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Don't fall so easily for someone. You don't know what lies hidden in their hearts. Share with a friend who needs to see this! Double tap to show some Love ❤️. Here are someways how a narcissist controls you:

1. Puts you down and shames you
2. Ignores and pays no attention to what you say or do.
3. Nit pick and find faults within you.
4.Blames you for things gone wrong.
5. Gives you the, SILENT TREATMENT
6. Cut off you from friends and family.

One kind word can change someone's entire day 🤗#kindnessmatters #rockluvnotehate #youmatter #beluv #free2luvfamily ♥️

I am getting excited to meet this babe! Planning to bring these oils to the hospital 💛🌿
Deep relief - because #iambirthingababy
Copaiba- enhances any oil you mix it with, soooo planning to mix it with deep relief or panaway!
Clary Sage - helps induce labor
Peppermint - just in case I get a little woozy .
Gentle Baby - for the stretching belly and also has a super calming and comforting smell
Frankincense - planning on diffusing this the whole time and also wearing it after baby is born. Relieves nervous tension, calming and super healing in all areas
Kidscents Bath Gel - for a non toxic first bath
Peace and Calming - at some point along the way, one of us will need this
Valor - the OG. For sniffing straight from the bottle whenever I need a reminder that "I CAN DO THIS".
Orange - super uplifting!
Stress away - diffusing and applying during labor and delivery with orange! .
Fennel - increase milk production just in case
Trauma Life - the whole thing has potential to be a bit traumatic for mom and baby. Coming prepared 😊
Lavender - Calming and for my itchy belly.
Thieves hand sanitizer - because hospitals.
Myrrh - baby's belly button
Claraderm - been using it pre baby to prevent things from tearing that shouldn't tear 😬 ALSO, for post birth soothing and healing.
Diffuser - this will be going the entire labor and delivery!
Lavender lip balm - chapped lips are the worst
NINGXIA RED PACKETS - because I know I'll need a healthy energy boost during labor.

There she is! My fourth affirmation lady. Super happy with how she turned out. •I've been a bit anxious about making this print because I was worried that the intention I have with it wouldn't come across. I figured the best thing I could do about that is share what exactly I intended to do with this print so here goes: As some of you might know I have a gender studies background and so I spend a great deal thinking about feminist issues. I am also a white female. With this print I wanted to complement the #blacklivesmatter movement. I intended it to give solace, to provide a print for poc to remind themselves on a daily basis that even though society might tell them otherwise -through racism, micro agressions, police brutality etc- , they matter and their rights matter. I was anxious because as I said I am white, and I was worried that this print could come across like I, a white female, 'Graced' poc from my privileged position by telling them that they matter. Does that make sense? Anyway, to end on a lighter note: I Love the accidental 'euphoric' background sound when I reveal the affirmation quote in the clip❤️

Protein Porridge (made out of rice flakes, 1 scoop Sunwarrior Vanilla Protein, some cinnamon and water) with warm berries, topped off with banana, coco shreds, goji berries, peanut putter and some raw cacao 🕊
I've been spending a lot of time with friends lately, being more socially active has helped me so much with my recovery for now. I used to be that girl who was going out every friday night, who was never home and always felt amazing being arrounded by a lot of people. When my exercise addiction started to take over my life but also when mum passed away I started pushing everyone away, even the people I loved, and literally isolated myself from the society. I wouldn't meet up with anyone because first of all I didn't have the energy to due to undereating+lack of sleep+overexercising, but also I simply didn't want anyone to see me like that. Everything I used to be doing before felt like an unmanageable challenge.
But realising that there's so much more to life than this has changed everything. 🌿🌷 I finally enjoy being surrounded by people again. I feel so much more connected with my closest friends again and I can finally talk openly about my anxiety and exercise addiction with my best friends without feeling ashamed!!! But wanna know what's the best part? Knowing that they support me and my decisions, that they'll always be there for me no matter what. ✨💛 So the point of this post is to tell you that even if you feel like you're alone or that nobody cares about you: you're wrong. You are wanted. You are loved. You are needed. No matter who you are or what you are going through, you are making so many people happy, just by existing. And if you think that you do not matter, please: DESTROY THIS IDEA. Because you could even mean the entire world to someone little angel, think about it. 🌹🌹🌹 ily babes
#youmatter #selflove #takecareofyourself #youarenotalone

