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Young living team dinner💥 🍂You have Oakley wearing the diluted "gentle baby essential oil" to the left (feet wearer). 🍂You have the lovely semi supportive hubby wearing "cedarwood essential oil" in the center (reluctant but loves me😘) 🍂and myself wearing the "inner child essential oil" ready to mingle with our awesome business team!

What are non-nanoparticles and why should you use them? First lets talk about Nanoparticles. Nanoparticles are defined as microscopic particles that are so tiny that about 100,000 nanoparticles would fit in the width of a human hair! Nanoparticles are unpredictable in living things and have a high level of reactivity. They are so small that they can pass through cell membranes, enter the bloodstream, and reach the interior of the cell. This can be very concerning, even if a product contains a natural material such as zinc oxide, it is worth checking to see if that material is a nanomaterial, as their properties can be very different from the properties of larger particles of the same material. If it is, you may not want to use it. The active ingredient in the new OTC Diaper Rash Cream and Mineral Sunscreen is Zinc Oxide. YL used non-nano zinc oxide so that you don’t have to worry about the harmful effects of nanoparticles! The zinc oxide particles are large enough that they will not pass through cell membranes and get inside the cell causing potentially harmful effects! I love is that the zinc oxide particles in the sunscreen are coated with jojoba esters so that the large particles have a sheer look and don’t look so pastey on your skin. My son has fallen victim to the pastey look and has been the ghost kid at the pool, so I am super excited, and I’m sure he is too, that this sunscreen rubs in so well without nano-particles!
Plus! Both these products are made with 100% naturally derived ingredients are are free of parabens, phalates, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, and petrochemicals!
#seedtoseal #yleo #younglivingessentialoils #diaperrashcream #mineralsunscreen #chemicalfree #youngliving

I am getting excited to meet this babe! Planning to bring these oils to the hospital 💛🌿
Deep relief - because #iambirthingababy
Copaiba- enhances any oil you mix it with, soooo planning to mix it with deep relief or panaway!
Clary Sage - helps induce labor
Peppermint - just in case I get a little woozy .
Gentle Baby - for the stretching belly and also has a super calming and comforting smell
Frankincense - planning on diffusing this the whole time and also wearing it after baby is born. Relieves nervous tension, calming and super healing in all areas
Kidscents Bath Gel - for a non toxic first bath
Peace and Calming - at some point along the way, one of us will need this
Valor - the OG. For sniffing straight from the bottle whenever I need a reminder that "I CAN DO THIS".
Orange - super uplifting!
Stress away - diffusing and applying during labor and delivery with orange! .
Fennel - increase milk production just in case
Trauma Life - the whole thing has potential to be a bit traumatic for mom and baby. Coming prepared 😊
Lavender - Calming and for my itchy belly.
Thieves hand sanitizer - because hospitals.
Myrrh - baby's belly button
Claraderm - been using it pre baby to prevent things from tearing that shouldn't tear 😬 ALSO, for post birth soothing and healing.
Diffuser - this will be going the entire labor and delivery!
Lavender lip balm - chapped lips are the worst
NINGXIA RED PACKETS - because I know I'll need a healthy energy boost during labor.

Yes, I am taking my plants for a walk. What started out as a joke from 2 sentences being mashed together during a conversation while tired, had turned out to be something pretty darn fun.

Who is camping or traveling this weekend🏕🙋
Don't forget to pack your Diffuser and #essentialoils 💧#theyarelife

Summer scents have been in our diffuser all week. They remind me of days at the beach and eating popsicles in the backyard under the maple tree. Of family BBQ's and dirty feet. Of little freckled faces and wildflower bouquets. Bring it on summer, we are more then ready for you. ☀️

Next Urban Zen Workshop:
Friday eve, July 14th at Vibe Yoga!
Ida, Pingala, Shushumna...
#urbanzen #nadishodhana #younglivingessentialoils #restorativeyoga #childspose #meditation

Summertime means the kids and all their pool/beach/park/sports smells are in your car more than ever. Grab your Car Vent Diffuser Clip and get that new car smell back! Shop here or at our shop link in bio --->>> http://loveoils.me/2tTdKAI
#suitejune #thissuitecoloradolife

Comment YES if you agree 😀
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It's time to detox your bath and body products! This 2-sided tear sheet of 25 sheets is a perfect stand alone for a Spa themed Make & Take Workshop. There are 12 bath and body recipes blends on the back of the tear sheet and ready to be customized for your skin and hair!
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In honor of baby Nylund joining us today...😃😍🙌🏻🤗😁😁😁 JOIN ME WITH A BABY STARTER KIT

Snag a BASIC KIT $45 includes membership
Stress Away Oil,
Samples and 2 ningxia packets
Team Access to Resources,
Classes & More!


