Most times all we need to do is shift our perspective to actually “get it” or “see it”. Sometimes it just takes getting out of our own way - seriously we can be our own worst enemy most times! 🙄

Next time things get too much or you can’t figure out the solution, get up and out of your space, change your perspective and the ease will come. Your clarity will come and the answer will be right there in front of you 🤲

I am all about helping women step into their highest potential. 🤩 Showing up in our lives with more confidence, happiness and visibility is something we all want and crave more of. I believe the way we feel about ourselves (not just on the surface but WAY down deep) is the foundation for our lives being happy, joyful and in alignment. 😍
Whether that be creating more outward confidence through skincare education, busting through confidence blocks, upper limit issues, lack of self love or self belief or aligning inner dreams with outer reality- it’s all a part of what I do. 😉

Believe in the power of dreams and don’t ever let another person challenge the “reality” of your dreams. Miracles happen all around us, everyday. Sometimes we miss recognizing them because they are small. There is magic in a dream and even if it’s considered “far fetched” anything can happen. 🌟💫 If you keep your dreams locked away in a tiny corner of your heart they will stay tiny. Actively pursue them. It doesn’t mean you have to shout them from the rooftops but action creates energy. Actualizing your dreams and goals happens with proactivity coupled with belief. 🙏🙌

What does it take to make you feel radiant? A compliment, a spa day, a hard workout, a great orgasm 😆 , meditation, journaling, going on an adventure, dancing your heart away?💃 Doing something everyday that makes you feel radiant not only creates more happiness in your life it actually helps you to be more beautiful. You shine, light up, the best of you comes forward. And like a domino effect, everything else in your life is positively impacted. It’s one of the best chain reactions you could possibly create for your life.
It can literally change everything. 🙌

Who's got your back? Who is around to motivate you?
@willsmith in one of his motivational videos said "look at your last 5 messages; who are they from? What do they say? Are they fanning your flame or dousing it?
So, I looked. Yesterday, it was @tinybeast_76 This morning, I got one from @t.f._fitness telling me to get up for cardio. I got a "YESSS" from coach @worldofzenobia ....that is pure Fuel. Got me going this morning.
So...a message from me to you....YOU GOT THIS. CRUSH YOUR GOALS TODAY!" #xsportfitness #fuel #motivating #inspire #success #goforit #crushingit #goals #back #lats #wings #letsfly #wednesdaywisdom #humpday #neversaynever #yougottawork #yougotthis #fantheflames #support

To say I’ve learned a lot since becoming a mother would be an understatement. 😅It’s basically like one of those “Everything I know I learned in…” books.
It’s humbling, inspiring, exhausting, fulfilling, kicks your soul to the depths of despair and to the heights of heaven. To have loved this deeply and been tested so much is a glory to see and seriously an amazing feat to witness. 🙏

If you’re a mama I’m sending you a virtual head nod today 🙌 and a little something bubbly 🥂 (I’ll have to settle for a La Croix right now 😅). Let’s cheers each other for this experience, for showing up for our babies and for learning how to continue to show up for ourselves 💕

There is just something about squats 😍😍
I LOVE this movement, whether it is back squat, overhead squat or front squat. Took 60kg for a spin x 5 💪 feeling strong and ready

#Skwaats #FrontSquat #Powerlifting #FeelingStrong #Chasing100 #EarnedNotGiven #YouGottaWork #GWPL

When inspiration hits do something about it. When we question ourselves it’s a good thing. To observe 🤓 and think 🧐 before we act is important; weigh all the options.
But when we pause for too long we get frozen, stuck, over question and over analyze.
The thing about inspiration is that there is magic 🌟 in it, there’s an energy in it that’s alive. It will propel you forward to unbelievable places. It’s the decision to take the risk. 🔥

Follow what is pouring out of your heart and you will find your way. 💕

Recognize the signs and TRUST them (especially when they repeat over and over 😉). Why is it so difficult for us to trust them? It’s like we could get hit over the head with a sign and still just think it’s a coincidence or a fluke. It’s a message, beautiful, specially for you. 💫
Trust the signs my friends - they are coming to you to tell you something and it’s usually big enough to change your perspective or your life 🙏💕

Life as an #entrepreneur can pull you in all directions, especially if you let it. Sometimes it’s overwhelming just to figure out what to do first when you want to do #allthethings 🤩 (we see you shiny object syndrome 👎). Sitting at your computer jamming it out works but when you’re so overwhelmed you can’t figure out what first step to even take you’ve got to shake things up and clear your head. Nature always has a way of fixing this for me. How about you?

Happy Monday! Let’s take a deep breath walking into this week with calm ☺️, clarity 🤓 and good vibes 🙌
Energy that lacks direction gives us chaos. Directing our energy into a few do-able goals brings us more focus and success 🎉
Wishing you all an incredible week full of challenge (because that’s how we grow 😉), success, happiness and fulfillment 💕

Creating something bold 💪, beautiful 💫, in line with your purpose 🙏 while serving others 🤝 is a giant endeavor.
When you put in so much work to see it to fruition and it lives beyond you, thrives and creates change in other people’s lives - well it takes your breath away 💕

I love what I do (both in my personal and business life) and it’s an incredible honor to experience life in this way 😍

Waking up on a Saturday morning feeling like this - all done up even though I’m still in jams. It’s about attitude 🎉, energy 🙏, happiness 😊 and vision 🤓
Sending you good vibes 💕🙏🙌

My lifesaver....
Eating overseas is difficult when in prep. And from eating super clean to struggling with food that is super oily (in China) , my stomach is usually not happy. But this little tea bag in the picture kept my internal Flora very happy 😊
I had no stomach issues. Total detox. Check them out.
And I was so happy, I flexed. Happy flex Friday y'all 💪🏾💪🏾 #thetea247 #flexingladies #flexingfemales #flexfriday #detox #flora #happystomach #japan #nagoya #happy #friday #onemorenight #homesick #missingmyfamily #missingagoodgymworkout #flavor #almosthome #china #biztravel #yougottawork #food #wonderwoman #lemon #cinnamonburst #orangepeel #blueberry

Don’t you wish you had more⏰ time?
Time with people we love❤️
Time to run that errand🚗
Time to straighten that drawer💫
Time to meet a new friend for coffee☕️
Today was a great day.
Taking my middle to school, getting some work done at a coffee shop, meeting a dear friend who I enjoy so much, perusing the isles in an empty Target, a dr appt with my big, a girl lunch together and picking up my little.
I used to long for that time, cram all the errands in on Saturday, ignore the drawer, and wish I could meet that friend.
I took a chance on a dream, an idea that was completely out of my comfort zone and NOT part of my original plan.
It must be said that not everyone supports, some people say it’s a scam and some people don’t want to learn about gut health. But I know the stories, I see the changes, I’ve shared my heart, I’ve worked really hard and now I have the gift of time.
It’s these moments that I am so grateful for you ❤️Jessica 'Mace' Radke❤️. You gave me the opportunity and here I am. ____
Today I had time ⏰

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