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Read this - and don't report the video👇🏻
I made this video bc i wanted to tell u guys something. Bullying is a serius thing, and It's letting a lot of kids Down... i know that i am not fat! I just wanted to make sure that u know that you are perfect and beautyful No matter size, no matter skincolour, no matter if you are tall or small <33 Many girls had been taking Their own life, bc everyone was takling sh** about Them, and No one deserves that! This story is about a Girl, WHO stopped eating, because ppl was bullying her...❤️ I know that i am perfect. So are you! <33
Tag Some ppl who needs to see this❤️
#youarelove #youareperfect #youmatter #iloveyou ❤️

in need of some #midweekinspo 🌸💫

There are always going to be people who don't like you, don't like the way you look, who have opinions about you. FUCK THEM. The only thing that matters is how you feel about yourself. You need to like yourself first. You need to like yourself no matter what someone's opinion is. EVERYONE is always going to have an opinion whether they say it or not. Bulking realllyyyy makes ya think about that lol because I'm obviously not as lean as I was previously and it takes someone who loves themselves regardless to be OKAY with that! And I do, I obviously have some days where I'm like "blah I'm huge" but overall I still like the way I look and who i am. Some people aren't going to though. Some people are going to think my waist looked better before or my legs might be getting to big. BUT I DONT CARE because everyone likes different things😊 so LADIES and gentlemen if someone thinks your less than, then that person honestly doesn't matter! There are people who love yellow starburst and there are people who hate them! It doesn't make that yellow starburst any less to the people who love them. Surround your self with those people. Learn to love yourself enough to not care about the "yellow starburst haters" ♥️♥️👏🏼👏🏼
#selflove #bulking #fitfam #girlbulk #confidence #youmatter #lifting #girlswithmuscles #gains #girlswholift #girlswholovethemselves #iifym #gainingweightiscool #murves #musclesgains #fitness #mentalhealth #selfloveisthebestlove


I am honestly beyond thankful each and everyday for the technology we have today!
I hear so many negative comments towards technology, social media and the amounts of time that we spend on them now a days!
Don't get me wrong, I love a little face to face social interaction but having these new tools has given us so much more!
Each and every day we have the opportunity to connect with new people, make new friends, catch up with old friends and keep in contact with distant ones!
It allows us to work our business from absolutely anywhere in the world and gives us the opportunity to grow a new business beyond belief!
Be thankful for the opportunities we have been given and use your social media to life the sprit of others and create a positive virtual community! 💕

Watching these 2 do what they ❤ tonight🏐 And this little guy got his first exposure to sand⛱tonight...he wasn't so sure at first, but then he LOVED it!

#sandvolleyball #volleyball #powercouple #fitcouple #wegotthis #youcandoit #youmatter #confidence #digestion #ibs #cpa #accountant #furbaby #goldenretrievers #dogsofig #petparents #dogmom #bookkeeper #bookkeeping #entrepreneur #quickbooks

HERstory. #Repost @scwomensmarch (@get_repost)
With this photo featuring #CorettaScottKing, a very young #MaxineWaters and a diverse host of others, we're reminded just how important #intersectionalfeminism truly is and always has been.
#historyoffeminism #intersectional #feminist #womenshistory #auntiemaxine #diversefeminism #womenleaders #weseeyou #youmatter #historicalwomen

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly. Never give up! *
Day #11 Suicide Prevention
. . .
23 pushups in 23 days. Join me in this challenge and help spread awareness. . . .
Be the light in the darkness of someones life.
. .
24/7 Free & Confidential Help - National Suicide & Abuse Hotline 800-273-8255 🌎
. . .
#suicideprevention #suicideawareness
#life #hope #nevergiveup #youmatter #keeppushing
#growth #inspiration . .
Inspired by @petercornellmusic

#LastNight @ Momentum Honors
This picture right here is so EPIC!
Not only am I with the people who I call my friends, they are also my Transformation FAMILY, who I love love love and respect and who have changed my #Life!!! My Basic, Advance, Leadership & Masters Trainers/Coordinators!!!
(Left to Right: Carlos J Gomez, Melvin Britton-Miller, Federica Baldan & Robinson Lynn (Executive Dir))
I Am So #Grateful to be a part of the #MomentumEducation Family & Community. Not a day goes by where I am not grateful and not practicing the incredible tools I've been given. Since I started this journey SO MUCH and I truly mean SO MUCH has opened up for me with MYSELF, family, friends, career, finance and community. I've also had the Joy of sharing this work with my family and friends and our relationship is on a whole other level because of this work. My Life continues to open up and GROW!!
I Choose ME, I'm Living in the NOW, No longer in reaction to my past, Excited for my future, I choose Happy & Love and I know exactly Who I AM! A Vulnerable Trusting & Authentic Powerful Woman, Living Unapologetically without Permission! 😊🤗😁
Last night was absolutely Wonderful!
Celebrating 14 years of Momentum Education, Remembering & Celebrating Robin Lynn (The woman behind all of this incredible work because of her vision), Celebrating friends for their amazing service & contribution & also celebrating ourselves!! #WeMatter #YouMatter #IMatter

