DIGIZE 😘😘 *************** "versi kelate😀" User ni dah lama dah guna EOYL
so dia kehabisam digize...yang tu la yg smlm singgah dtg amik digize tu sebab ank dia poo poo xberenti....
sy ajar dia n dia terus buat..
Alhamdulillah membantu...
so harini nnti kita follow up lgi ye.... nk sembang eo mai lee pm sis...


Got my kit and diffuser #younglivingessentialoils #youngliving

Entertain your guests this holiday season with Peppermint Bark Mimosas 🤶🏻🎄
1/4 c. semisweet chocolate chips, melted
3 candy canes, crushed
Peppermint EO
1 bottle champagne or prosecco
Whole candy canes, whole
1. Pour melted chocolate onto a small plate. Pour crushed candy canes onto a separate plate. Dip rims of champagne flutes first in chocolate, then in crushed candy canes to coat.
2. Fill shaker with champagne or prosecco. Add a drop of Peppermint essential oil. Stir and pour into champagne glass. Garnish with full candy canes before serving.
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OH Lavender, how i love you!

Some lovely ways to use lavender… -help heal stubborn acne -relieve menstrual cramps by rubbing a few drops with carrier oil on to your abdomen
-add to mascara for lash health/growth
-diffuse to induce relaxation and sleep
-deodorize linens
-add a few drops into your bath for added relaxation
Those are simply a few things lavender is useful for. There are tons more. This oil is a daily for me. 💜#lavender #youngliving #acne #oils #cramps #essentialoils #relax #diffuse #yleo #bath #oilylife #sleep #wellness #freshner #deodorizer #chemicalfree #wellness

Please note this is a 15 mL bottle 😳❤️ Made with orange, cinnamon, and black spruce, this blend will literally get you in the Christmas spirit. See what they did there? Maybe this year I’ll start to decorate a little sooner than usual! •

#youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #essentialoils #yleo #christmasspirit #christmas #cheers #deckthehalls #holidayseason #seedtoseal #littlebitofwellness


🔴MY REVIEW: Wonderful for damaged hair. Keeps my hair clean for more than a day. Shampoo is very light and lathers well. Hair conditioner is amazing, it makes my hair so soft after shampooing. Overall, my hair looks much healthier than before and it’s great for natural and straight hair. Highly recommend.

✅RATING: 10/10
🔴MY REVIEW: I love this body oil. I have extremely dry and sensitive skin all year round. It’s easy to apply, soothes my sensitive skin and smells incredible. Leaves my skin silky and smooth. I would highly recommend this to anyone with dry and sensitive skin.

✅RATING: 10/10
🔴MY REVIEW: I have been using this serum for about a month and I’m beyond happy with this serum. It visibly reduced the wrinkles around my eyes and I have noticed an improvement in the smoothness of my skin. A must try for anyone with dry and sensitive skin.

✅RATING: 10/10
🔴MY REVIEW: Absolutely love this serum. I have seen some serious changes with my pores and the texture of my skin. Excellent for dry and sensitive skin but also instantly soothing my dry patches even in the winter of Hong Kong city. Absorbs fast and I feel like it’s much more hydrated and radiant. Highly recommend.

🔆Check my blog out for more details https://kakalovekakalovelife.com

Disclaimer: I received these products for free in return for providing my honest and unbiased review. Please note that what may work for me, may not work for anyone else. Results may vary from person to person, so please take this into consideration if you decide to try those products.

🔎OFFICIAL WEBSITE - https://www.youandoil.eu/lt/
🔎IG - @youandoil.eu 🔝
🔎WEBSITE - https://youandoil.jp
🔎IG - @youandoil.jp 🔝

