Good #morning everyone!🌻🌻🌻
Don't forget your oils todayyyyyy. Happy #wednesday and be #awesome, be the best today, ok? 💪💪💪
Our promo is 3 DAYS LEFT yaaaaaaa... Grab it quickly 😎
P/s : dapatkan yang ori demi kesihatan sejagat😁
💜at first💧,
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“Undisturbed calmness of mind is attained by cultivating friendliness toward the happy, compassion for the unhappy, delight in the virtuous, and indifference toward the wicked.” ― Patañjali⠀

Come cultivate all of the above with one of our weekly group classes! Tomorrow we have 3 opportunities -- 7:30AM, 10:30AM, and 5:30PM.

Well that’s better.. 🌱🖤😍 Not sure what it is about labeling my bottles and rollerballs but playing with my new toy and getting organized is the best. Now I want to label all the things😆 ..I might need an intervention though 😋 my house is starting to look like a mini apothecary😉

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Forgive yourself. Forget the past. Move forward in freedom. •
We provide survivors of trafficking with essential oil blends such as ‘Forgiveness’ and ‘Present Time’ to help them in this process. The Forgiveness blend assists as one works towards forgiving others as well as self. The Present Time blend helps one to stay focused in the present while sifting through the mess...not getting caught up in the memories of the past and not worrying about the future.

Nesting in full effect ⚠️ That means cleaning every inch of my home over and over again , trying to get every piece of dust and dog hair . I was tired of using nasty chemical products that are harmful for you, not to mention a little baby on the way . So I made my own all purpose cleaner . Super easy and simple . All you need is ... -Water 💦 + Vinegar + Essential Oil 🍋

Some days...ya girl just needs a little help! I don’t want a do-over because oh man... I don’t ever want another day like today. So I oiled up, put my head down and conquered! Boy!!! It was a doozie so I had to oil up several times! Ever have one of those days??? Pheewwww....glad it’s over! So thankful I had these little gems! .
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#cedarwood is my new favorite oil ( they're all my favorite 😋) but in all honesty cedarwood combined with #peaceandcalming was soooooooo relaxing. I honestly felt like I was being sedated. I dont remember when I last felt soooooooo relaxed. Not to mention that I passed out a lot quicker than I normally would. I can vouch 100% for these oils and say they honestly truly work. My husband and kids love the oils as well. And GUESS WHAT????? they are completely safe. SAAAAYYYY WHAAAAAAAT? yup I said safe. 😆🤩 Of course I will dilute the oils before putting them on my kids but the fact that my kids love them and the fact that they would ask for oils when they aren't feeling well, or pretending they aren't feeling well just so I can put oils on them, before asking for medicine, makes me love these oils more and more every day. These oils are Godsend for my family and I. And I would love to share my newly found passion with others. I myself am learning about these wonderfully smelling oils but the more I learn about them the more I fall in love with them.
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Why yes, there is even an oil for that. I think I may make a spray bottle out of it 😇

🌿Seed to Seal🌿

Why is Young Living the world leader in essential oils?

Why should you feel confident in your choice to trust Young Living above other companies?

Visit our Seed to Seal website and read about the Seed to Seal process. Check out the Linktree in my bio for info.

Watch the videos you find on the page, and boost your confidence in your choice to use Young Living!

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About last night...
It’s not my first time to address a large crowd, and I’m definitely not scared of public speaking. But I guess, in all things, the first time is always scary.
I’m almost a year with Young Living essential oils and every passing month, every single drop that melted away my migraine, prevented an itchy throat from turning into a full blown flu, every cut I get and healed quickly by oils, made me love and believe even more in Young Living’s commitment to giving its consumers only the best therapeutic grade essential oils in the planet 🌎 And last night, I finally had to share how we’ve incorporated oils in our lifestyle. It was intimidating, it was scary, but it was great! 💚
I had a great turnout and good feedback, and we made new friends! Yey to my first class on Making your Home Toxin Free 🎉
Thank you family and friends for the support. Thank you, Universe! Thank you, Lord!
Class #2 coming up on Saturday! Do join us at Coffee Project, Libis QC at 6:30PM. I’ll be talking about Essential Oils and Fitness 💚💚💚 ALL MY CLASSES ARE FREE so feel free to come and bring friends 😊
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#thieves 🍊 & 🍋= #fall LOVE this blend! #yleo #eo #youngliving #oilylife #diffuserblends

Ya girl got her hair done (@hairbysofie_) because she’s the queen & I’m so obsessed with my champagne-cotton candy-mermaid hair. Also if ya wanna check out ya girl being a super dork & loving every second of it going over the @younglivingeo essential oils starter kit, head to my current stories! I plan to add the to my oils highlight too, but either way I appreciate y’all for sticking around for the ride, it means the world to me ⍜

Seriously!!!! @invitahq does not EVER disappoint when catering our office gatherings. We are so spoiled with such incredible friends (more like family), team, company, and office space. Thank you @awelllivedlife, @jilloncall, and Stacie for last nights event. ♥️♥️ #bestjobever #teamyl #cateringdoneright #lookatthatspread
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Hi friends, I'm Ryn! My closest friends tell me I remind them of all the best parts of Leslie Knope. I don't watch TV really, so I don't know what that means, but they assure me it's a good thing! 📺 I care a whole lot about a whole lot of people. I especially love hearing your dreams and figuring out how to encourage you and help those dreams happen.✨ I'm a huge feta fan. Lasagna is my favorite thing to put feta on. 😝 Favorite thing in nature? LICHEN. No matter where I travel I can always find it nearby. 🌍I have #hashimotosdisease and #pcos and somedays I feel like poop, but I try not to let my thyroid get me down. 🦋 I just recently joined #youngliving and I'm replacing all the toxic chemicals in my house with #essentialoils to help with my hashis. 💫Also, so stoked about photography right now! I'm booking weddings a year out now. So if you are wanting to book me get with me soon because my calendar is filling up fast for 2019! 🗓
Shout out to @moorehillary for this picture and her super cute hat. Let's grab wine again soon- maybe in Iceland?!! .
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Our monthly subscription boxes showed up today! We got some good stuff!😍

Instant lemonade? 🍋I have my own healthier way w/ my #lemon #essentialoil from #youngliving! 🍋Feels so zesty & fresh perfect every morning.🍋 #happySkin #happyTummy #oiler #oilbularyo #momdairies #happywife #wellness

have i mentioned how amazing the starter kit oils are?!! i love my other oils, but i use my kit oils every. single. day!! they truly are everything you need to get started on your oil journey!!.
if you already have your kit, 5 drops of stress away & 5 drops of citrus fresh in the diffuser... ahhmazing!! 💚🧡
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A little change of plans and type of meet up for this week! Our nutrition class needed to be moved to October, so we are doing a special Manifest and Release meet up on Weds afternoon instead. Due to the emotional nature of this class, we request that only babies in arms be at this one. If your baby starts making happy or unhappy noises we ask for you to step out to keep the space of this class meditative for the others attending. Looking forward to journeying inward together. 🙏🏼✨ •

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