 10% back in Points to put towards products. After 3 months it goes to 20% and after 2 years 25%!!!
Plus every $100 you spend a month you receive a free Oil and you get even more free at $190, $250, and $300!
I love it! Young Living Really takes care of their members and their product! These are THE BEST PUREST ESSENTIAL OILS on the market! 🙌🏼 For more information and to join an amazing team contact me at www.oilygurus.com/rawgasm101/

Stuck in bed with a Fever and Migraine for 3 Days! I Used EVERY Single one of these!!! But of course I also had to leave my bed to be a Mommy and Responsible Business Owner! OMG the torture!!! My Children are Blessed Beings for Sure and loved me every step of the way! 🙏🏼❤️💫🌈🌀😷🤕🛁😰🤞💧🔥🐉❤️😇
💧Thieves was my Number 1!!! I diffused it, I put a drop in my teas and drank it, I put it all over my body in the morning and then on the bottom of my feet thru out the day.
💧Panaway for the aches and Pains I rubbed it on my shoulders my throat, my hips and my temples... 💧peppermint for my nausea, (thankfully I never vomited) I would also put on my neck to help with a cooling effect for relief from all the fever heat
💧RC to help me breath I put it in my diffuser and on my chest I would also put a drop in my hand and take deep breathes when I needed more relief 💧Lemon in all my gallons of water to help flush out everything my body was releasing I sweated so much!
💧Lavender in the bath tub with Epsom Salts and Diffuser to help me relax and get some sleep 💧Purification with Epsom salts in the bath to help release the toxins 💧Digize on my abdomen and in my drinking water to help my digestive System work faster and of course go Poo!
💧Stress Away roll it on my forehead and anywhere else whenever it all became too much and also "kids" 💧Frankincense for the breakout appearing on my face and for Prayer because believe Me I Have Not Stopped Praying!!!
💧Copaiba such a Gentle Scent... so peaceful and soft... just my little buddy inhale with Thanks!!!
Wowza! And those are the 11 oils in the Premium Starter Kit!
And I feel so much better today!
I took no meds except a little Midol because on top of all this I was also on my Cycle and the Migraines and Pain was unbearable so yeah! Honesty!
Order a Starter Kit Believe Me IT IS THE BEST $160 I have ever invested, besides my VitaMix but that cost more and you'll want one of those too!

Hiking in brand new sneakers without socks on? Not a good idea!
Good think I have this amazing Lavender Essential Oil in my Wellness Box!
This oil is the "SwissArmyKnife" of Essential Oils and it also calms screaming children who have been in a car on a road trip for a few days real well!
Comment below or tag a friend who may be interested in more Healing benefits of Essential Oils!
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If you have been thinking about getting started with Essential Oils, today is your day!
My team and fabulous sponsor, Susila Zanzi are offering, TODAY ONLY, an exclusive discount of $20 off of your Premium Starter Kit to the first three people to claim it!
What does that mean in plain English?
Young Living designed the PSK to include the best 11 oils to support you getting started with oils.
(This kit is the only item ever offering oils at a 50% discount.)
You get the 11 oils for less than 💲15/each PLUS a free diffuser, Ningxia Red sample packs, samples of several of the oils to share with your friends, free 5ml glass bottles to share or make blends, a roller ball, a catalog and more great info!
And TODAY you can get the kit (normally 💲160, for 💲20 LESS)
There are also other starter kits, including the Thieves Kit and the Ningxia Red Kit, so call me or check out the website!! You will also qualify for wholesale prices from Young Living once you purchase your kit and to earn lots of freebies if you enroll in Essential Rewards!
Let me know if today is your day!
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Catching up on some #lastminute Class Planning for tonight's #BlissOutandRestore Workshop at @nolasoulstudio I am so super excited to be putting all the Not-so-final touches upon it. I am feeling so #blessed to have all of this Knowledge and multiple Modalities to pull Alchemy from!
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Omg.... This little powerful bottle right here. #patchouli makes me feel really sexy. I wear it as perfume often. I can smell it on my own skin for hours and hours after application. It supports healthy skin, the digestive system, and helps clear the mind. So much goodneess! #oilsbeforemeds #mentalclarity #aromatherapy #younglivingtherapy #layeredinlavender #youngliving

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