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Laundry detergent and fabric softener are two of the most dangerous items we bring into our homes. I am so thankful I can use my Thieves Laundry Soap worry-free!
With a plant-based formula, it gently and naturally washes your clothes, without any chemical or synthetic residue. Natural enzymes and powerful essential oils add to the formula’s strength to leave your clothes fresh and clean.
It is very highly concentrated so you only need a tiny bit in your soap dispenser. And I mean tiny, like 1 teaspoon! The bottle says it will wash about 64 loads of laundry, but I get far more than that out of it. Ask me how you can stretch it further, I have some good tips and tricks to share!
Read the labels on the laundry detergent you are currently using. (A lot of them don’t even list the ingredients on the label. They direct you to their website. 👎🏽) Here are some of the ingredients found in many laundry soaps:
* Formaldehyde. A known human carcinogen, causes asthma/respiratory problems, skin allergies & irritation, developmental & reproductive toxicity, cancer.
* Stabilizers. Possible carcinogen, possible endocrine disruption.
* Artificial colors. Possible developmental and reproductive toxicity.
* Fabric brighteners. Possible developmental & reproductive toxicity and environmental concerns.
* Fragrance. Say NO to fragrance in all your products! It is a known endocrine disruptor. It’s messing with our hormones! It causes early puberty in females and low sperm counts in males.
There is a well-known series of products marketed as gentle and free; this is a perfect example of greenwashing. (They make you think it’s safe, but it’s not!) These products contain ingredients with concerns such as: asthma/respiratory problems, skin allergies & irritation, developmental & reproductive toxicity, nervous and digestive system effects, damage to DNA, environmental concerns.
I wish someone had told me about this stuff years ago! But, I know now and I’m doing better now. Know better. Do better. Ask me if I can help you do better too!

Hi guys! Been getting a lot of compliments on my diffuser necklace so I wanted to let you all know where I got it’ There’s this really great place called @organneck out of Southfield, MI!! They also have an awesome selection online.
It’s super great to have this necklace! I always keep the Young Living Believe blend in mine because I find that it’s a good go to for me if I start to feel a little anxious or depressed. But obviously you can use any oil! Seriously, best investment everrrr. 😍😍 #oilylife #youngliving #yleo #organneck #diffuser #diffusernecklace #mentalhealth #anxiety #depression #essentialoils

The Home Essentials Kit will uplevel how you live your life. 💫 It’s simple really, when you have these tools in your home you have options to support your physical and emotional health with nature.

Why is this important? Because people are desiring, no....actually DEMANDING more transparency.💪 #truth

This awareness is coming out full force
👉In the products we pick up to clean our homes.
👉What we put on our skin.
👉What we put in our body.
👉How we are caring for our physical health.
👉Recognizing that emotional health is nothing to be ashamed of, but something that you absolutely can manage in a way that doesn’t bring a laundry list of side effects.

Sister, I was you. Searching for something better, for myself and for my growing family. These little bottles will shift everything.

If you are ready, I would love to guide you. Send me a DM for my private promotion.

For my oil babes, what made you take the leap to get started? .
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We might have to call this diffuser blend “Dreamsicle” for two reasons:
1. It smelled delicious. Like literally, an orange dreamsicle. 🍊
2. Ava slept like a rock. To the point of sleeping an extra hour in the morning!! 😲 (We were wondering if she was ok haha!)
2 drops each of orange, frankincense, and lavender = wonderful sleep and immune support 😊🙌🏼
#essentialoils #youngliving #yleo #babiesandoils #sleep #sleepytime #sleepsupport #sweetdreams #dreamsicle #orangedreamsicle #diffuser #saltlamp #allnatural #babysafe #immunesupport

Take me back to all the fun with my girl, @ross_juliemarie at convention! This was the exclusive Silver, Gold & Platinum party, it was all a gift from Young Living! Excellent food, allll the NingXia Red and an awesome band! •

I’m a 90’s baby but the 80’s party was the best themed party I’ve ever been to!

Essential oils vs emotions
Guys, #yleo can help to decrease these emotions
Love ourselves
We oilers love you
#essentialoil #youngliving #younglivingmalaysia

So funny but Oh.SO.TRUE!!! 🙌🏻
What don’t oils work for!! Sleep,emotions, energy, boo boo’s, immune support, respiratory support, overall wellness, plus 1000 other things! 🎉 #essentialoils #youngliving #onlythebest

#youngliving sin difusor igual nos aportan bienestar 🌿🌿🌷

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