Happy Hump Day 🐫 Time is passing us by and it still hasn’t set in that I’m traveling in less that 72 hours. ✈️ What is it that the kids are saying these days? #YOLO ? *Repeats to herself: don’t stress don’t stress don’t stress” 🙃 •
Feliz Miércoles 🐫 No puedo creer que en menos de 3 días vamos a estar viajando a Peru ✈️ Ayer les pregunté en mis stories si querían q mis posts sean tb en español y ustedes me dijeron que SI 🙊 Entonces vamos a probarlo desde hoy y con mis fotos en #Peru!! Si les gusta, vamos a continuar 👏🏼 De donde son? Díganme en los comentarios!!

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Had another amazing stay at the @thehiltonbushlodge this past weekend. The new Aloe Lodge is beautiful, and so peaceful! Can’t wait for the next visit!

Представьте ситуацию: вас на неопределенный срок поселили в большом и абсолютно пустом городе. В вашем распоряжении все созданные на данный момент блага цивилизации.

Чем вы займетесь? Как будете проводить время? Будете ли наряжаться, красится, укладывать волосы? Пересядете ли с вашей родной уютной машинки на Мазератти, при условии, что вас никто не увидит? Или наденете любимые старые кроссы, волосы в хвост и ай-да исследовать город?

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Last days of this beautiful season 🍂 #amsterdam #omocadopresets

3 outfits for this week with lovely design💞 which would you wear?! ☺️

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Pre-orders for the Nina neon green top now open || *limited quantities being made ||

(English Below) Se acercan las fechas festivas , la época de tradiciones y de estar en familia . ¿Que es lo más que disfrutas de estas festividades?
The holidays are almost here ! It is the time to celebrate with the family and friends to keep our traditions alive .

Fun Fact: Due to its age and civilised start to life, Dubrovnik lays claim to a number of world firsts (not just the pharmacy). It has one of the earliest medieval sewage systems, installed in 1296, and still used today, as well as one of the first quarantine facilities, established in 1377. Likewise, the orphanage set up in 1432 as part of the Monastery of St Clare was one of the first such institutions in the world.
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съемочный процесс, он такой ✨ и хорошо пока не видно из-под стола 🙈😂

#novemberoverhaul ... what are you grateful for today? ... I have always hated that feeling of inner turmoil whenever I have a big decision to make. You know, the sort that has your stomach in knots, where you can't really concentrate in conversations ... the sort that has you pacing your living room at 3am. It's so easy to get sucked into a downward spiral when you desperately seek answers that have not yet come to fruition.
The amazing thing is that we become stressed because we have too much choice ... Too. Much Choice!! Wow what a problem to have when there are people around the world who have none. Today be grateful that you get to choose this wonderful life you are living ... to decide what to eat, where to live, what to fill your free time with, who to be in a relationship with, how to use your body, your mind.
Today's homework is easy ... write down 5 things you are grateful for and watch your day get a whole lot more joyful 💕For a mini tutorial on gratitude journalling, heading over to Instagram stories.
Grateful for you all 🙏 #yogatribe

Good content

forever chasing sunsets. ✨🦋🌙


Shine bright like a diamond✨


Can’t wait to be surrounded by palm trees again and walk barefoot around deserted islands. 🌴🌴
Can the count down begin?? ✈️

Out here reviewing alllll the hotel robes for you 🌟 I give @hyattcentric a solid B! Do you have a fave robe? LMK! #robelife #travel #keywest

To be honest here, I’m REALLY beginning to have a love/hate relationship with social media and my phone. Facebook has already had its day and Instagram is next I hope? It’s become like our 3rd arm. It’s a fantastic way to connect with you all, get to know you and show you all our products, but on the other end it so badly scratches the very nerve of our morals. I hate seeing people glued to their phones, or trying to replicate fashion/ makeup / posed trends seen on the runways and potraying a fake life judged on the amount of followers and likes. Jesus how does that make you “cool” isnt it the complete opposite? Why do we feel the need to share our lives with people of the gram? So that we can look cool? Get approval from people we don’t even know ? Impress who? Why has this world become so shallow? It makes me sad that people can no longer experience life that passes them by, make connections with strangers in person. Don’t get me wrong. I am just as guilty as most out there. I think I’m beginning to hate Instagram and social media more than what I like it. But how to run a company without social media. This has been my biggest itch and set back as a designer. I want to give you what you want, but I don’t want to be fake like everyone else. It’s hard and that’s my Monday blues rant done. If you’re feeling kina the same way I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings about Instagram and its future with brands and marketing and what you want to see. What future community you want to be a part of? Or am I just turning into a fkn granny and need to get a life?

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