Add one of each of the following to your order:

Baby Lotion
Baby Wipes
Baby Wash
Baby Oil

I use theses products for my aches and pains instead of over the counter medication and over the counter pain creams. I love using them after work outs. #younglivingessentialoils #chemicalfree #toxicfree #painfree

love starting each day with my simple happy blend! 😊🌿
J O Y + G R A P E F R U I T
the joy provides an uplifting, refreshing scent and the grapefruit provides energizing scent! love applying this to my wrists and neck each morning! #seedtoseal #younglivingessentialoils #essentialoils #wellnessjourney

My nightly routine- diffusing some oils before I lay down to sleep. Tonight, its a mix of Lavender, Copaiba and Frankincense. Put on Daniel's Immune Boosting blend to keep the nasties away! Goodnight everyone 😴😴😴😴 #younglivingessentialoils

"Einfach sein"... kann manchmal einfach sein...und dann gibt es dieses anderen Tage...eine weitere Anregung aus unserem Karten-Shop mit fast 200 Motiven, die stetig erweitert werden. http://www.herzkanal.de/Shop/karten #herzkanal #markemitherz #marke #brand #kraftkarten #karten #seiduselbst #beyourself #lebejetzt #livenow #kunst #künstlerin #alexandraballhorn #arminballhorn #boutique #mode #fashion #lifestyle #photography #fotografie #youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #essentialoils #coaching #praxisballhorn #praxis #köln51069 #cgn51069 #kölndellbrück #dankeschön

Baby boy you make grocery shopping fun even if it does mean getting stopped by random strangers admiring you ✨💗

It's been a busy morning! I love using Thieves fruit and veggie spray to clean off all that icky stuff on the produce. #thievesfruitandveggiespray #youngliving #yleo #younglivingessentialoils

🌿My. House. Smells. So. Good.

This cleaning scrub is made of Thieves cleaner, baking soda, and Lemon essential oil. Chemical free. Toxin free. My 6 year old can use {technically she could eat it} and it's completely safe! Does it work? Better than the chemical laden cleaners I used to use and I KNOW it's a germ killer! Plus my kitchen and bathrooms are ✨SPARKLING ✨Thank you, thank you, thank you, Young Living, for these alternatives! #younglivingessentialoils #ditchandswitch #diy #chemicafreecleaning #thieves #lemonessentialoil #germkiller #allpurposecleaningscrub

Early morning watering 🌿🌷🌱🌸🌿 and I'm finding that the skeeters don't like the new insect repellent. I have been waiting for a chemical free bug repellent foreva! Thank you Young Living! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

There's an oil for pretty much everything 😍

This building a business while being a mom, isn't easy but i'm not going to let that determine my success. Learning from one of the best, @lindsayteague. Kids are eating lunch. I'm drinking bulletproof coffee and learning in 10 minute increments. You gotta do what you gotta do! #momboss #younglivingessentialoils #bossbabe #yleo #noexcuses

So, I've been a Meyer's girl for a long time... until THIEVES!!! I won't have to buy a bottle of cleaner for a long time! This stuff is concentrated and you just mix with water and boom, your counters smell like fall time. 🍁 Less money, less waste, more non-toxic living. 👊🏼

It needs some work but I made myself an oil bag to put in my purse so I am not always digging around for oils.
What oils do you never leave the house without?

#essentialoil #aromatherapy #lavender #oils #oilerforlife #essentialoil #essentialoils #youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #yxe #yqr #YYc #yeg #wellness #detoxify #cleanliving #yleo #saskatoon #doterra #wellbeing #holistic #allnatural #oilsonthego

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