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Before the age of 18, you enjoy your life. After the age of 65 and finally retired, you enjoy your life. But what happens in the middle? You end up working 9-5 every single day for over 40 years.. But unfortunately you stopped living.
Ever since you were younger you're told one plan. Go to school get good grades, go get a job, and work really really hard until you die. Why did nobody ever told you there was a better way? The answer: Entrepreneurship.
Inspired by @mikevestil

Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently👑- The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you’re about to succeed. I never dreamt of succes, I worked for it💪🏽💃🏻 What stops you? go out there and make it happen👑 #Motivated #YouCanDothis
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🔥Partner Workout🔥
So what if it’s cold. Grab a partner and start moving!
Tag a partner who will workout with you 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
This workout is inspired by @kaisafit ♥️.
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“You are pregnant and you are powerful. You are bold and you are beautiful. Go forward in your boldness, in your beauty and in your contentedness. Trust your body to birth and know that the collective power of women worldwide will be with you.” –Author Unknown 📷 @marylandbirthtog. This is a quote all laboring moms need to hear, so if you are expecting, pass it around to your partners and rest of your birth team.

Un jugo verde al día puede hacer una gran diferencia en tu vida dándote más nutrición y energía que cualquier otro desayuno! #PreDetox
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A green juice a day will make a big difference in your health and energy levels than any other type of breakfast! #PreDetox Are you joining me for our last #DetoxChallenge2017? Say good bye to this year full of vitality and health #YouCanDoThis! #5DaysThatWillTransformYourLife #Detox #GreenJuice #ElDiarioDeMiDetox

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💁💁💁💁💁💁💁 Finally my picture is up on the wall :) if you would have said to me 2 years ago 'you will be a personal trainer and you will teach gym classes' I would have giggled in your face. For me fitness isn't about having an amazing body for people to envy, I like my curvy figure - for me it's about keeping my mind and body healthy. Every day is a challenge and a test to see what I can achieve next. I have not always been into fitness and I used to have a 0% tolerance to anything hard. Challenge your mind and body just by taking that step into the unknown! I was always the 'my diet starts monday' girl when really I should have been 'my new healthy life starts today' girl. Don't give up! Keep on going and eventually (and sooner than you think) you will pass that 'this is too hard stage'. #moveyourbody #keepgoing #fitnessmotivation #motivationalquotes #motivation #personaltrainer #fitnessinstructor #fitnessjourney #healthfirst #challengeyourself #youcandoit #youcandothis

Grateful that there is so much MAGIC to be found in life💕✨it’s there if you look for it😍
I can honestly say the more I said YES to the scary, the better my life has gotten🤘🏼SO MUCH going right and so much awesome is coming.

#Repost @eppiefadill (@get_repost)
That's me👆, issue weight ni mmg dah bertahun-tahun. Dah tak ingat bila last report yang tercatat angka kilogram tu under 'berat ideal', mesti exceed limit. Kalau tak overweight, mesti tick under obes. Dilema kan..bila turun 1kg, naik berkg-kg😅, rasa give up je! Mana silapnya, sebab heavy-eater? No workout?? Too happy?? Actually macam2 alternatif dah try. Honestly, yang paling berjaya dan ada improvements cuma bila jaga makan and exercise.

Last year November I cuba Jamu Tun Teja, sebab rasa bagus bila go through all the benefits. Masa tu just plan nak jadikan back-up and support supplement. After 3 months consumed JTT, obvious sangat rasa kesan bila body makin energetic, appetite makan pun tak heavy mcm selalu (which all this susah for me), plus ada perubahan on my skin as well (will highlight on my next post). Start berjamu ni tak extreme pun, I slowly and continuously ambil sampai dapat momentum, bila badan mula ada tenaga, baru semangat nak teruskan daily routines especially part workout (before memang tak larat). From walking, to slow-jog, kemudian dapat upgrade heavy sikit - squats. Body yg berat ni dah makin biasa. Lebih selesa. Badan tak rasa berat, lutut pun tak sakit bila work-out. Naik tangga 7 tingkat you, even still mencungap ..Tetap puas hati! I am more active yippieeee💪 #trustyourself #youcandothis.
Less than a year, all that hard work paid off, no regret to invest for JTT, syukur sangat daripada size XXL, now back to XL, ada juga outfits yang lepas sarung size L, wheeee. So happy, walau kadang tu tergoda iman nak crossline, terus ingat balik time pernah touched sampai Triple XL, takut! (tengok gambar 2016 tu, lengan ya ampun)! Taknak ada episod ulangan dah, sayang pulak my new curves yg ada ni, mesti mau jaga baik2 haha😆

I want a healthy lifestyle, In Syaa Allah will carry on and get one! Health awareness sangat penting you alls, jadi jangan sekali-kali ambil mudah macam I dulu, sampai bagi risiko tinggi, tak sedar. Ok, hope my story will give you more inspiration! Love 🌸E.F

#fromfittofattofit #healthylifestyle #dontgiveup #jamutuntejakleast #jttkleast #galerijamutunteja #jamutunteja

Happy Thanksgiving!! 🦃👌
Hope y’all have fun and enjoy your day, turkey finna be good and ik y’all going a good time!! 🤘😋 TURKEY BABAY! 🤤

May you find the love you deserve, may you see your own beauty, may you forgive yourself and love yourself as much as you love to fish. You are my whole world and I will watch you succeed. Put the past behind you for you can do all thing through Christ who gives you strength❤️ Sober thoughts, you can and will do it, I believe in you. #fishing #baby #myman #lovehim #fish #walleye #hog #youcandothis #succeed #staystrong

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