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What a beautiful day 😊☀️
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When your 2 year old starts throwing up in the middle of a family BBQ 🤢😷 you OnGuard up the whole family...including the tiniest feet! Just a swipe on the bottoms of her feet to boost her very new immune system 💪 and this mama feels like she can protect her whole family! 🙌🙌
Two year old got DigestZen Touch on his belly, OnGuard Touch and Oregano Touch down his spine, Frankincense Touch and Lavender Touch over his heart as throwing up for the first time ever is a bit traumatic 😩...and now he has eaten a banana and is playing again. .
All the Touch rollerballs are already diluted and super easy to use on babies! Now....please pray this was a one time fluke, k? Thanks! 🙏🙏

Rows and rows telling you it's fine. It's just soap! I guess that might be ok except we're also washing our hair with chemicals. Then putting makeup and lotions on with chemicals. Then deodorant with aluminum right over our lymph nodes that make our adrenal responses. And before breakfast , we've had over 200 chemicals touch our body. We will move through out the day with more of these chemicals in our food , in our air with candles, on our feet as we walk on chemically fertilized grass. Of course our bodies will respond... they're made to. Sometimes it turns on an autoimmune response like arthritis or allergies, sometimes it stores the chemicals in tumors or our livers and kidneys. It's time for a change! There's a better way! We can do better for our babies and our bodies. Start here:Next time you have a buying choice, choose a chemical free option. Over and over agin until you look around after some time and can't find any more toxic chemicals in your sacred spaces.

As promised, I am back on Facebook Live tomorrow to teach on the power of the cleansing trio! See you tomorrow at 5 pm EST!
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Break negative thought patterns, get rid of emotional baggage, and eliminate toxic feelings!
This blend will help you do all of those things! 👍😊
White fir is amazing for breaking generational patterns or any negative habit! 🌲
Lemongrass is incredibly detoxing, mentally and emotionally. It totally helps eliminate negative thoughts! 🌱
Melaleuca supports positive thinking and helps to cleanse our emotions! 🌿
These three together are so powerful emotionally, and help us to reset our way of thinking! Try diffusing this blend during meditation and while repeating positive affirmations. Do three drops of each oil in the diffuser, or make a roller with 10 drops of each oil to apply throughout the day. Apply to chest, wrists, and back of the neck. 💜
If you don't yet have dōTERRA oils, I am offering $50 in free oils with any starter kit for a limited time! Message me if you are ready to get the benefits of these incredible oils!
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72 pounds and 44.5 inches are gone. 😱 These are my results of the Slique in 60 challenge, phases 1 and 2. I'm in shock and awe.
Slique is a game changer. It’s not a magic pill, but it is a choice. Every morning I take my CitraSlim pack, brew a cup of Slique tea, and remind myself that I am doing this, I am worth it, and I am succeeding. It’s a physical reminder of the mental shift and positive choices I am making daily.

Everything has changed in just 120 days. I am stronger, more confident, and am living as my authentic self. I have more energy throughout the day, I do not ache like I used to, I am not hungry, nor do I obsess over food. Looking back, I lived as a prisoner in my own body for so long. These tools have given me the ability to free myself and to live confidently.
I did this for myself, and for you. I want you to know that what ever you set your mind to, you can do, and you are worth it. Small, mindful choices, become life changing results.
Does Slique have your attention now? I'm continuing on and would love to have you join me. 💖 If a friend shared this with you, let them know you're ready to get started. If that friend is me, or you found me on your own, message me to get started!

Hiiiii!!!🍷🍷🍾🍾(HBD to @owen8467 🎂🎂🎉🎉)#lastnight#birthdaycelebration#happysaturday#friends#crazy#nightclub#omni#alcohol#youngliving


I haven't used ART yet, however I have used all 3 of these oils together diluted on my skin, and they are the perfect combination. Fresh, calming, and soo soft. I'll never go back. 💜💛 #essentialoils #youngliving #lemon #lavender #frankincense #art #babysoftskin #skin

Time to relax after a long holiday weekend! I hope everyone enjoyed Memorial Day weekend! 🇺🇸😴📚 •
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This weekend at my self love group coaching, a theme that came up a lot was "I'm not good at that". Instead of judging yourself, and blocking possibilities, I invite you to shift that to "actually I can become good at that". Go for your dreams, no matter how silly they may sound. And instead of doing what makes you feel happy, do something that will make you GREAT.
Because happiness comes with that anyways - but the truth is, happiness is NOT always going to be part of the journey to greatness...since a lot of the times, fear comes up.
Don't let fear get in your way of greatness though, let it be part of your process (because if you aren't feeling fear, you are not pushing yourself out of your comfort zone- which is the only way to grow.
So what is something you will do that will make you step into YOUR GREATNESS?! ❤️😘 ❤️ #yeg #mindsetcoach #eatingpsychology #nutrition #positive #momlife #weightloss #weightwatchers #bbg #spiritjunkie #bodyimage #bodypositive #selfcare #selflove #loveyourbody #yoga #youngliving #essentialoils #selfworth #bodylove #intuition #heartcentered #mom #selflovecoach #entrepreneur #hotmamafitness

