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My amazing wife won a cruise through her company and we're leaving these 2 tomorrow in great hands with Grammy for a week. It's been a long 3 months from Brookies surgery and her recovery so this get away couldn't come at a better time. #smilesforbrookie #mylittlecpwarrior #cerebralpalsy #impossibleisnothing #cerebralpalsyawareness #destress #essentialoils #youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #cruise #getaway #amazing #model #kidmodel #specialneeds #muchneededgetaway

We all want to be apart of something bigger than ourselves, something that changes people's lives and enables them to live fully. I love this Oily train that I'm on, obviously because of the oils but the community is such a huge part. These people love so well! Helping fund people's adoptions and paying off people's medical bills, rallying together to cheer one another on when someone meets their goal. You can't get that when you buy oils at Target.
So thankful to be blessed with the best.
If you're wanting to start your Oily journey, from now until Friday I will send you a set of wool dryer balls to start transitioning your family to a toxin free home. 🌿

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My 89 year old grandmother (aka Great) lives with us and you better believe she loves her some YL products. She left this morning to go spend some time with some other family members and when I brought her down some of this pain cream to take with her, well, you would have thought I handed her a million dollars. She has ditched her toxic junk to the curb and now uses this on her knees to relieve the pain she deals with daily. Sigh. Makes my heart happy. #youngliving #pain #chemicalfree

Leaving on a jet plane ✈️ to Belieze and Honduras! Thank you Young Living!!!!!! We haven't travelled in 8 years and never went on a honeymoon 😱 #pinchme #livingthedream #dreamjob

Did you know it takes 27 square feet of Lavender plant to make one 15 ml bottle of lavender essential oil? I go through so much lavender and it's one of my favorite essential oils because it's so calming, versatile, and great for the skin! I love adding a drop to my mascara tube for the appearance of long, thick lashes. I also apply it every night to my face to reduce the appearance of blemishes and support healthy looking skin! Lavender is most often used for its calming scent and ability to create a relaxing environment. I diffuse it in my kid's room all the time. He needs more calming in his life. It's also a very gentle oil and a great choice for children!
Here are some interesting facts about the Lavender plant:
It is drought-tolerant and can grow well in higher temperatures.
Over 2500 years ago in Ancient Egyptian times, it was used during the mummification process.
Lavender was used in Medieval times, when baths weren't common practice, to freshen and scent clothes and bed linen.
The Romans used lavender to scent everything including their linens, bath water and even their skin and hair.

I'm just the messenger. 🌿
From Emily Wright:
"There is a worldwide shortage of pure bergamot oil at the moment. We have a shipment en route. It should be back in stock sometime next month so long as it passes our QC process."
Ps. I love that dōTERRA has the integrity to only sell the absolute best and she includes that in her statement. Regardless of the demand, we will only bring the best!!
Feel free to repost this info to share with your peeps! 🐥

How do you use your Bergamot?


Never underestimate the power of a grateful heart. Or Gratitude Essential oil. What is something you are grateful for? Comment below!

Who's coming to tonight's free essential oils class happening on my @vintageoiler Instagram? It's going to have lots of fun giveaways and info about what these lovely little bottles are all about! So invite your friends and see you in a few hours! .
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These 2 are saving me today. Coughing and sneezing are going down👊🏼. #Godfirst #youngliving #essentialoils #healthandwellness #theoilcan #famineover

I got up early this morning and took my younger girls on a quick trip to the flower fields before school. For us this is the real sign of Spring.. Ranunculus flowers as far as the eye can see. We couldn't help but snag a couple bunches to take home and I'll be adding a couple drops of Purification to keep those lovelies alive as long as possible. #flowersareagirlsbestfriend

I love me some spring cleaning and fresh smelling laundry. If you missed out on the dryer ball deal, I would love to offer you 6 free dryer balls with the purchase of a 15mL bottle of Lavender.

Sharing the love you guys ❤❤❤ my essential oils are what keep me going day to day. With work, my duties as a homeschooled 8th grader mom, soccer mom, volleyball mom and military wifey, I don't know how I functioned at a healthy level before I started hoarding #alltheoils .
The starter kit package had everything I needed to get the ball rolling towards my happier and healthier goofy life and it was worth every single penny and more.
When you sign up to grab the Premium Starter Kit from now until March 31st at 10pm MST I am throwing $20 back your way plus you will get a chance to win a Ningxia Red supply or Thieves kit supply when you join 😁 if you are ready to join me on this oil ride of living the happy oiler lie or have questions shoot me a message and we can get you all the deets you need 😉 #letsgetnatural #happyoiler #oilmom #oilylife #essentialoils #youngliving #liveabovethewellnessline #livingabovetheline #positivevibetribe

More great defuser blends! Have you tried any of these?

Focus on learn one marketing strategy and stick with it until you become good at it and start getting good results.

— Young Living CARDS personalized 4 YOU! LINK in BIO — FIVE DESIGNS \\ two sizes & papers... starting at $39.00 #YoungLiving #businessCards #bizcards #sprigs #lavender #lemon #lime #mint

My new morning lineup. I'm slowly working in new #YoungLiving products into my daily routine. I've never taken vitamins or supplements but it's never too late to start!! Who can tell me what these goodies are for!? #yleo #NingxiaRed #ningxia #love #oilylife #oilyfamily #healthychoices

The lingering snots have come creeping around there so I replenished our "Kid& #39;s Immune Support" roller. Easy peasy to roll onto the bottoms of their feet and spines. Recipe in comments 👇

Vacation 2.0 about to go down. Getting on a boat with lots of oily people. I'm so excited I could explode!! Hubby and I were just talking about how oils has changed me as a person for the better. Obviously I was awesome before I started, but now I'm awesomer. And still reaching for more awesome. Our community is so amazing. So encouraging. So motivating. So push-you-to-your-limits in the best way. I can't wait to party with everyone!! don't worry ladies, I remembered my selfie stick #yourewelcome .
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Preparandonos para junto con @losoilers participar en el Mercadito Benéfico este domingo 2 de abril en @panamapacifico Tendremos GIVEAWAYS y mostraremos diferentes usos que puedes darle a tus #aceitesEsenciales #YoungLiving Te esperamos 🌿🌿🌿

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