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Lol, old photo but a good one. Life is a fun journey, 3.5 years ago I said by to my 6 year old company #yougottamoveon #lettinggoisthehardest #journeycontinues

When the refuse looks better than the work #yougottamoveon

Oh life, may I have a little of rest to go back to those small little times, when all problems I carried were, "Where's food", "I want these toys", "I am sleepy".
. #Mosque#AplaceOFpeace#LifekeepsGoingOn#YouGottaMoveOn

Heartbreak lasts as long as you need it to, until you learn how to treat yourself as well as he did. ~ Keep Moving Forward ✌✌

So I know I have been MIA for a couple of days now and I want to be honest. I got in an accident on Monday and it messed with me since then. I am not hurt thank the Lord! But as my friends remind me constantly my car is just something that will be replaced. I however can not be replaced and I thank God that the only thing that happened was getting rear ended and nothing else happened to me! So today I got up in not a great mood but decided I can not be like this anymore I need to remember that it is the past and I can't do anything now! Just gotta focus on the future! So I drank my shakeology and I will do my workout when I get home from class!
#iamnotreplaceable #yougottamoveon #iamthankful #godisgood

"Regardless of whether something good or bad happens to you, you can take comfort in the fact that #LIFEgoesON." #ITgoesON & #YOUgottamoveON. πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

Vayan a YouTube a ver el nuevo video que acabo de subir para ustedes!😁😁😁#Yougottamoveon #AndresMarGar LINK EN MI BIO

Cause it's time to leave those feelings behind.


Vayan a YouTube a ver el nuevo video que acabo de subir para ustedes!😁😁😁#Yougottamoveon #AndresMarGar LINK EN MI BIO

"There's always a limited allotted time in everything. Use that time wisely."
~Rece FuqΓΉa ~πŸ’œ~
#elanmien #bepresent #liveinthenow #timeisup #yougottamoveon #appreciatethetimespent #liveandloveanyway #gratefulfortheexperience

It's been 27 years and I'm finally getting to know this man! It's never too late to make up for lost time #whatsuppops #hehatesthesefilters #iloveem #princesspower #itsnevertoolate #yougottamoveon #buildrelationships #theoldman #thebaby ❀️❀️

β€ͺThe first house I lived in & I had to take care of & make a home β˜ΊοΈβ€¬... β€ͺI remember Jarnell cooking me breakfast & then me cleaning up for whoever was gonna come over while I was at UNO.. then days I was at school if he didn't tag along I would find my fav candy or lunch money in my school bag he snuck in there.. & I would go home & try to return the favor by bringing him something special... I would literally be in the house with me Foots, Chris, Alvis & Hickey everyday all day & Hickey would tell Jarnell some "stuff you don't talk abt around women" & he would tell hickey "man that's my girl she could know everything" & he would curse him out after πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ man it used to be so funny.. ppl thought we lived in Houston & used to be living in our Caucasian home right by city park.. had a laundromat, grocery, corner store & restaurants right next door... on cold days I would heat the house up with the oven & a floor heaters lol.. that bih was old 😩 then we slept on a futon we turned into a sofa because Jarnell scary ass refused to stay in the bedroom with the back door attached πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ man I still say all the time the safest I've ever felt was with that crazy dude #RealLove #GetYouSome #YouSpoilMeISpoilYou #AndWeHadMoney #HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs #RIPJarnell #YouWouldntUnderstand #MoneyCouldntBuyThat ‬#BackOutMyFeelings #LifeHurts #YouGottaMoveOn #YouCantBreakWhatsBroken πŸ’ͺ🏽😘

#LiFE Goes On
Whether #You Choose to #Move on and take a #Chance in the unknown...
#stay behind , locked in the past ,thinking of what could've been.

This could be my favorite ever. Was just a few days after my Dad died on our way back home. Thank You God you now better how to make smile again. #YouGottaMoveOn #GabrielRoeseler #HeLovesSteeringWheels #HisFirstTime #HeLovesCars #FunkyTown #DancingBaby #YouKnowHowToMakeMeSmile #HappyBaby #HappyMom @larryroeseler

Not the first guy I expected to get some clarity from, but if this ain't the truth, you must be a negative in somebody's life lol. Not the best year for a lot of people but I got to do a lot of evaluating myself and everything in my life and really got a better perspective on the reality that I live in and the things that aren't exactly reality to me, and found the right balance that works best for me. Don't let other people's reality shape you and change what you think about yourself. If you gotta isolate yourself for some reassurance that's fine, but just remember it's an internal process so don't expect others to make it easy for you. Just do you. #yougottamoveon #goodbye2016 πŸ–•πŸΎ

If they wanted to be there they would be there. One thing you'll never have to convince or persuade some one to do is be we're they really want to be. #YouGottaMoveOn

😢😢😢😢 from squad #stubbornasfuck but not #stubbornlikeyou
#yougottamoveon #myfriend

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