We remain the same until the pain of change is greater than the pain of remaining the same…

I have experienced this so many times in my 26 years of growing my own business. One of the things I heard Mary Kay Ash say was when you want to go to the next level, or when you feel stuck, do the thing you fear the most!
I’ve learned that when I do that, I had positive results or it grew my confidence and growing my confidence, it attracted more people to me. Having more confidence helped me to do other things I was afraid of which led to my personal growth and more business success!
Rather than think you are stepping out of your comfort zone, see yourself just gently pushing your zone out a little to encompass the goal! You can do it too!
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I’m ready to help YOU achieve your success in business & leave your unfulfilling 9-5!!
I know where your head is at because I was RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!

I was working my9-5, commuting every single day doing something that wasn’t setting my soul on fire. I had it all though…the success in my job, a very high paying job with lots of perks, but something STILL wasn’t right.
I was mad to walk away from it but I KNEW I had to do something else & something that set my soul on fire EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

👉🏻Get you super clear on who you are, your path and your plan – and bring your desires to life.
👉🏻Design your beautiful, profitable dream business - drawing out your strengths and talents to design a business that lights your soul up and replaces your corporate salary (and more)
👉🏻Achieve awesomeness in your mindset – so you can immediately begin living life as the woman you’ve always wanted to be
👉🏻Turn your current reality around quickly – so you can start loving your life NOW as you reach for something more
👉🏻Clear through all of your blocks and limiting beliefs so you become unstoppable
👉🏻Change the way you see yourself – fall in love with you, be proud of you, and DO everything you have always wanted
👉🏻Have you manifesting effortlessly, by default, using all my processes and tricks
👉🏻Develop your money mindset to a place that has you able to earn exactly what you want, and creating money with ease. 👉🏻Get you OUT of the rut, OUT of the procrastination and the stop/start loop
👉🏻Launch your dream business, if you’re ready to* – with my help and guidance on messaging, strategy, branding, visibility, and so much more!
👉🏻Design your 9-5 exit plan – get ready for a WHOLE NEW WORLD!
SLIDEEEEE into my DMs for the chance to apply to my LATEST programme where all this can be a reality!! DM if you have any questions 🙌🏼💞 📸 @flipandstyle
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I need to have a the weekends surrounded by mountains. The energy you get from these places is simply amazing. The beauty and quietness clears your mind and makes you creative.

Back to School! The new term at Sleep Nanny Academy has begun, and we are loving the flexibility of working from home! #sleepnanny #workingfromhome #tiredmama #workingmomlife #beyourownboss #youcanhaveitall

Uma semana depois, partilhamos os melhores momentos para que não esqueçamos os sorrisos de boas vindas, os olhos brilhantes de expectativas e atentos para aprender o que é PLMJ. Bem vindos!
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If you can’t stop thinking about it ✈️💎🏝, don’t stop working for it...
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Ohh yeah that's happening 😍😍😝👀🤤🤤🤤 @wheywhip @youfoodz protein ice cream and a delicious gluten free brownie to cheer me up today 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙃 And don't stress about gaining weight with this delicious ice cream!! I lost 3.9kgs in 16 days and ate 2.5 tubs 😂😂💪🏼💪🏼❤️ (with a healthy diet and training of course)
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What if we started doing what we wanted in the moment instead of our first instinct being worrying about what others would think of us doing that..?
I went to a Make Up Free event with @tayloraller @rawbeautytalks and @freetobetalks last Friday.
We started the evening off with a workshop about our insecurities and about what we thought people would first think about our make up free face, dark spots, acne, scars, or other little imperfections we pick ourselves apart over. Then we paired up and shared a bit about ourselves and what we’re all about.
After our partner that we paired up with later shared what they noticed about us as we met... NO ONE mentioned any of the insecurities that we were worried about.
I feel like we ‘know’ this .. but we don’t embrace it. We still pick ourselves apart. Hold harshness and hate towards these tiny little imperfections in our body, or in or life, and we need to stop this ladies.
Let’s vow to BE REAL without any shame, without holding back, without apologizing for this little thing or that little thing.. but instead just whole heartedly embracing ourselves fully💗
I’m on a pursuit of this self love and I invite you to join as well. I’m growing a tribe of badass babes inside of my Facebook group and we’re tackling lifestyle design and motivation like this all the time. Self love can be hard, it shouldn’t be, but it is. So having a tribe around you to lift you up, encourage and support you, and if anything just reaffirm that you are not alone, that you are loved, and that you are more than enough.
So here I am! Fresh faced, no make up, imperfections and all. Showing zero shame for packing snacks to go home and for the road ((🤷🏻‍♀️I was hungry ... @tayloraller said to take snacks home😄))
Stop apologizing for who you babe. YOU in your entirety is gorgeous and the world(and social media) should see you more!😘

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