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Photo: @ditteschaal
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Она такая..Другая.
Формат работы 38*56см
Картина продаётся. Заказы тоже сейчас принимаю.
По всем вопросам отвечаю в Директе)
Что скажите?

Decided to just put these two together in a multiple post (makes more sense that way 😁). First post is a side by side of the one I did last year and the recent one (both cute 😍), and the second post is a side by side with a totally different pic. Thank you so much for all the support. It really keeps me going.

Using soft charcoal pencil to darken them, almost finished!! This just gives extra contrast with the darkest spots. Featuring a little "Cosmic - Jordan Schor released by NCS"

Pixelated art 🌈
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Luxurious loving like Egyptian cotton 🌙 4 islands in 10 days I’m LIVING 🏝😻 Got a few LM vacation drawings done for y’all I’ll post them when I’m back in a few 🔥😛 Details of my last Perrie drawing I’m so glad you guys liked it 🙈
Comment what you think and tag Perrie please? @perrieedwards @littlemix


So this may or may not be my 3rd attempt at drawing @alliegardiner XD But I'm as happy as I'm gonna get with this one. -
#alliegardiner #pendrawing #purple #sketch #young_artists_help #sendyourbestart 🐞

"Why is everyone always up in everyone else's business?"-J.J.
straight outta the comics

Making of the love Card ♥️

haven't posted much about #thepanoramicbible recently, so thought it was time for an update! :) as you may guess, this is daniel in the lions' den. so many bible illustrations depict daniel as totally chill with his lion companions, but can you imagine how he must have felt? he didn't know whether he was going to survive or not. his faith and his humanity surely did battle in those first few minutes, as he looked in terror on the creatures that could rip him apart, as he eyed the human bones scattered around him: all that remained of the lions' previous victims. the sheer joy and relief (and perhaps nervous caution) he must have felt as he realized that his God had closed the lions' jaws- I can't imagine it.

🌌🏙The street of the lights🏙🌌
I have to say, I'm really proud of this one <3
1st thing, I know the nose is really big, just ignore that, I'm working on it :'v (practice is the key 😂)
2nd thing, the character isn't mine, it's an oc from a girl in Arte Amino (yeah, in espanish)
It was an art trade but I got really exited, then the sketch ended up like a full illustration 😂
Hope u guys like it 💖
#art #artgallery #gingergirl #arttrade #oc #originalcharacter #young_artists_help #painttoolsai #sai #sketch #wacomintuos #drawing #dibujo #arte #digitalart #artedigital #lights #illustration #artist #artistic_share #artistic_dome

Very very tall giraffe. Note the Empire State Building for scale.

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