Ok so the other day I said I might share one of my biggest mom fails to date with you all and the reason I've been practically bathing in stress away. Well the reason is my two year old, this adorable, precious little two year old. This child is unlike my older two in almost every way. She's wild and spunky and full of life. Which is awesome but right now is making me crazy. So here's the story. .

The kids are all playing in the backyard like they do almost daily. Our backyard is fenced and gated and safe so I generally don't have an issue with them playing out there while I cook dinner or do some dishes. I can always hear them and I peak out to check on them often. So, one of our side gates is a little broken, it won't lock. So until my husband gets around to fixing it I put a heavy chair in front of it thinking my older two could move it but know better and my youngest isn't strong enough to move it. Guess which one I was wrong about? Yep, while I was cleaning up the kitchen (which has two big windows that look out onto the backyard) my two year old moved that heavy chair and decided that she wanted to go play with the neighbour kids. So out the gate she goes and I DID NOT even notice until my wonderful neighbour brings her back because she was knocking on their front door!! You guys!!!! This is terrible! I'm both equally terrified thinking about what could have happened if she had decided to go on a little adventure instead of to the neighbours and horribly embarrassed at how terrible of a mother I must look. Like how fast must she have been for not only me to not notice but my older two kids who were out there with her! This is scary and terrible and please tell me I'm not the only one who has had a small child run away or get lost? All I know is I need all the stress away and valor and frankincense and anything else that will calm my nerves. Give me all the oils!

This is #goals 😍😂 also, I'm really excited to start getting into the Slique weight loss products! I'll be tracking my journey here. 😊 #survivalkit #worklife #essentialoils #youngliving #brainpower #stressaway #thieves #slique #weightloss #weightlossjourney #motivation #highestpotential #diffuser #usb


本店採用最優質既天然材料同younliving精油制造,保証100%天然🏵🌸🌺🌼 而家有好多味道比大家選擇😇
甜西柚,甜橙,檸檬,薰衣草,苿莉,玫瑰 $40/1支

Whatsapp me :98618135


It's Tuesday afternoon and essential oils are still rocking my world 😎🌿

Definitely needing some Zzzzz's! 😴😴😴

Pick YOUR Angel Message for the week!
COMMENT below which card you've picked! We will PM you your Angel Message & which Essential Oils will support you throughout the week within 24 hours upon receiving your comment.😇❤ With love,
Sarah Lim

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Starting next week we will be having an Online class, intro to a chemical free home! Facebook link in Bio if interested💖 #chemicalfreehome #nontoxic #knowbetter

Many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.

Yey dapat tester dr Young living untuk baby #dindrahumaira isinya 0.25ml 😂 setetes dgn sejuta manfaat, bismillah semoga cocok .
🍀 Pappermint : melancarkan pencernaan,kembung, melegakan hidung tersumbat, batuk berdahak, pilek, sinusitis dan asma. Oles di dada,punggung,leher dan belakang telinga
🍀peace and calming
Mengurangi rewel dan crungky pada bayi dan anak. Oleskan di telapak kaki, campuran mandi atau untuk isi diffuser .
🍀 lemon
Mengencerkan dahak saat batuk dan meredakan demam. Oles: sepanjang tulang belakang/telapak kaki
Meringankan alergi,menebalkan rambut, eksim, diaper rush, gatal,luka, gigitan nyamuk, tidur nyenyak menggurangi cemas dan stres. Oles: belakang telinga/telapak kaki
Untuk kekebalan tubuh, membunuh bakteri. Oles di telapak kaki anak sebelum keluar rumah untuk mengurangi resiko tertular bapil (batuk pilek)
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Sweet Teeny girl. Thank you #youngliving #eo T-away for helping her be calm this evening. Sometimes she just can't help be a shaking, fur ball. #furbaby #furbabies #pomeraniansofinstagram #pomeranian #pomeranianpuppy #pom I'm shedding my undercoat, don't judge me. 🐶#essentialoils #therapy #support #healthychoices

Back to work tomorrow, so these are my companions for tonight!

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