Thank You @MomentumEducation for all that you represent & stand for, for all that you do and give! I💙U! ♡MJ 4!!
Always Forwards - FORWARD ALWAYS!

Found these outside of Target 🎯 Is this a new project? Left them there for other people to enjoy. #rockswithmessages #nomoretears #youmatter #sunshine

A brand new month is coming up and we will officially be halfway through 2017! Are your health goals on track? I would love you to join in on our 30 Days to Health and Beyond, let's go, kick start your health journey today! Xxx #health #wellness #onelife #healthylife #youmatter #believe #achieve #healthiswealth #nutrition #supplements #greens #you #30daystohealthyliving #live #life #youcan #loveyourself

She wants the D - that Vitamin D! ☀️☀️☀️

Here are two of our #ArtForHope charity line pieces of CUSTOM art to help those battling #Fear at @cmnhospitals 💜 Thank you for helping us spread the word on living #fearlessly through raising funds for treatment at children's miracle network hospitals! Order yours today!
#ArtEmpowerment #ArtMatters #TheyMatter #YouMatter #ForTheKids #FearStopsHere #DropFearGainCourage #CMNHospitals #Courage #StartsWithYOU

Over the last few days, this little lady has been pretty bummed about the new kitten addition to the manor. She has not been her sassy self, but finally seems to be coming around.
She was super excited to enjoy a little yoga with me this evening. She did not move off the mat for the entire 30 minute flow😹😬. And I made sure to give her lots of extra kisses and snuggles.
Anyone else get to have yoga buddy when they practice at home???

Are you or is someone you know needing support? Tag em and let's create a fun, simple and affordable way to your unique health! No diets, militant exercise regimes or anything like that... www.facebook.com/thrive90hc

The Group Reset & Refresh Total Transformation starts NEXT month! Who's in?! Get ready to show up for yourself in a whole new way by doing brave, consistent step-by-step actions that result in total transformation.
Ready to love yourself, have a beautiful relationship with food/body/others and money? Ready to boost your confidence and total wellness?

Message me now and claim your COMPLIMENTARY Discovery Call to find out more and to see how this would serve your life and future. Why not start a new adventure of confidence, joy, peace and total health and wellness? Get off the path of surviving, switch those shoes and jump onto the road of THRIVING.
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We're out and about today - this always thrills me because we never know who we're going to get to bless! Eyes peeled for opportunity woohoo ... stay tuned.
#lifetothefull #shineyourlight #anticipation #life #foryou chrissyguinery.com #youcan #youmatter #blessingsgalore #fun #wanderers #travellers #writers #blessers #togetherwewin #roomtobreathe #fallingupstairs #r2bproject

Some people will ridicule you about the woes of dating saying they don't have to deal with that. They brag about their independence of interacting without building anything of substance. But I wonder as the years go by and you have more names written on your skin from whom you have slept with and life becomes real or you attend a wedding and it sets things in place about what it means to have something meaningful.....I wonder what would you really have to proud of? Would you be as boastful as you are now, saying you are not interested in a relationship. Let's be clear, I'm not interested in a relationship but I have lived long enough to know one day - you are going to want someone to really love you. You are going to want a best friend. You will desire to not be alone. You would hope that the extent of your interactions can dive inter physical realm as well as the spiritual realm. You would want to travel far more further than your knees and on your back in exchange for sand. You might like sandcastles but life isn't a beach. I rather build with bricks and build something solid than be gone with the wind assuming I've won by neglecting emotions... I believe in love and I'm proud of that!
#fashion #swag #style #polo #stylish #swagger #instagood #cute #jacket #hat #curls #pants #shirt #dapper #knowyourworth #boys #boy #guy #instagood #model #shirt #shoes #sneakers #style #relationshipgoals #styles #dope #love #miami #youmatter

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